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Ragi Idiyappam

As I have mentioned before, I love anything with Ragi. I am doing this fro quite sometime now. Initial days I used to use 1/2 Idiyappam flour and 1/2 Ragi now a days I am going with 100% Ragi flour. I am don't find any difference. If you prefer or wanted to start on Ragi you can start with 1/2 proposition first and slowly move to full Ragi. This will help to adapt to Ragi taste slowly. When you do 1/2  Ragi taste will be mild even kids might like it.. My kids love Ragi also. My
husband likes mild taste of Ragi. Today I have used Full ragi flour

Ragi flour –1 cup
Salt to taste
Boiling water to make the dough – about 1- 1½ cups

Mix the flour and salt together.
Add boiling water little by little using a wooden spoon and mix well till it becomes a big lump. Close with a lid and let it cool down a bit.
When it is cool to touch,knead into a soft and smooth dough.
Slightly oil the idiyappam press and the Idiyappam mould.
Make idiyappams and steam in a steamer or pressure cooker(without the weight/whistle) for 15-20 minutes.
Allow it to cool a little bit before taking them off from the mould.
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