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Guacamole Recipe - Avocado Dip Recipe - Avocado Recipes - Spread recipes

I have Avocado at least twice a week. However I rarely do a full version of avocado. Some time just the avocado slices with a bit of salt or yogurt. I wanted to post guacamole recipe for quite a while. Last time when I was in US, I was having dinner in Cheesecake factory.Loved the spicy guacamole dip. So I made guacamole at home using onion, green chillies and tomatoes.Add a pod of garlic just to give flavour. This can be a good side dish for chips, crackers or bread spread.
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Avarekalu sagu recipe - mochai kurma recipe - Field Beans Korma Recipe - Vegetarian Gravy Recipes - Simple Side dish for biryani, rice, roti

I love Mochai esp the fresh ones which we get during this season. My mum is not a big fan so before marriage she does only Mochai Fry or Mochai brinjal Sambar which she does for Ven pongal. So I am not exposed to other dishes before marriage. After that I thought using it for mochai gravy for chapati and roti. It came out pretty well. But every year I get to try this fresh beans only a couple of times as I don't get this vegetable in a near by market so I am lazy to go to Little India for Indian vegetables. This year my mun sent almost a big pack of fresh beans. So I had the chance to try out a few new recipes. Mochai kurma is one of it. I have added fried onion as part of gravy but I recommend that you don't grind it to get the best result. 
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stuffed chilli bajji recipe - Mirchi Bajji recipe - Stuffed milagai bajji recipe - Snack recipes - Chaat Recipes

I wanted to try this for quite sometime but my family doesn't really like spicy items so I was kind of hesitating for a while. In our last trip to US we had ordered Andra Cut Mirchi Bajji. I loved it but everyone else felt it was spicy. My sis was wondering whether I really ate this spicy still (I used to during my school and college days but after marriage reduced due to family preferences. Normally after a while your taste buds change). Later I went to India and in Phoenix mall kailash parbat I saw Mirchi Chaat. I was kind of curious and ordered that. It was served with  sweet chutney, sev and yogurt . Stuffing is with potato so it is not spicy at all. So I decided to try it out to see whether kids can take it. . They liked the Chaat version. First pic in this with stuffing Video is with stuffing too. 2nd pic is for chaat and 3rd one is without stuffing. You can skip the stuffing preparation but rest is same if you want do without stuffing. For a chat just mix the ingredients under for Chaat and drizzle over cut bajji.
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Corn Cheese balls Recipe - Snack recipes - Kids friendly Recipes

I wanted to try this for quite some time. However my 2nd son is not fond of Corn so I was waiting for a good opportunities to do this. Last year during our vacation in India we had ordered this starter in one restaurant. Knowing his taste we ordered something else for 2nd one. But it took sometime to arrive. By looking at the smooth round ball he just tried without knowing it. He kind of liked it as corn was all mashed up. So I decided to try it out at home. He liked it too So I have found a way to include Corn as part of his diet not a healthy way though
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Puff Pastry Pizza - Puff pastry recipes - Kids friendly recipes - Party food recipes

Puff pastry base dishes are my go to recipes for quick snacks / even dinner. Sometime I cannot decide till very late what to do for our dinner. Those days if I have any dosa / idli it becomes handy otherwise it is so difficult to come up with last min option. Those days this Puff pastry comes handy. Other day it is almost 6+ and I didn;t even decide what to do for Dinner. Our dinner time is around 7. Luckily I had all the vegetables in the fridge You can use your favourite vegetables. I have used store brought Puff pastry. You can use Naan or your favourite base
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Chocolate Avocado pudding in Chocolate cup - Easy pudding recipe - Valentine day's recipe

I love avocado and chocolate combo. I wanted to try a pudding with Avocado. When I was talking to my friend she was saying she made this Paleo friendly recipe. In her recipe there was no semi sweet chocolate. I wanted to give it to my son who does not like flavour of dark chocolate. So I decided to add semi sweet chocolate of 75g. Sugar in it was good enough. I have served this in bite size cups. This is a less calorie version than other pudding with cream. Try this out for this valentines day
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Methi Masal Vada recipe - Fenugreek Leaves Vadai Recipe - Methi Chana dal vada recipe - Snacks recipe - Festival Recipes - Pooja Recipes - naivedyam recipes

Masal Vada is one of the most liked snacks at our household. I have tried different versions. One with carrot, Plain. Other day at my friend's place she had it with Fenugreek leaves / Methi leaves. It was so tasty. I have added to my list of things to try. I realized I have added more methi leaves in my recipe and I have done one plus in the end so the Vada color has changed. If you prefer you can just add the leaves after grinding dal and mix it. This is also done without Onion and Garlic. But my Friend recipe was with onion. Both version tasted good. If you are doing for Pooja do it without onion
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Moongil rice appam - Bamboo Rice Appam - Healthy Breakfast recipe - Healthy Dinner recipe - dosa recipes

These days all the good old items like Millets, Moongil rice are becoming more common in India. Every time I go to India I find few new items with millets. Whenever I find something new, I get it sometimes. Some times the Ingredients I buy become expired or old. I need to remember new things so that it doesn't go wasted. These days when I buy something new I would try it out immediately. This time I brought Moongil rice. I tried Payasam. After that I had left over rice. So I wanted to try out either dosa or appam. My kids asked for appam. It came out well. Haivng healthy food doesn't have to be boring
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Vangi Bath Recipe - Brinjal Rice Recipe - Simple rice recipes - Lunch box recipes

I have posted a version of Vangi bath or eggplant pulav in my space quite sometime ago. Brinjal or Eggplant or Katharikkai is not a favourite with our kids and my husband. So  I have to find dishes to sneak it in. However when it is its season I cannot resist the small cute brinjals. Other day I brought some. I wanted to try out brinjal masala but after seeing this in Bhat's special I wanted to try out this version. I love the idea of tamarind paste and jaggery. It came out quite nice.I have used brown rice. But white or basmati rice would go well too
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Ragi Chocolate Cake - Healthy cake recipe

My kids love cakes! They are open to try different types of cakes.  When I googled for Ragi chocolate cake I saw a fabulous recipe at Lite bite Ragi Chocolate Cake in Lite Bite. Loved the texture of it. Without hesitation I had decided to try it out. However I wanted to make it even more healthier. So I have substituted with whole wheat pastry flour and added oats. You can enjoy cake / dessert without guilt
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Millet Greens salad with Greek yogurt caesar salad dressing - Millet Recipes - Healthy starter recipe

  • When I need to make lunch just for myself, I always look for simple one pot meal options. Soups and salads come in handy in such cases. In the past I used to have simple salad with vinegar, pepper. I got bored and also I felt I feel hungry with in couple of hrs and started munching (Kind of defeat the purpose) So Lately I started to add some carbohydrate in the salad to make it a complete meal. I also started to try different salad dressing. I started to look forward to salad lunch.
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