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Aubergine Mozzarella bake recipe - Eggplant Mozzarella bake recipe - Snack Recipes - Kids friendly recipe - Party recipes

Eggplant / Aubergine is not the most favoured vegetable at our house hold. I love it so I am still finding something which can tempt my kids to eat it. I saw this cheesy bake in one magazine and later I saw it in Raks space. I have bookmarked it. This can be served as a meal by itself or served as a snack. This dish is very simple and you just need to assemble your ingredients. Very simple recipe to impress your guests` / kids. With this you can create Italian restaurant dinning feel at home! Enjoy! 
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paneer chana masala - Chole paneer masala recipe - Vegetarian Gravy recipe - Vegetarian Curry recipe - Paneer recipes

My kids are big fans of Paneer. My first son loves everything with Chana / chole also. I was looking to make some side dish for Naan/ Roti and he was asking for paneer chole masala. I have followed my Punjabi chole masala recipe. Instead of coconut you can add either cashew or melon seeds. This curry goes well with fried rice / roti / naan or bhatura. If you make it little thicker can be good sandwich spread too. Multipurpose curry is really good right? you can double the qty and reserve one batch for sandwich! 
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Eggless ricotta cheese cake recipe - Ricotta cheesecake recipe - Eggless baking - Cake recipe - Kids friendly recipe

My kids love the home made cheese cakes. I have posted 3 of them Plain Cheese cake, Nuttella zebra cheese cake and Oreo cheese cake. When we were in Italy I tried a few cheese cake it tasted different from American ones and it was lighter. I kind of like both. After I searched for difference. Later I read that Italian one is using Ricotta and American one is using Sour cream. This year for my son's birthday he wanted cheese cake again. So I decided to try it with Ricotta. Since I made it for his birthday I was crossing my fingers. I followed recipe from Joy baking. Original recipe is with egg. I made my version without egg also added melted white chocolate It came out pretty good
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Surakkai Korma - Sorakkai Korma - Bottle Gourd Korma - Side dish for Roti, rice, Pulka, Paratha

I had this whole sorakkai and wanted to try something new with it to go with Chapatti. My son was asking for Korma. I remembered a dish I had tasted sometime ago. It had a sesame seeds taste also tasted like korma. I wanted to try it out. I have added the ingredients per my preference. You can try with your moderation. It tasted pretty good. It is simple dish and goes well with steamed rice too (I had it next day for my lunch). Do try out as this can be good alternative to veg korma
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Mixed bean Millet porridge - Samai, mixed bean porridge - Millet and mixed legume porridge - Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Millet recipes

When I am on a biz trip to China I take heavy breakfasts as hotels serves good breakfast. Being vegetarian, lunch is normally a very light one. The place I stay serve few porridge other than oats. Millet, Corn and black rice. Just a porridge for me is very plain. I need some flavouring. Also need to add some protein to it. They serve good salad options such as chickpeas (garbanzo, Chana), Rajma (Kidney beans), Corn etc.. So normally I will add all of these to make a wholesome meal. This is in my list for posting for long time. Finally here you go
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Black rice salad with Avocado dressing - Salad recipe - Healthy recipe - Starter Recipe

Starting on a diet doesn't have to be boring.. Also Having salad for one meal can be interesting too. I had this Avocado dressing in my recent US trip.. Normally I use Lemon juice to give a tangy taste. However the sauce I had was different. As we discuss this I realized this is from Vinegar. So I decided to try it out using vinegar. I have tried it with Power blend greens, Dragon fruit, Fig and Black rice. You can add this sauce to your favourite salad too..I made the dressing with buttermilk but you can have it with Greek yogurt too.
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Pumpkin Pachadi - Pumpkin Greek yogurt sauce - Greek Yogurt recipes - Pumpkin Recipes - Pachadi Recipes

I had some left over pumpkin after making mashed pumpkin. I wanted to make pachadi for my keerai Rice. I was not sure about which pachadi. Then I opened my fridge and remembered I had the pumpkin so I have decided to use it. In this if you want to add little Jaggery you can go ahead. I didn't add. As I wanted some spicy pachadi. Addition of small onion or shallots give nice flavour to the pachadi so don't skip it
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Kerala Paal Payasam Recipe - Unakkalari Payasam - Onam Sadya Recipes

I love to try different Kheer recipes. For me this is one way of having milk. Sometime I don't add sugar or fry the nuts in ghee. However for the festival / Naivedyam I end up doing with sugar and ghee. Unakkalari rice is new to me. I started seeing this after I started blogging. I have seen Kanji and Payasam with it. So I have decided to try it out for this new year. It is so creamy and tasty. I have used Raw sugar. You can use Jaggery too. Happy vishu / new year. This Kheer or payasam doesn't require any ghee or nuts. So go ahead and use full fat milk to balance it 
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Veg puff pastry Open Pie - Simple puff pastry recipes - Kids friendly recipes - Snacks recipe

My family loves anything with puff pastry. So far I have been using store brought puff pastry. I wanted to try this open Pastry pie with very less spices as some of my colleague who is following my blog from other country wanted me to post some simple dish (as they find it difficult to find Indian Spices). For spicing the dish I have used 1 green chilles and Red chilli flakes (used for pasta). I have used Roma tomatoes. It gave nice flavour to the curry.
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Roasted beetroot, Chickpea, Feta cheese salad with Orange Vinaigrette Dressing - Roasted Beet Salad - Salad Recipe - Starter Recipe

Recently I started liking roasted Beet. Beet and feta cheese is a really good combo. Roasting Beet really brings a out nice flavour. As you have started to notice I started posting salad recipes with different dressing. This salad does have Feta cheese but you if you use low fat Feta cheese you can still try it as part of your dieting program. If you are on a diet you really need to be little creative and try out different combos. This will make the program interesting. As you try few things you might end up with no of choices..If you decide to make dressing ahead of time pls. keep it in fridge don't keep it for long. At the most just keep the dressing for 2 days(total)
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Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai Recipe - Mini Kozhukattai Recipe - Little Millet Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai - Samai Sweet Ammini Kozhukattai recipe - Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes

I always love jaggery based sweets. I find Little millet flour naturally sweet. I Saw this recipe here. I thought of trying it with Samai flour / Little millet flour. I made some adjustment to my taste. This can be good snack too. I also followed my Ammni kozhukkatai for making dough My mum made the flour by grinding the Little millet (you can do it either in blender or in flour mills) and later she roasted till nice aroma released.
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Mawa Modak recipe - Modagam with Mawa stuffing recipe - Modagam recipe - Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes - Pooja recipes - naivedyam recipes

After I made Koya Modak / Mawa Modak recipe I had very little Mawa left in my fridge. I was wondering what to do with that Then I surfed thro' a magazine I saw this Modagam recipe with Koya. I decided to give it a try. To me this like a fusion recipe. No compromise in the taste. I wish my friends a very happy vinayagar chaturthi.
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