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Health Tip #1

In 2011 my son gave me challenge of loosing good 5-6 KG for a packet of baked almonds. By that time I was doing my regular Gym for 8 months but my bad cholesterol didn't come down. One of my classmate in my MBA class was a on a program and helped her to loose significant kilos. So I decided to give it a try. You won't believe I did loose (17 KG) however the key is after 6 months I am still able to keep the weight off

I would like to recommend few tips which will help you to lose your weight   / maintain your weight

When Should I start my Diet?

  • First and foremost Ready / committed to change your life style (Not just a 10 days or month or 3 month affair)
  • Must be determined
  • Must be consistent
  • Any Diet should be combined with good workout plan (suits you)
  • Listen to your body

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