Makki roti (Maize Roti)

This weekend when I was in Mustafa I saw so many different type of Attas. I couldn't resist picking up some. Today I wanted to try Makki Roti. From young Corn has special place in my diet. This Atta lacks gluten. Lack of Gluten makes it harder to rollout the thin roti. It will be bit thicker than normal plan Chapatti. It tasted heavenly!
Makki Atta - 3/4 Cup
Wheat Flour - 1/4 Cup

Salt as required
Oil as required


Mix the all the dry ingredients together.
Add Hot water little by little and make to smooth dough (Similar to Chapatti dough)
Knead well make it into really smooth dough
Divide the dough into small balls.
Roll out into round Chapatti (use Maida or wheat flour to dust while rolling out)
Heat the tawa
Put Makki roti on the tawa
Drizzle some oil all around it.
Turn it on the other side after about 3-4 minutes of cooking or when you see it turn a deeper shade of yellow and brown red spots.
Cook on the other side also till it is cooked or turn a deeper shade of yellow and brown red spots.