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Crispy Onion ring recipe - Home made onion ring recipe - Snack recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Eggless onion ring recipe

My 1st son doesn't like onion. I end up grinding onion for most of the gravy or making 2 separate versions. One with onion and other one without. Sometime when he is not coming for meal or in camp, I do dishes that he doesn't like. Whenever we visit western restaurants, my 2nd one likes to order or take Onion rings that comes with main course. He was requesting for this Onion ring at home for quite sometime. The day finally came...When I was preparing for it he was like it needs to be crispy and nice etc...Pressure was on!..In the end He loved it ...I felt great achievement
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Vanilla Ice Cream - Eggless Ice cream without ice cream maker - Summer Recipes - Ice Cream Recipes

My kids are not big fans of ice cream and my husband takes ice cream only once in a while. So I have been postponing making ice cream. Last week I was in India for a few days and my mum and rest of the family likes Ice cream. So I decided to do a simple Vanilla Ice cream. Since we get fresh milk there I wanted to try Ice cream with it. Ice cream turned out to be a super duper hit. It came out so creamy and tasty. So much so the next day they wanted to try different flavour. I made Mango ice cream but this time I decided to try out with condensed milk. I will post soon
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Mango Rasam Recipe - Raw Mango Soup recipe - Rasam Recipes - Mango recipes

Mango charu (Mango rasam) is a real treat for mango lovers like me. I love anything with Mango whether it is be raw mango or ripened one. So this time of the year is a real treat for me. Even though in Singapore you get mango almost all days I prefer this Indian Mango season and the types you get it during this period. My mum has one mango tree & and during this season I do get some from her. Original recipe from her doesn't require any dal (toor dal) but I wanted to add 1 tablespoon of cooked dal and dal water. It came out very nice. I have roasted cumin, pepper and garlic in ghee. But you can dry roast it too
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Vegan Mango Green Smoothie - Breakfast Smoothie recipes - Mango recipes

I love green smoothie. I have that for my breakfast for most of the days. I have tried with Spinach as well as Kale. Rest of the ingredients are based on what is available. Now mangoes are in season so I tried with Mango and coconut milk. I prefer coconut milk or young coconut than milk. I feel it goes well.  This is perfect for on the go meals. Quite filling too. Maybe for the first 2 days you find it tough but once you get used to it you will love it.
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Mango Paratha recipe - Paratha recipes - Indian Bread recipes - Snack recipes - Dinner Recipes

Do you love flavours? Then you should try this sweet, spicy paratha recipes. I have used imampasanth so you see the color of mango pulp is light yellow if you use alphonso mangoes it will give nice yellow color to the dish. I have tried with ginger and without ginger. I prefer with ginger but my kids prefer without ginger.. This post is without ginger. but you can add if you like ginger taste. Do try out before the season ends. I can have it as it is or with simple yogurt. I made it as a triangular paratha. You can do it as you prefer
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Bajra (Pearl Millet) Oats Orange Cake Recipe - Orange cake recipe - Millet recipes - Baking Recipes - Cake Recipes - Eggless Baking Recipes

I have been baking my Baja (Pearl Millet) Chocolate Cake  quite often as I love the nutty flavour in it. I thought of trying Normal bake with it. I was trying to do orange cake for quite sometime. So I have decided to try this out with Bajra. Unlike chocolate cake I did 50% All purpose flour and 50% bajra (Kambu) flour as I was not sure how it would turnout if I use full Bajra flour. This came out pretty good. Sugar I have used powdered raw sugar. Do give it a try and let me know how it turns out. 
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Murungai Keerai, Sweet Corn Soup - Drumstick leaves and sweet corn soup - Moringa and Corn Soup Recipe - Healthy soup Recipe - Starter Recipe

In the office, we were talking about moringa leaves and one of my friend referred to this blog for the soup recipe. It is more of a Non veg recipe regardless I thought the combo would work as Murungai keerai (little bitter if grinded) and sweetness from sweet corn would complement each other. I decided to try it out for my afternoon one pot meal soup. It came out pretty good. I decided to make Corn milk and add that to the soup. Perfect combo it is a keep recipe for sure.
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Cucumber Fried Rice recipe - Herbed cucumber Rice recipe - Rice recipes - Onepot meal recipes - Brown Rice recipes

Before marriage Cucumber is only for Raita. Those days there was no salad except when we visited restaurants (Those days Restaurant visit is like Picnic and need to really plan for at least a day). After marriage I had a few friends / Colleagues who were from Bangalore they do rice/ side dish with Cucumber even Sambar (yellow one). This rice is very simple, light and refreshing. The dish also perfect for summer. I made it with brown rice as well as basmati rice as both tastes good. I felt Brown rice version was more light and of course healthier. So I have decided to post it with brown rice.
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Mango Mastani Recipe - How to make Pune’s Mango Mastani - Mango Recipes

If you are a big fan of Mango you must try this Rich Mango base recipe. This is one of the most simple and rich drink which can be served as dessert. Ice cream and full fat milk is a must in this recipe to get the thick and creamy taste so don't skip. If you are on diet skip this recipe. For me this recipe is totally new which I came across after I started blogging. This can be done with store bought mango pulp but fresh mango pulp is the best. To get the color alphonso mangoes works best. Now over to recipe
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Paneer Momos with Momos chutney recipe - How to Make Paneer Momos - Kids friendly recipe - Snacks Recipe

I got introduced to Momos after moving to Singapore. My Chinese colleagues really love momos from this Indo Chinese restaurant. After my kids started to attend school they got used to Chinese food. Momos is one their favourite dishes. I normally make Veg momos / vegetable momos  and fried momos. However both are with all purpose flour cover. However recently I have started using wheat flour. It came out good too. So for this recipe I have used Wheat flour. you can try out all purpose flour. Paneer is every kid's favourite so you can do this as an after school snack or as a teatime snack for weekends or holidays.
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Wheat flour Aappam - wheat flour Palappam - wheat flour Appam recipe - Simple dinner, breakfast recipe

The other day I was looking for something simple for my dinner. I was in a mood for something like dosa. But I had no dosa batter in the fridge. So I was looking for a simple and almost instant option. I remembered aappam / apam using yeast. I never tried with yeast before. So I thought trying it. But I was not sure how it will be so I had made sure I had some back up at least for my ever demanding sons. But I never had to fall back on my back up plan
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