Bajra Roti

I normally look for opportunity to include grains as part our meal. Also try to include healthy replacement for white rice wherever possible. Yesterday tried Bajra roti with Onion Chutney. It is a runaway hit with my second son.

·         1 cup Bajra
·         1/4 cup Wheat flour ( I have used wholemeal flour)
·         2 Chillies chopped finely
·         2 spoons of finely chopped Coriander leaves
·         3 spoons of finely chopped Onion
·         4 spoons of soft Tofu (optional)
·         Salt - to taste


·         Seive the Bajra flour, Wholemeal flour and mix salt to it.
·         Add chopped Chillies, Coriander leaves and onion
Add Tofu and water make dough
·         Knead the dough well (the dough will just look like Chapattis)

·         Make balls (slightly bigger than Chapattis)
Roll out each part into thin chapattis (not so thin it will become like papad)
·         Put it on thawa and add little bit of oil
·         once cooked turn to other side and apply bit of oil
·         when it is cooked on both side it is ready to be served.
·         Serve with Onion Chutney / Yogurt