About This Blog

Hi There!

I am Veena living in a great tropical paradise of Singapore. I am a busy working mum with 2 great kids and a wonderful husband. I am quite busy and my days are very long with tons of things do (as usual the list never end).
I can hear you guys asking then why do you start this blog? Well, In one of our meetings when the facilitator asked us to introduce and tell more from the personal side like hobbies I realized all my hobbies become 'used to be'. Now my life more revolving around work, work, and work. I realized need to break that and do something completely different at the same time pick up back the hobby (Photography, Playing badminton and Cooking) Also my second son used to tell me some of the good recipes from my mum and MIL need to be learned and passed on to next generations (valid request). So why not combine old hobbies to make new hobby.. 

When I first got married I didn't even know the difference between different dhals or even vegetables. When I first moved into SG I brought bitter gourd thinking that is chow-chow. Don't worry now I hope I can do better than that

Also with the busy schedule, people always look for more and more easy ways yet healthy and nutritious food. People are becoming more health-conscious. I will try to provide some quick short cut wherever possible.
I am not good at getting brand new recipes more of taking from the base but change it provides more balanced option wherever possible

Any feedback or any new things you want me to try you can leave your comments on this blog!

This is my first experience in blogging. Till now I am not even very active in social network sites as well.. So bear with me. I am sure this is going to be a good learning experience.

I hope you like what you see and travel with me on this journey. Browse around, have fun.

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