Raw Banana (Vazhaikai) Bajji - Raw banana fritters - Raw banana Bhaji - Snacks recipe - Kirds friendly recipes

This is one of our family famous/favourite snack from my great grandma to my 2 year old cousin. There is a joke about it.. If the person don't like Bajji then they don't belong to our family. This is so easy to do .. my husband, my kids and myself are no different to it. Every-time I ask for choice of snack this one will come up. 


Bajji mavu - 1 cup

Besan Flour - 1/4 cup
Chilli powder - 1/4 tablespoon (reduce or increase for ur taste)
Raw Banana - 1
Salt as required
Asafetida a pinch
Hot oil - 1/2 tablespoon
Baking Soda a pinch (Optional) Normally I don't put. If u add it will be more fluffy
Oil for deep fry


Cut the banana into 2 (across not lengthwise)
Take one banana at a time and slice lengthwise (Use slicer)
Add all the ingredients and mix it with water (just enough to coat the banana. Like Dosa consistency)
Heat the oil in a kadai. 
Take a slice of the vegetable and dip in the batter and gently leave it to the hot oil. 
Fry till it becomes golden colour.

I got this recipe from my mum for making Bajji powder (every time When I pack stuff from India this will be there for sure)


4 cup Raw rice
1 cup Thuar dhal
1/2 Bengal gram dhal


Mix all and give it in machine to powder