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Hot Chocolate

I love hot chocolate. Today when I got up from the afternoon nap (yeah we have afternoon naps in weekend to catch up lost sleep over the weekdays) it was drizzling. What a weather to have hot chocolate and have your favourite book on the hand. I asked my kids whether they mind having hot chocolate instead of milo they gladly agreed


Hershey's Cocoa - (Natural Unsweetened) - 1 tablespoon
Milk - 1 Cup
Sugar - 1 tablespoon ( I added sugar for my kids.. I love the cocoa taste so if you are big fan of dark chocolate or cocoa u can skip sugar or adjust the sugar to taste)
Pinch of salt


Mix Cocoa, sugar, salt in a large mug
Boil milk (you can use normal stove or microwave in high for 1 1/2 mins)
Gradually add hot milk to cocoa mixture and mix well spoon
Enjoy.. Nothing beats it Pin It Now!

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