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Paal poli recipe - Paal poli without maida recipe - Sweet recipes - Festival, Pooja recipe

This is new dish for me. First I saw this in Spicychilly looked so simple so I had it in my list to do later I almost forgot about it after that I saw it in Rakskitchen which was done without any maida I was so surprised about the texture of it. I decided to try out immediately and when I tried I had harder poori. Later I realized my mistake yeah when I made my dough it was too tight so even enough resting didn't help so this time when I made the dough first it was little loose and allow it to rest for almost 1 hr 30 mins and knead again for about 5 mins  I got nice soft dough almost like puri (wheat or maida) It came out very nice!
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Semiya Rava kesari recipe - MTR style Kesari Bath recipe - Sweets recipes - Dessert recipes - Festival Recipes - Pooja Recipes - naivedyam recipes

Kesari! this is is what I get whenever I ask my husband for an option to make any sweet. He loves all the variations. That explains number of kesari recipes on my blog. Paal Kesari / Milk Kesari, Kesari, Pappaya kesari, Pineapple Kesari, Kesari, Mango kesari, Atta Kesari, Aval Kesari, Vermecelli Kesari, Millet Kesari. Still whenever we visit MTR he orders Kesari bath without any fail. It has mix of Semiya and Rava. The mix goes well too. So for this time I wanted to try this variation.
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Waffles Dosa Recipe - Kids friendly Recipe - Breakfast recipes - Dinner Recipes

Waffles! My kids love it! Most probably, every kid loves it too. I tried at my cousin's place last year or year before. That time itself I have added to my list of things to be added. Somehow I couldn't make it. The other day I had only 1 cup batter, which I couldn't use it for anything. Then I browsed through my list of things to try and saw this one. So I made this as snack. I told my sons that I am going to make waffles for a snack. They were so excited, but when I served this, they questioned, "Is this Uttappam?" I said give it a try. Later they told me it is a crispier uttapam. And they liked it.
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Potato Croquettes Recipe - Cheese Potato Croquettes Recipe - Kids Snack Recipe - Party food recipe

I don't cook potatoes that often as my kids are not big fans of it. However after corn cheese balls / cheese corn balls kids like potato cheese combo. I wanted to try this potato croquettes for some time. This is very simple after school snacks or party starters. This is something you can prepare and store it in the freezer and cook when the guests are home or kids are back from school. I have used Italian mixed herb in it you can add any dry spices like oregano, dill or rosemary. Combination of green chilies, mixed herb and pepper powder really gives great flavor to this dish. I have used carrot in this but you can add your favorite vegetables.
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Ridge gourd peel rice recipe - One pot meal recipe - Lunch, Dinner recipes - Rice Recipes - Party meals

My mum always do Ridge gourd peel thogayal / Chutney. This is one of my favourite (surprised that is not on my space yet.. will post soon). When I make this at home my kids and my hubby doesn't eat much.  I wanted to make as fried rice to see whether they find this out. I have added milk while making gravy but you can replace it with coconut milk. I love both the flavours. Everyone loved it and they didn't find it out. Perfect way to include less favourite vegetable into your kids lunch / dinner
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