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Indian Bakery style Honey Cake recipe - Eggless Baking recipes - Honey Cake recipe - Baking recipes

I have bookmarked this recipe for years! yes for years! however my sons are not big fans of
Jam. I do eat jam but not crazy about it also was scared of eating the whole cake by myself I kept postponing baking this. During Christmas in my school days we used to buy plum cake. After blogging I saw this in few blogs and stories around it esp since it is famous during Christmas season. Last year I went to India for holiday during Dec (X Mas) and found this cake in every bakery I stepped in!. Last week I wanted to bake some cake for my friend. I was browsing thro' my list and saw this one. So I finally made it. I have followed my basic sponge cake recipe with condensed milk with slight modification. Happy Christmas to everyone! 
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saffron Vegetable Pilaf - Saffron Vegetable Fried Rice - Rice Recipes - One pot Meal - Lunch recipe - Dinner recipes

I kind of like Saffron however my husband does not (maybe husband and wife meant to have different taste?) I wanted to make rice with it for quite some time. I wanted to make simple fried rice at first instead of biryani.. If my kids like this then I can move on to do Biryani. I have used all the vegetables and Cashew. But you can add your favourite vegetable or just with cashew. I have added Milk for soaking Saffron but you can use hot water and add coconut milk while cooking and Ghee for seasoning  you can use oil. If you are using oil then reduce the chilli
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Uppu Vadai - Dal Vada - Snack recipe - Tea time recipe - Party recipes - Starter recipes

Last month my sis called me and said how come you do not have this recipe in your blog? I was like which one (not many in my blog) She was referring to "uppu vada" which is one of the most frequently made snack at our house hold. I thought it was there but she was right as always.. I didn't have this in my blog. I was taking video while making it now my son gave me a weird look and asked me if I was sure I didn't have this in my blog and I said I was pretty sure. Anyway finally I could add one of the most simple yet very tasty vada to the list of snack items in my blog. This is crispy on the outside and soft inside. You will love it for sure
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Potato, Celery soup - Soup recipes - Starter Recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Party food

Our family is not a big fan of potato so seldom I use that as a main ingredient in my dish. I wanted to make this soup for quite sometime but kept postponing it. Recently I saw this in Bhat show (Samayal samayal) I was tempted to try if not for entire family but for myself. But everyone in the family loved it too. Potato, Milk and pepper powder is a nice combo. It is very similar to my oats veg soup. I have added celery but you can try with Leek also. It is a definite keep recipe
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Ladies Finger Theeyal Recipe - Vendakkai Theeyal recipe - Ladies finger in Coconut gravy - Side dish recipe

I have posted Theeyal recipe in my space. It is using fresh spices. Also one of my Chitti's most special dish. I love the taste of it. Perfect with hot steamed rice. So whenever I visit her this is a must. Recently I have seen simple versions of Theeyal in books. So I decided to try it out. It is quite simple and less time consuming than my theeyal recipe. Both tasted slightly different. Even though I like my Theeyal version my rest of the family liked this one. As usual I made it a day before (make sure flavour is fully absorbed) and served with hot steamed brown rice.
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