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Banana leaf Kozhukattai with fresh grinded rice dough - Elai Kozhukattai - Olai kolukkatai - Ganesh Chaturthi recipes - Snack Recipes - Festivals recipe

I always make the outer skin of Kozhukattai with Idiyappam flour. In my last trip to India my mum was mentioning about making the dough by grinding idli rice and she also told me the kolukattai would be very soft. So I have decided to give it a try. It is really very tasty and flavourful. Nice twist to regular Kozhukattai. I have used Chana dal (Bengal gram dal) pooranam you can use stuffing of your choice
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Moong Dal Poorana Kozhukattai recipe - Sweet Split Yellow dhal Modak recipe - Modagam recipe - Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes - Pooja recipes - naivedyam recipes

Every year I do Sweet Kozhukattai with chana dal / Bengal gram dal  pooranam or stuffing. This year for a change I want to try with split moog dal / yellow dal. It came out very well. I love any jaggery base sweet and this one no exception :-). This is very simple to make ...
I wish my friends a very happy vinayagar chaturthi.
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Methi Leaves Mor Kulambu Recipe - Vendhaya Keerai Mor Kuzhambu Recipe - fenugreek Leaves mor kuzhambu Recipe

I love anything with Fenugreek leaves. Esp with yogurt. I wanted to try this Mor kulambu (Fenugreek in buttermilk) for quite sometime and finally I managed to do it after so long. Mor Kulambu is one of my kids favourite too. I normally make it for weekend lunch. It can go well with steamed white rice or brown rice. If it is left over I normally serve it with idli (Mor kulambu idli).  Mor kulambu with spicy side dish perfect meal for me .. How about for you?
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Whole Wheat zucchini spring onion muffin - Zucchini Savory muffin - breakfast recipes - baking recipes - brunch recipe

My kids love cupcake or muffin for their weekend breakfast / brunch. Recently I tried Savory muffin with spinach and Feta cheese. It was big hit. After that I almost did it 3 consecutive weeks for their breakfast. I got bored with it so wanted to try other version of Savory muffin. I know Zucchini goes well in any baking dish. So I have decided to use Zucchini in my recipe. Also this time I wanted to try without cheese. 
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Aval / Poha / Beaten rice Puttu - Easy Gokulashtami Recipes - Festival recipe - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes

I love anything to do with Aval (Probably you can see that from the count of recipes on this blog). Aval kesari, Aval Sweet Pongal, Sweet Aval, Aval Kheer/Payasam the list goes on. I love puttu. It is a light and perfect snack for the kids. It is simple naivedyam recipe. If the festival falls on a working day and you have little time to do anything this would be a perfect choice. I had this recipe from one of my friends. 
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Rava Uppu Seedai - Semolina Salt Seedai recipe - Krishna Jayanthi Special Recipes - Gokulashtami recipes - Snack recipe - Festival recipe - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes

Making seedai is a process .. I always do Uppu Seedai, Vella Seedai...for Krishna Jayanthi. However this time I wanted to try something different.. I was browsing for recipes and I found Rava uppu seedai easy to do .. So I wanted to try this for this year.  I followed recipe from here. This came out very well. It was so crispy too.
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Vegetable parda biryani Recipe - Puff Pastry Vegetable parda biryani recipe - OnePot meal - Party meals - Rice recipes

I love to try different types of biriyanis. I wanted to try something with puff pastry as I had some left over store bought pastry sheet. I remember seeing puff pastry covered vegetable biriyani in one of the magazine.  But I didn't note down the recipe. I have decided to use my own gravy to make the vegetable mix and kind of follow dum biriyani method. It came out pretty good. This is perfect way to impress your guests or family
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Roasted Cabbage with Lime and Sriracha - Spicy Roasted Cabbage - Snack recipe - Healthy snack recipe - Cabbage recipes

I love to try diff snacks esp with some vegetables and Fruits. Since my kids has only have dinner at home and they don't eat rice / Vegetable side dish. So I try to do some snack recipe. I tasted this in one of my visit to US. I kind of like it. Now days whenever I travel I make a list of things I try and make a effort to try new things. If I like it I will add it to my list. And check for the recipe on the net or if it is really good I ask for recipe from the Chef. This is one of the easier recipe but still takes time to make it u need at least 1 hr 30 mins
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Banana Stem Soup- Vazhaithandu Soup- Valai thandu Soup- Valaithandu Soup - plantain stem Soup- Healthy Soup Recipe

I wanted to try some soup which can be one pot meal. I vaguely remember a soup my mum cook made sometime ago. I just added 2 spoons of cooked quinoa so that I can have this as a meal. If you prefer you can use Rice, or any cooked millet in the place of Quinoa. Actually this combo worked well and bowl of this soup kept me full from lunch to dinner. You can totally skip the rice part too
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Eggless Rainbow cookies - Eggless Colorful cookies - Eggless baking - Cookies recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Party Food Recipes

When the food is colorful it attracts more fans. I was hesitating to buy food color. But after my trip to cookie shop was too tempting. That cookie shop had very colorful attractive cookies. I decided to give in for temptation. Rainbow cookies and cakes were in my mind when I brought these colors. I got 4 colors Red, yellow, blue and green. And I have used Blue+Red for Violet,Indigo - Blue + Little red. I have followed my Shortbread cookie recipe
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Rava Sweet Pongal Recipe - Semolina Sweet Pongal Recipe - Pongal Recipes - Festival Recipes - Pooja Recipes - naivedyam recipes

I like Jaggery based sweets. My husband likes Kesari. I have tasted this Rava pongal at my friend place. I liked it. I was pretty sure it will go well with my family. So yes yes you are right I asked this recipe from my friends and it is very similar to Wheat Rava jaggery kesari. With the addition of moong dal the taste of this pongal is even better. Do try out .. you can even serve this as dessert. Happy Varalakshmi Pooja for you!
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Roasted Vegetable Cup - Party snack recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Roasted vegetable puff cup - Snacks recipe

I wanted to do something quick for my kids' evening snack. I had some vegetable left in the fridge so I wanted to use the vegetable. However vegetables like Eggplant are not my kids' favourite vegetables. So as usual I wanted to add something they like. Puff sheet base snack they like it. This recipe is very fast and perfect for parties too. It can be packed for kids snacks too. 
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Black Bean Avocado Rice - Simple one pot meal - Lunch box recipe - Rice recipe

I love simple one pot meal for lazy weekend. At the same time I would like to provide a balanced meal to my kids who nowadays have lunch only during holidays or weekends at home. I had some left over black beans. Last time when I was in US I tasted the combo of Black beans and Avocado. So I decided to try it out as fried rice. I am pretty sure Garlic and fried onion will add flavour to it. It came out pretty good. I have used Basmati rice. Any long grain rice even brown rice will work perfect.
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Oreo Spread recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Breakfast recipe

After the biscuit butter try my son was asking for Oreo spread. Initially I thought it might be too sweet so I kept postponing it. Last week I sent my son to buy cheese from a near by super market and he brought 2 big packs of Oreo. I asked him why you brought so much and his answer was.... yes you guessed it correct he wanted to try oreo spread. So I told him we will try first with small serving and see how it goes first. They loved every bit of it
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Corn Soup - Chinese style corn soup - Simple soup recipe - Starter

One of the first few dishes I tried in Chinese cuisine was Corn soup. It is also most commonly served as a starter as part of a vegetarian meal set. In most restaurants soups do not include other vegetables however I like to add to make it more healthy and filling. It is a very simple recipe and when I need something warm to sooth my throat I do this. In this recipe I have used fresh corn but you can use frozen one too.
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