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annapoorna hotel sambar Recipe - , Hotel Style Sambar recipe - Side for idli, Dosa and rice - Sambar Recipes

My husband loves sambar with literally anything even with Chapathi 😅. I saw this recipe very long time ago at Kannamacooks. Since it is done with freshly grinded masala I bookmarked it. I have posted udupi sambar  in my space before. It is using sambar podi with fresh spices. So initially I thought this one would taste similar. To my surprise it tasted miles apart. I loved the blend of jaggery at the time of grinding the masala itself. Seasoning at the end really brought flavour. Also using sesame oil made the difference-.
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Kothu Chapathi recipe - Masala Chapathi recipe - Snack recipes - Lunch box recpies - Kids friendly recipes

Whenever I have left over Chapathi and korma, this is a natural option for me as my kids love it. Recently I am purposely making it a little more so I do end up with left over. If you have left over korma, this is one of a very easy dish which you can make for lunch box or after school snacks. Of course you can still do without korma but it tastes amazing with korma. I have added spring onion and that gave a nice flavour to this kothu chapathi
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Garlic bread croutons Recipes - Homemade Bread Croutons recipe - Back to basic recipe

I wanted to bake Garlic croutons for quite some time. It is good on salads and Soups.  My kids have this as a snack. Once in a while I buy the store brought Croutons. But I stopped buying it as i find that it is salty. So wanted to try it at home to control the spices in it. I have added the spices that I had and I like but the herb choices are up to you. You can do plain too. It disappeared in no time. It is simple recipe so you can do it whenever you feel like having some crispy snack or have some left over bread you can try this recipe
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Mangalore bun recipe - banana bread recipe - breakfast recipes

I had tasted this bread when I stayed in a bangalore hotel 15 years ago. It was so soft and tasty. For me it is new as my mum never did banana base poori. One of the cook she engaged does use banana for making roti / chapathi. Even though that version of chapathi is soft I felt it was a little sweeter. But for poori that was the first time I have tasted. My son who is big fan of poori so I wanted to try this version sometime. Finally I managed to do it few weeks ago. 
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Corn Dosa - Breakfast recipe - Dosa recipes

I love to try different types of dosa.. I used to hide vegetables that my kids dislike in their favourite dish. It works well in getting them eating almost all vegetables. I didn't buy Corn for quite sometime. The other day I saw very fresh corn so brought home 2 corn cob. I wanted to do this dosa for quite sometime.. Finally I got to that
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Pattanam Pakoda recipe - Roasted gram dal fritters recipe - Pakoda recipes - Easy snack recipes - Kids friendly recipes

I have tasted this pakoda in many functions and I have never made it myself. 10 years ago when I visited one of my husband's friend's house for lunch, she made this pakoda. I had tasted it after quite sometime. I have taken the recipe from her. She made it with Roasted gram dal powder and it tasted better (before I remember besan flour taste). I have prepared cut curry leaves, coriander leaves but I forgot about it (in fact I noticed it only when I was editing the video). I prefer to add small onion but you can add normal onion too. 
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Mango Sorbet recipe - Easy Sorbet Recipe - Summer Recipes

This year somehow we got mango from India for the entire mango season. We really enjoyed this mango season with tons of Mangoes. Since the rest of my family is strict about having mangoes just by itself, rather than trying to do some dishes with it. So when I want to try any dish with it, I have to drag myself to do it. However there are few exceptions like Mango milkshake, Mango Lassi. Others mostly I ended up doing it. Other day when I was out for shopping I tried this mango Sorbet. So flavourful and refreshing. So I decided to try even if it meant I had to finish it by myself. No regrets! A tasty and refreshing summer treat with king of the fruit!
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Sweet Potato Chaat Recipe - Snack Recipes - Party recipes - Party food recipes - Kids friendly recipe

I always have homemade sweet chutney in stock. This helps me make chaat in no time. Our family likes sweet potato more than Potato (you can see many post with sweet potato in my space). I wanted to try this sweet potato dahi / Sweet potat yogurt chaat for quite sometime. I fianlly made it for lunch other day, Initially I wanted to do without yogurt but since now is the summer season I added seasoned yogurt. It tasted very nice. Everyone at home loved it. You can deep fry the sweet potatoes. But I have done shallow fry
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Panchmel Kichadi - Healthy one pot meal with rice and dals - simple lunch recipe

My kids love one pot meals. Sunday is always time for one pot meal. My kids liked Wholesome Kichadi that I have posted before. That recipe I have posted is using rice cooker. This time I wanted to try something using pressure pan. But this can be done in rice cooker too. I have used urad dhal with skin also whole green moong dal. If you want you can replace that with urad dhal without skin and split yellow dhal (moong dal). 
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Davanagere Benne Dosa - Murmur or puffed rice dosa - Karnataka special - South Indian Breakfast Recipe - Dinner recipe

I love to try different types of Dosa. I heard about this from my friends.. It is totally new to me.. Puffed rice / murmur in Dosa? Sounds very interesting right? I have decided to try it out. I searched thro' the Internet for the recipe.. I referred from here
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Whole wheat Naan without Yeast recipe - Whole wheat naan Recipe - Homemade naan recipe - Indian Bread recipes

My son loves all types of Naan. I always make naan without yeast. I wanted to try whole wheat naan instead of using all purpose flour or maida. When I tried with complete whole wheat it tasted more like Tandoori roti. So I decided to try out with half half. My son told me this one is not that bad. It is almost close to the original recipe.. You can adjust the wheat flour as per your preference. You can even do complete wheat flour too. 
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