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zucchini Mayo Cheese Sandwich Recipe - Bread sandwich recipes - Kids friendly recipes - Snacks recipes - Lunch box recipes

How I got introduced to Zucchini is a story. I got to introduced to this vegetable after few years in Singapore. When I brought this vegetable for first time I thought it is cucumber in fact till I started eating to check the bitterness of cucumber. It tasted so different later I checked online to check what it is. It is not a regular vegetable at our home.However these days I try to include as much as possible. I bake this Zucchini muffin  more often. Other day I had this sandwich which is toasted with mayonnaise which is quite new. So I wanted to try it out. It came out very nice and rich!
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Ragi Poori - Finger Millet Poori - Simple breakfast, Dinner recipe - Millet recipes

Ragi is one of my most favourite millets. I use Ragi millet at least on alternate days. I have tried different mixes and I find that the 1/2 and 1/2 mix works the best. So This recipe is using 1/2 portion of Wheat and 1/2 portion of Ragi flour. Only recently my kids started taking Wheat flour based poori. Before this they used to take only Maida (All purpose flour) poori. This version of Ragi poori is something my kids also loved
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Valaipoo Pakkoda - Valaipoo pakora - Plantain flower fritters - Snack recipes - Appetizers recipe - Tea time snack

I love crunchy pakora esp Onion. Since my 1st son doesn't eat any onion, (without grinding) I seldom do onion Pakora. The other time I tasted Valaipoo Pakkoda at my friends place and it tasted almost same as onion (even though not exactly same. I kind of liked it) I wanted to try it out. I tried it once sometime ago and it tasted bitter. So I called her after a long time and asked about it. She said that I should use young flower to get nice a taste. So this week when I visited Serangoon I saw fresh Valaipoo. I bought it without any hesitation. It came out pretty good. So make sure you use the young and Fresh Plantain flower / Valaipoo.
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calzone - Whole wheat Calzone - Snack Recipe - Kids friendly Snacks - Baking Recipes - Eggless Baking

When I saw this recipe on the internet / in few blogs it sounded more like Pizza pockets or Naan with yeast. I am a little vary of using Yeast in my recipes. I had a couple of total flops with yeast esp with dry yeast. Most of the time I buy bottle of yeast and leave it without use for a while and it dies... Now we started to get small sachets of yeast so it is a very convenient way of using it. Since kids are at home I wanted to try this for their evening snack. I used 50% whole wheat and 50% maida (all purpose flour). You can use full all purpose flour. Also you can add more vegetables like Broccoli, Tomatoes etc...
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Red Pumpkin Dosa - Parangikai dosai recipe - Parangikai dosa recipe - Healthy dosa recipe - breakfast, dinner recipe

Yet another Vegetable dosa.. This dosa is really with a mix of flavour. I was postponing trying this recipe as I thought Parangikai would give some sweetness to the dish as now days my kids are fond of sweet dishes for a meal (they are ok to try a little but not for a full meal). However I had pumpkin in the fridge and was really forced to find option to deplete it . So I decided to spice it up with Red chillies hoping that it would really make this dish really spicy. To my surprise it turned out to be really good
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Jackfruit Seeds Vegetable Biryani Recipe - Jack fruit seeds Veg Biryani - Onepot meal - Lunch box recipes - Dinner Recipes - Rice Recipes - Party food Recipes

I love to try different biryanis. I have tried this Jackfruit seeds vegeable biryani last season but I couldn't make final pic. I want to try this during this season. This is perfect blend of spices and I have used store bought garam masala but you prefer to make your biryani masala you can do it by dry roasting Cinnamon - 1 inch, cloves- 3, Nutmug - 1/8 teaspoon, Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon, Cardamom - 3, Fennel seeds - 1/4 teaspoon. This is perfect for kids lunch box too. My kids loved it. Do try out in this season and let me know how it turned out
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Nongu Rose Milk Recipe - Palm Fruit Milk Recipe - Nongu Paal - Ice Apple milk

Nongu is one of our childhood summer treat. Not just the fruits even the outer shell from which we make toy "vandi" and ride it with all my cousins. Late Apr / May we are either busy or not much of public holidays we seldom visit India during the season. Once I found this in Little India but the fruit was not young and not the same taste as what I used to have. So I stopped buying from here. In the last couple of year I got to visit India during the season. So I enjoyed at least once or twice from the roadside shop. Amazing! Perfect for summer. I brought these from India and made milk the next day (yeah took all the pain to pack it with ice cubes & in cooler bag). It was really good and refreshing for the summer!
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Paneer kothu parotta recipe - Left over Parotta / roti recipe - Kothu Parotta recipe - Party food recipes - Kids Friendly Recipe

I normally make Vegetable kothu parotta with left over parotta or chapathi. My friend makes Paneer Kothu parotta which tastes a bit different. I have tried a couple of times for my guests. It came out pretty good. Finally I got to take the video / pic to post. In this I have made with Parotta. I had tried with left over chapathi too. both tastes good. You can make this for your kids lunch box or snack box. This can be served as starter too. My kids can finish their lunch box without any complain. So why don't you try too?
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Mango Chia Seeds Pudding - Healthy breakfast recipe - Healthy Dessert recipe

Mango season is here. I have started to see Indian Mangoes in the market.. Seeing Indian Mango brings a big smile to my face. Since it is the start of the season I just brought a couple to taste it. I wanted some Chia pudding for breakfast & wanted to try out with Mango. This doesn't require any cooking. You can prepare previous night and refrigerate it. It is ready for morning breakfast. Perfect for busy weekdays
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Jack fruit seeds puli kulambu - Jack fruit seeds kuzhambu - Jack Fruit seedGravys tamarind gravy recipe - Vegetarian gravy recipes

Jack fruit seeds are in season. Last week when I was in India, I saw jack fruits in the daily morning hotel breakfast. When I checked outside I realized it is in season now. So I had the seeds in a fruit shop. They kept about 1 kg seeds. Since the seeds is quite fresh it got cooked fast. Otherwise cook it with turmeric powder and salt before adding it to kulambu. It is a simple yet very flavourful gravy / Kuzhambu. I didn't add coconut but if you prefer you can add coconut milk while adding jaggery.
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Hot Milk Cake Recipe - Milk Cake recipe - Eggless baking

I tasted milk cake when I was in Brazil and it was so soft that I w pretty sure it had egg. I do eat cake and chocolate with egg but not too much egg. I do not cook or bake egg at home (so far at least). I was looking for  eggless milk cake recipe. I saw this in home baker guild. I modified it to my taste. It came out very soft and moist.. I did 50% wheat / 50% all purpose flour. It came out pretty good. Do try out
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