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Jack fruit Seeds pakoda - Jackfruit seeds pakora recipe - Pakora recipes - snack recipes

I normally make jack fruit seeds sambar. For making jack fruit seeds sambar I need to buy a few packs of jack fruits and use it. These days you get seeds alone which is good. I saw jack fruit seeds pakora in few blogs. Since I had some jack fruit seeds I decided to try it out.  It came out crispy. This is different than normal pakoda as it has less flour.. It can be good for tea time or after school snacks for the kids. I didn't mash it completely I prefer to have little chunks. You can serve with ketchup or coconut chutney. it is definitely a keeper recipe. 
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Vathal Kuzhambu Recipe - Vatha kulambu recipe - Tangy tamarind gravy for steamed rice - side for steamed rice - Lunch, Dinner recipe

Making kulambu with mixed vathal was in my list for a while. My mum makes Vatha kulambu Other time when I was there I brought this mixed vathal bag. My kids love different types of puli kulambu / Kuzhambu . This one is no exception. Keerai kootu (with coconut) or Keerai kootu goes well with this. Of course any crackers will go well too. During my school days my grandma makes vathal during vegetable season and distribute to all the kids house.. Now a days we buy from shops 
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Jhaal Muri - Kolkata puffed rice snack - Street food - Jhal muri recipe

When I first saw it in a restaurant menu some time ago, I asked the server what is this and he said that it was similar to bhel puri but with puri and chutney. When I tasted it, I liked the unique flavour, so I asked him what the unique flavor was and he told me it is from mustard oil. So the next day I searched for mustard oil and brought a small bottle. Even though I can guess the flavors, I searched on the internet for the recipe. I kind mixed from few sites. It tasted great. If you like the flavor of mustard, you should try it out.
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simple Urad dhal pidi kozhukattai - Ulundu kozhukattai - Kara kozhukattai - Ganesha Chathurthi recipe

I love to have kolukattai / kozhukattai however my rest of the family likes only savoury version (kara version). I do kozhukattai for evening snacks or breakfast. It is simple to make yet very tasty. I had this one with Tomato Chutney As I wanted something spicy to go with it. But you can have it by itself. This recipe is simple for even beginners. if you are not doing it for naivedyam (to offer god) you can add onion, garlic too. Do try out and let me know. 
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Carrot Madak - Sweet and savoury recipe - Kolukattai recipe - Kozhukattai recipe - Modak Recipes - Ganesh Chaturthi recipes

Even though I love Kolukattai my kids are not a big fans of it. This week since both of them are out of home I got to try try a different version. I have seen Carrot Madak in few blogs. I had book marked it for quite sometime. I wanted to try both savoury and sweet version. Both turned out pretty good and I had it for my next day breakfast too. It is a good way to give vegetable to your kids. I have used store bought idiyappam flour. You can use Kolukattai flour or home made rice flour.
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