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Avocado(guacamole) Milk Shake

By now you guys might have noticed I use avocado twice a week. Last week the avocado I brought was different type. The flesh is more of yellow shade than green. It didn't go well for sandwich. So I decide to do Milk shake. I added more ice cream than normally I would other than that it tasted just as other type


Avocado - 1
Sugar - 3 teaspoon

Milk - 500 ml ( I used low fat hi calcium milk)
Vannila Ice Cream - 5 tablespoon (normal I use only 3)


Peel the skin and cut the avocado into smaller pieces.
Add Ice Cream and Avocado in mixie and run till smooth (keep 1 teaspoon of chopped Avocado)
Add milk and sugar and run the mixie till it is foamy
Serve it in glass. Garnish with chopped avocado

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