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vegetable cutlet with Onion, Garlic recipe - veg cutlet recipe - cutlet recipes - snacks, starters, appetizer recipes

I have posted veg cutlet no onion, garlic before however I love the version with onion too. Esp the one I get it in push cart near my mums place. This guy sell cutlet from my college days.. I really love this version. Other than onion he has beetroot also. I was looking to try this version for quite sometime but ended up with no onion version as my first son prefers without onion. Other day he was having another appointment so I was making dinner just for ourself so I decided to try this version. It came out so nice. I have done shallow fry but if you prefer you can do deep fry too.
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Khandvi Recipe - Snacks, breakfast recipes - Gujarati Snack recipes - Healthy snacks

Khandvi is something new for me. I had tasted it recently at one of a buffet meal in India. I am always a big fan of Gujarati food. I love this mildly spiced snack dish, too. After a couple of failed attempts, I finally made it correctly. I normally make it as a starter snack for dinner or as an evening snack. This can be good morning breakfast.
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Tofu Rice - Onepot meal - Rice recipes - Party recipes - Healthy rice

Tofu is good source of protein for vegan or vegetarian who is not fond of milk. My sons love tofu since they are used to local cuisine from their birth. For me it took a while.. In my recent visit to India I visited a couple of Chinese restaurants they make nice Tofu dishes too. One of the dish I have tried is fusion fried rice with tofu. It is mildly spiced rice. I have used Garam masala in it you can season it with whole spices. It is so simple even bachelors can do it. It is also a perfect balanced meal
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General Tso's Chickpeas - Chickpea recipe - Lunch, Dinner recipe - Vegan Side dish

I got attracted by this dish thro' it's name after that when I searched for recipe I found a lot of beautiful pics. I have bookmarked this for quite sometime. However i had lunch at one of vegan restaurant last week I saw this in the menu and ordered it .. It is quite different from regular Channa masala we do. it is done mostly with chinese spices. It is quite a good alternative. you can serve this with steamed rice or have it as starter as I do..
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Walnut chutney - Walnut dip - Side dish for idli, dosa, upma - Chuntney recipes - Dip recipes - No Onion, No garlic recipes

After my tomato cashew chutney I wanted to try Walnut. Initially I was worried about raw taste of walnut but I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. in fact no one can taste walnut. If you are the person who is not a big fan of just eating raw walnut this is one way to include walnut as part of your diet. This chutney goes very well with Idli or dosa. I have reduced number of chillies as my family is not on spicy side. But felt it would be nicer if this chutney is on the spicier side
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