Cauliflower Uttapam

Seldom I do Uttapam as it is not favourite with the kids. I love small Onion Uttapam esp the one from Murgan idli kadai. When I checked the dosa batter today it was really sour so only way we can eat that is by doing uttapam so decided to do Cauliflower uttapam. Everyone liked it but felt bit heavy


Dosa batter - 6 Cups
Cauliflower Kurma - 2 Cups

Heat a flat griddle and rub oil on it
Pour some batter on it with ladle and spread it into thick circle
Cook it on the other side
Spread a 1 and 1/2 teaspoon of Cauli Flower Kurma on the top side
Overturn the Uttapam and cook the in the same way on the other side
When it is roasted enough take it out and serve hot
Repeat the process