Pasta, Mixed Nuts Curry Salad

I wanted to do Pasta salad and was thinking about options. Whenever I go to Sizzler salad bar, I like Pasta Apricot and walnut salad. Inspired by that I wanted to try Mixed nuts and with bit of curry powder.It kind  of gives balanced diet. I had Buckwheat spiral pasta so I have used that. You an use any type of pasta or macaroni

Ingredients : 
3/4 Cup Pasta

1/2 Cup mixed nuts (chopped coarsely)
1/4 Cup any mixed dry fruit Chopped coarsely(Fig, apricot, Dates, Raisin goes well)
1 teaspoon of Sambar powder (vary per ur spice)
Salt to taste
3 teaspoon of olive oil


Cook the Pasta and drain the water as shown in the Pasta pocket instruction
Heat kada and add oil
When it is hot add Pasta and toss for 20 sec
Add Salt and Curry powder and sprinkle water
Mix well till Curry powder is evenly mixed
Add Nuts and Dry fruit
Mix well and serve