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Multigrain Rava Kolukattai Recipe - Multigrain kozhukattai Recipe - Mixed Millet kozhukattai Recipe - Mixed Millet Steamed cake Recipe - Snacks Recipe - Pooja Recipes

When I saw Mixed millet rawa / rava I was so excited. I wanted to try upma with that. However the other day I wanted to do some snacks and was craving for kozhukattai. So I waned to try this mixed millet pidi kolukattai. It tasted so good with Coconut chutney and everyone in the family loved it. Since it is a mix of all the millets the blend of all the tastes (sweetness from Samai, Nutty flavour from Bajra (Pearl millet), flavour from finger millet (ragi / Kelvaragu) ) was really amazing. It is definitely a keep recipe
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kozhukattai recipes - Kolukattai Recipes - Modak recipes - Modagam Recipes - List of Kolukattai recipes

Kolukattai is a traditional dish made during Ganesh chaturthi / vinayagar chaturthi. During my school days my mum does it only during Ganesha chaturthi. These days you get it almost every day. I like both savory and sweet ones esp the ones sweetened with jaggery. The shop at Bay area near my Chennai office, has different types of Kolukattai. Bengal gram stuffing (it is a more traditional one) is my most favourite. I normally do it with iddiyappam flour but now days you get kolukattai flour too. You can try either one.
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Cashew pooranam kozhukattai - Cashew nut kozhukattai - Cashew Nut Mothagam recipe - Cashew, Coconut Modak recipe - pillayar chathurthi, vinayagar chathurthi recipes

During my younger up days kozhukattai  is festival food but these days I make kozhukattai for tea time . after school snack too. I tried cashews and dry coconut stuffing at my friends place. It was so tasty. Other day I was looking to make after school snacks for my kids who came home little earlier than normal time. As this pooranam doesn't require any soaking or cooking I decided to do it. It is indeed quick and simple yet healthy snack. Do try it out. You can make this dry Pooranam during weekend and keep it in air tight container.
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Sooji Poorana Kozhukattai recipe - Kesari Modak recipe - Modagam recipe - Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes - Pooja recipes - naivedyam recipes

Like I mentioned in many of my posts, Kesari  is one of the sweets that comes to my mind when I plan for any Naivedyam as that is one dish which gets consumed without any fuss in my household. So after seeing this in many blogs I decided to try this. I have used raw sugar to make this but you can use white sugar if needed. I have followed my basic Kesari recipe in which I use 1/2 water 1/2 boiled milk for making Kesari. It came out pretty good. My husband was pleasantly surprised
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Pomegranate raita recipe - Sweet raita recipe - sweet yogurt dip with Pomegranate - Healthy recipe

I love to try different Raitas. It is a perfect side for our weekend one pot meals. I normally have this in place of my daily yogurt (in fact I prefer flavoured yogurt).  I have posted Pomegranate Potato Raita before. I wanted to do plain Pomegranate raita and wanted to do it as a slightly sweet verison. If you don't want it sweet, don't add sugar
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Aval Ladoo Recipe - Poha Ladoo Recipe - Simple Sweet Recipes - Diwali Recipes - Pooja Recipes - Atukula laddu recipe - easy janmashtami recipes

Aval Ladoo is a very easy sweet which can be made for an offering for god (neivedhyam). Recipes like this is a boon for working women like me esp if the festival falls during a weekday. This Ladoo / Laddu can be done with both Jaggery and Sugar. I have used Jaggery as I love the taste of Jaggery. But you can use Sugar too. If you are using sugar replace Jagger with sugar For below measurement u can use 1/2 cup. I had Red aval so I have used Red but you can use White too
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Crispy Tofu - Simple healthy snack recipe - Simple after school recipe - Kids friendly recipes - Party food

Tofu is a must in our household at least twice a week. My kids prefer some snacks with it instead of gravy. So I mostly make snacks with it. The other day I was at one of Vegetarian Chinese restaurant. I had crispy tofu which is shallow fried and liked it. I was pretty sure my kids would love it. I have tried this simple snack. As expected, my kids enjoyed it. After that I tried it a few times and every time it got finished in no time
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Palak cutlet recipe - Spinach, chickpea cutlet recipe - Snacks recipe - Kids Friendly recipe

Last week when I was in India I had this cutlet at one of the near by restaurants. I thought it would be full of potatoes. But I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I went with my niece and initially i had ordered only 1 to try out but ended up more packing home. So I added it to my list to try out. In that it had peas but I have decided to try out with chick peas as my 2nd one is not a big fan of Peas. But you can use peas in place of chickpeas / Channa. It is perfect for school snack boxes, burger patty or tea time snacks or party starters
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Vegan Vegetable Thai Yellow curry recipe - Thai recipes - Gravy Recipes - Curry Recipes

I love Thai Recipes. Recently my first son also started liking Thai recipes. Normally my sis buys vegetarian red curry paste from US for me. However I wanted to try this Yellow curry from scratch. I searched thro' net. I have tried based on what I had and my preference. Our family is not a big fan of raw coriander seeds so I had used powder. If you don't have Red bird eye fresh chillies use dry red chillies. If you are using dried one soak it hot water for 30 mins before using it. I had this with rice as well as with Chapathi. Both went well. I have used homemade coconut milk. You can use canned coconut milk too
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Thengai Poli - Sweet Poli - Coconut Poli - South Indian Poli Recipe with Coconut (Obbuttu - Bobbattu) - Dessert recipe - Sweets Recipe - naivedyam recipes - Pooja Recipe - Festivals Recipe -

I am not big fan of Poli. My sister loves it. Last time when did Puran poli my 2nd son and my husband loved it. My family (except me) is big fan of all coconut base dessert (chocolate, payasam etc..). So I was pretty sure this recipe will be a hit with them.. It is simpler version compared to one with done with dal. Now days I hear argument that ghee and coconut is good for healthy esp for the growing kids.. not sure how true though..You can still enjoy this during this festive season
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