Snow Peas Sprout Chapatti

Once This used to be weekly once dish. But lately not sure why I was not doing it that often. This is season for it. I saw this nice sprout in the market this weekend. So decided to buy and do the chapatti. It is simple way to include protein in your diet.
Snow pea sprout - 4 Cup
Green chillies - 4 Chopped finely
Wheat flour - 3 Cup
Oil - 1 teaspoon
Salt as required

Wash snow pea sprout well
Drain it. Chop snow pea sprout if it is long otherwise you can use it as it is
Heat kada and add Oil add snow pea sprout and salt
Fry for 2-4 mins
Add this to Wheat flour, add Green Chillies. Add salt if required

Mix it and make to dough (chapatti consistency) .. 
Note: Make the dough and rollout the Chapati immediately other wise it will become watery

Take lemon size ball and roll out like chapatti
Use the plain flour for dusting it
Heat flat tawa and when it is hot put the chapatti
Add oil on top and around it
Let it cook till brown spot appears
Turn to other side and cook again
Serve with yogurt or any chapatti gravy