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Palkova (With Fresh Milk) Recipe - Simple sweet recipe - Diwali recipes

During my childhood days, Palkova is one of the most frequent sweet at our house hold. Esp at my grand ma house. They used to make it in brass containers. They used to have dozens of cows and buffalos. Buffalo milk is used to make curd and Cow milk is used for drinking as well as making some sweets like Palkova. I have already posted Microwave palkova. I wanted to make this fresh milk base version for quite sometime. Finally I got to do it. The ingredients are very little for this however it takes a while to do it. So do it when you have little time to kill.
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Masala Idli - Mixed Vegetable Idli - Breakfast recipes - Dinner Recipes

When I was doing my 6th standard, I visited my cousin sis and she made vegetable idli. I was so impressed. Usually I am not a big fan of idli esp plain idli (Now things are different. Of course now my kids are like that). I love to include mixed vegetables whenever possible. If you want to makeover plain white idli into colorful attractive dish this is good option. You can add your kids favourite vegetables to make ot more interesting. This one can be good lunch box item too
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Mexican Salad with Subway Style Chipotle Southwest Sauce - Homemade Southwest sauce - Kids friendly recipe - Salad recipes

These days I am trying to make my salad more interesting. Of course some of the sauces are not qualified to be part of a healthy diet. Southwest sauce is something I got introduced 10 years ago during my family trip to US. The first dish I have tasted with it is pasta. When I was looking for Southwest sauce in the market couldn't find decent one. Later when I started to have my weekend subway fix I was happy to find southwest sauce. So Southwest has been our family's favourite for quite sometime. After starting food blog this is something I wanted to try at home. One of the key ingredients in this is Chipotle chillies. I saw this chipotle chilly in adobo sauce can in US in my last week trip and I brought it without 2nd thought. In general this sauce is done using mayonnaise. I have replaced 1/2 the qty with Greek yogurt. It is up to your preference.
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White chocolate chip cookies Recipe - Eggless White chocolate chip cookies - Cookies Recipe - Simple baking recipes

My micorwave got spoiled for the last couple of months. With a busy schedule at work / travel I couldn't really look for new one. Esp I wanted to do a little bit of research before buying new one as my last purchase didn't turn out be good. Also I have a fixed slot for a microwave (yes I have size restriction) Finally I brought my new one during May long holidays. First thing I wanted to see is its baking results. My son was asking for cookies for quite sometime. So I have decided to try out White chocolate chip cookies. Merry Christmas to all the readers!
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Coconut Semolina Cake - Basbousa recipe - Simple cake recipe - baking recipes

Basbousa is a traditional Middle Eastern cake, made from semolina and soaked in syrup. It goes by many different names from Revani to Nammoura, Hareesa, Shamali and Pastusha. This is totally new to me. I only started to see this after I started blogging. My husband is a big fan of Kesari which is South Indian sweet with Semolina, sugar, Milk and bit of Ghee. So when I saw the ingredients of this cake I was pretty sure my husband would like it. I wanted to try this for a while. There are many different recipes even though the main ingredients are same some are with coconut some or with flour, some are with milk, some are with yogurt etc.. I decided to go with milk as it is closer to kesari.
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Beetroot Rasam - Beet Rasam - Beet Indian soup - Starter Recipe - Lunch recipe

I had this beetroot rasam last time when I was in India. It was quite filling I love the unique flavour of beet and fresh spices. With steamed rice it really tasted nice. I took the recipe from my friend and last week I wanted something simple for my lunch so I have made this rasam. It is also perfect for irritating throat too. Beet is also helps in detox.. This can be served as Soup too. So What are you waiting for?
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Whole Wheat Jam Thumbprint cookies - Eggless Thumbprint Cookies - Kids friendly cookie recipes

My kids don't like Jam.So normally I don't have any jam at home. During my last family gathering, my sis kids wanted to bake some cookies. They like jam. So I was thinking of making jam cookies for them. My sis is particular about making healthier version of cookies. So decided to do with wheat flour. I have used fresh milled wheat flour. You can substitute with Atta. The cookie came out pretty crispy and tasty
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Bajra Chocolate Cake - Eggless Pearl Millet chocolate Cake - Eggless Baking Recipes - Baking recipes - Millet Recipes

I wanted to try Millet cake without any mix of Atta or All purpose flour but was not sure about the outcome. So I kept postponing it. However this time I brought freshly grinded Bajra Flour or Pearl Millet flour. So I decided to try out the cake. I had some Orgran, No Egg, Egg replacer in my fridge for quite sometime. I wanted to use that for the cake. You can use any Egg substiute (for 2 eggs) or Eggs to make this cake. To my surprise the cake was so soft and texture was little grainy. It tasted amazing. My 1st son who is not big fan of bajra loved it too. You cannot even figure out the difference. So dig in without guilt. 
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Maa Vilakku Recipe - Maavilakku Maavu Recipe - Karthigai Deepam Recipes - Naivedyam recipes

I love the maavu (from maa vilakku) those days my grandma does maavu during thiruvizha.. I wanted to try this for a while. I finally made this for Karthigai. It is very simple dish. Normally my grandma makes this in 'ural'. My MIL still does it in ural only.. So to me this can be only done in Ural. But later after browsing other blogs I found out can be done in mixie / blender too. so I decided to give it a try. Normally we use only rice, grated coconut and Jaggery . However my helper suggesting to add roasted gram and puffed rice. I find it tasted good too.. But if you prefer to go without it it is also fine
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Eggless rainbow cake Recipe - Rainbow cake with Cream cheese frosting recipe - Baking recipe - Cake recipe - Eggless Cake recipesWhen w

When we had bloggers meet in Singapore, Prema from Prema'scookbook brought a cake and it was so soft and tasty. It melted in the mouth. When I wanted to bake rainbow cake instead of following my condensed milk base recipe,I remembered the cake from Prema so I decided to search her website. I followed her recipe from here. It came out so soft and everyone liked it. This is the first time I have added part of wet ingredients at later stage. It came out very nice Thanks to Prema.  I got 4 colors Red, yellow, blue and green. And I have used Blue+Red for Violet,Indigo - Blue + Little red.
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Chana chaat cup - Chickpeas chaat in cup - Snack recipes - Kids friendly recipe

Sometimes parents have a very big challenge to get their kids to finish their breakfast plate everyday!. Sometime we need to find something different or serve regular food in different way. I tried this Potato chickpeas in Samosa sheet cup. It disappeared very fast and at the same time, they had pretty balanced start for the day. Chickpeas has protein, Potato has carbohydrate. Only thing is that instead of serving as bread sandwich serve it in a cup made with samosa sheet. You can serve it in Papad cup or bread cup. 
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Dum Ki chai Recipe - Hyderabadi Dum ki Chai Recipe - Rich Koya tea Recipe - Tea Recipes - Drink Recipe

I love any variation of tea. I love Ginger Tea with Milk , Lemon grass tea or Ginger tea without milk. So sometime ago I saw Dum Ki Chai at Lubna space. I was hooked to it. I wanted to try this for very long time. When I visited India few months back, I got the chance to try in Hyderabad. So I kind of liked it but at the same time felt it was a little rich. This evening I was in a mood to try something rich and I remembered this tea. I had Koya in the fridge. So I decided to try it out. I followed this recipe from Lubna's space
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