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Aamras recipe - Simple mango puree recipe - Side dish for Poori

This is a very new combo for me. I tried this only during the last mango season. And I loved it. It is very simple and perfect for busy weekday dinners. This can be served with Poori or you can serve it for dessert. 
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Turmeric smoothie - Healthy breakfast smoothie

I love to try smoothie for my breakfast. It is very fast to make and perfect for on the go food. I saw this smoothie in one US shop. I was bit hesitant to try but it kept lingering in my mind. Since I was at home the other day I was thinking why not try this .. Worst case I can find some alternate option .. This drink is so delicious and loved it 
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Edamame spaghetti with Green Sauce - Easy Pasta recipes

During my last trip to US I wanted to get some healthy noodles. Was talking to my sis about it. She was recommending this Edamame Spaghetti. She is particular about healthy food for her family. When I checked the ingredients I was surprised as normally there will be a very long list of ingredients this one had only a couple of it. So my sister wanted me to try it. I was very skeptical about the taste so I took a long time to try. Once I tried with green pesto / Green sauce it was so yummy.. I have to order few boxes during my next trip or have to find out whether we get it in Singapore. If you don't get it you can use this sauce with any of your favourite pasta
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Raw Banana Rice - Raw Banana powder rice - Raw banana podi rice - Aratikaya Annam - Simple one pot meal - Simple Rice recipes

In my childhood I had this rice. However I almost forgot it. Recently I saw this in Venkatesh Bhat show. My aunt does it in a similar way but she adds peanuts and grated coconut. In this recipe I did add both. I have used brown rice for this but you can use normal white rice. This is perfect for party too. 
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Masala Dosa - Dosa with Potato Filling - Dosa recipes - breakfast, Dinner recipes

Masala Dosa is one of the most famous South Indian Dish esp for breakfast. I had this in my list for quite some time however I seldom do masala dosa as our family is not big fan of potato. During our last week holiday trip during our visit to restaurant to my surprise my son asked for masala dosa. So I was think why not do it at home also. So when we returned first thing I did is to try masala dosa at home. If you have left over masala you can do a sandwich with it. So here you go with the post
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Stuffed Mushroom Recipe - Snacks Recipe - Kids friendly Recipe

When I brought mushroom I had baked open stuffed mushroom in my mind. But My microwave got spoiled so I was wondering what else I can do. My helper was taking about deep fried stuffed mushroom. She vaguely remembered the recipe. I took the recipe from her and modified to our taste. My kids enjoyed every bite of it. I had more vegetable and less cheese. But you can vary the amount according to your taste.
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mughlai veg biryani recipe - mughlai vegetable biryani recipe - One Pot meal recipe - Rice recipes

My kids love biriyani or fried rice.. So most of the time Sunday is time for some fried rice.. it also works fine for me as these one pot meals are little easy (well one of my friend says typical south Indian lunch which sambar, rasam, 1 kootu, 1 poriyal and yogurt is easier. I guess it goes with each and everyone's preference). This rice is quite rich and doesn't require any side dish other than simple raita. This is good for a party / can be part of your guest menu
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Pesto Korma recipe - Mixed vegetable korma - Mixed vegetable kurma - Side dish for Roti, Idli, Dosa or fried rice

Pesto is one of my kids most favourite. Other day after doing Peas Pesto Pasta and I had left over pesto. Couple of days later I was planning to do roti. While thinking about what side dish to make, Pesto korma crossed my mind. Instead of using water to dilute the paste I thought of using coconut milk to enhance the flavour. While doing the dish I was crossing my fingers. Finally when my kids were having dinner they were completely surprised to hae "Pasta taste" in the korma. I told them it is made up of Pesto not pasta Smiley . They loved it!
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Mango chutney - Kache Aam ki Chutney - Aam ki khatti mithi chutney

Best part of summer is Mango... I love all varieties from India... I love both raw and ripe ones. Mango chutney is one of my favourite mango recipes. This can go well with any stuffed paratha or bread. I can have it with literally anything. 
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Cold Coffee without Ice Cream Recipe - Summer recipe - Cooler Recipe

As mentioned in my Chocolate mocha breakfast shake post, these days I do take coffee once or twice a week. When I was having tooth pain my doctor advised not to take any hot beverages. When I first came to SG and in my first job, my boss brought me to Spinelli. When I was browsing thro' the menu I saw this cold coffee and out of my curiousity I ordered it. I preferred hot one to cold one. After that I tasted this cold coffee a couple of times only. After that I tried it only recently and I kind of liked it. May be I am more open to different food as food blogger   .. Whatever be it I am enjoying more options of food
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Peas Pesto Pasta - Pasta Recipes - Kids friendly recipes

After Beet pesto pasta I started to make pesto pasta with vegetables that my kids don't like. Peas one of the vegetable which my 2nd son has a huge hatred for. (He takes few pieces of Peas Kachori. No other peas base dish) I wanted to try this peas pesto. I added more Garlic and Onion while making this pesto. It turned out to be excellent. It is very simple too. I  added finely chopped Carrot / beans also as my kids eat only dinner at home during school days. You can add / skip based on your preference.
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Keerai poriyal with Chana dal - Bengal gram dal Keerai poriyal - Simple Side dish recipe - Healthy side dish

I always do Keerai Kootu or without coconut version. I try some variation when I get bored with it. My helper was asking whether I do Keerai poriyal I told her yes but with moong dal. Then she was asking whether we can try with Gram dhal .. So I took the camera and starting clicking the photos. This is very simple,healthy and tasty dish.. Healthy dish don't have to be bland.. Do try this
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Keema samosa recipe - Meal Maker Vegetable Samosa - Snack Recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Party food

After I did Keema naan I had some left over masala. My son wanted to have bite size samosa for quite a while. I had some store bought samosa sheet in the fridge. Bingo! I decided to make this quick evening snack for my kids (of course for ourself too). I have fried it. You can bake it. If don't have store bought samosa sheet follow my recipe  to make the dough from scratch. For other samosa recipes pls refer below
Do try this for your kids in this summer!
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Paruppu Urundai Mor Kuzhambu - Paruppu Urundai More Kuzhambu - Paruppu Urundai More Kulambu - Simple Kuzhambu recipe

Paruppu urundai and mor kuzhambu is one of my most favourite dishes. When I attended a function in India they served paruppu urundai mor kuzhambu. Normally I use only thoor dal for the urundai. This time I have used both. If you prefer you can use thuvar / thoor dal and chana dal / bengal gram dal in equal proportion. This is perfect balanced dish for steamed rice Protein from Dhal and yogurt, Calcium from yogurt. This goes well with both white or brown steamed rice. This is perfect for lazy weekends
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