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Carrot Rice Roti - Akki roti recipe

Today kids will be home pretty late and they will have light snack outside so wanted to have something very simple and include some vegetable as part of daily serving. Rice roti is something easy and fast and good way of including vegetable as part of tiffin


Rice Flour or Idiyappam flour - 1 Cup ( We like store brought idiyappam flour)
Carrot- 1/2 Cup grated
Green chilli(optional) - 1 finely chopped or 1/4 tsp paste
coriander leaves - 1 tablespoon, chopped
salt - 1/2 teaspoon or to taste.
cumin seeds - 1/4 tsp.
Fresh grated coconut - 2 tablespoons.
Water - to mix dough
Oil for cooking - 2 tablespoons

Method :
Mix rice flour, Carrot, chili, cumin seeds, coconut, coriander leaves, salt in a bowl.

Add water little by little and form into a dough ball. It should not be too soft or too tight.
Divide the dough in 2 or 3 parts.
On a girdle(tava), add some oil. Smear the tava with oil.
Place one dough ball on the tava and pat it into a round(as thick or thin as you want), as shown in the image.
Make a few holes in the roti with your forefinger. Add a few drops of oil on the roti.
Place the flat tawa on medium flame. Cover the roti with a lid.
Cook for 4-5 minutes. Remove lid and turn the roti. Cook on the other side for 1-2 minutes.
Serve hot with chutney or favorite curry.

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  1. Hai veena,

    step by step fotos are much more helpful, especially the beginers like me..

    Thanks & keep up the good work!!

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  3. Looks delicius and so soft. I like very much the step by step presentation.I love these a lot! chowringhee restaurent in satyaniketan

  4. I thought about trying this recipe but it looked complicated so I just ordered it form restaurant. Result was a solid and taste is like wow. kati roll online order


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