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Instant Ragi Dosa Recipe - Healthy Breakfast, dinner recipes - Diabetic friendly recipes

I love any form of Ragi dish. My mum gets freshly milled flour for me. Ragi Roti is one of my most favourite dish and I make this at least twice a week for my lunch. My 2nd son is also fond of Ragi dishes. since my hubby and my first son are not big fans I seldom do it for the family meals. Nowadays my husband is more healthy conscious so he is more open for millet base recipes. So When I suggested instant Ragi dosa for our dinner last week they readily agreed. To my surprise my son also liked it.
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Stuffed brinjal recipe - Stuffed eggplant recipe - Side dish recipe

I wanted to do post this for a very long time. Every time I have done this before I was unable to click as it always started to rain (actually since eggplant is not my kids and hubby favourite I seldom do it) Last week I got my new helper and she came from Trichy. My mum almost passed all vegetables from her garden. So sweet of her. So I had this nice fresh brinjal / eggplant. Since these days are very hot I was little hopeful that I would qwsxbe able to do final click on this. Yes finally I managed to do it.
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Pot biryani - Matka Biryani-Vegetarian Version - One pot meal - Lunch recipe

Till today my MIL still makes dishes with Satti /Matka.. Only when we visit her we take cooker and mixie etc.. Most my groceries are from India but the taste is never equal to what we have at my MIL place. I always love the taste of food in Matka.. So in my last trip to India I took some Satti from MIL I made some sambar and puli kulambu with it.. I saw some biryani recipe using it. So I decided to give it a try. While cooking the rice my son walk past the kitchen he asked about what I was doing and what is this vessel etc.. For him it is totally new
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Avocado Roll - Healthy snack recipe - Simple snack recipes

I know fried Snacks are not so healthy but they tastes great! Having fried snacks once in a while with healthy stuffing is good. For me at least after fried snacks I don't crave for snacks at least for next 10 days. I love Avocado. Whenever I visit Cheesecake factory in US avocado roll is a must. It is quite filling and tasty. I wanted to try this for quite sometime.. I had some left over store brought samosa sheet otherwise you can make the dough using this recipe. Try it out and do drop few words on how you like it
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Keema Naan Recipe - Stuffed naan recipe - vegetarrian keema Naan recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Indian Bread reacipe

My kids love Naan. My first son love stuffed naan esp Indian masala. I love Meal maker. So when I was looking for Stuffed naan recipe I decided to try out this Keema naan  decided to include meal maker and it tasted amazing. I have posted Amritsari Kulcha in my space. I have followed similar with slight variation. This doesn't require any side dish. Enjoy it!
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Spinach Pesto Pasta - Healthy dinner recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Pasta recipes

My kids love pasta. I try to include Spinach / any keerai as part of our meal every alternate days. After higher grades my kids seldom come home for lunch during school days. So I started incorporating the vegetables as part of dinner. I wanted to try spinach pesto for quite sometime. Not sure kids would like it. Last weekend my kids went out for seminar in the school. So for dinner they wanted pasta. So I made spinach pesto pasta. Kids loved it. It is perfect way to include green leafy vegetable into kids meal plan
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Paruppu Pradhaman - Chana Dal Payasam - Chana dal Kheer - Kadalai Paruppu Payasam Recipe - Pooja recipe - Naivedyam recipe - Festivals Recipe

Dal payasam or kheer is really healthy and tasty. I can have this for breakfast. I have posted Moong dal kheer in my space. I always love the combination of dal, Jaggery and coconut milk. It really tastes divine. This can good alternative to sweets / desserts which are loaded with refined sugar. This can be served hot or cold. So Enjoy!
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Plantain stem Buttermilk - vazhaithandu mor - neer mor with banana stem- Banana Stem Butter milk - Healthy drink recipe

I Love all buttermilk based recipes. You can have this any time..It is quite refreshing and you can replace your frizzy drink with these kind of recipes. Generally I prefer flavoured buttermilk. It is also easy to add vegetables which normally kids don't eat.. This buttermilk is very easy to make. I have used store bought fat free buttermilk but you can make buttermilk from the homemade yogurt. I normally have this as part of my breakfast or even after my workout. 
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Chakka Pradhaman Recipe - Kerala Style Jackfruit Payasam Recipe - Jackfruit Kheer with Jaggery- Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes

I love to make Kheer. Jackfruit is one of my most fav fruit esp during season. When I first moved to Singapore I was surprised to see Jackfruit all year. Back home during season, whole house smells like the nice aroma of jackfruit from Kollimalai (Kolli hills). Even though I get Jackfruit here I still miss the ones I get in India. Those days my grandma used to cut the big jackfruit .. taking jackfruit is a process. which I love to watch :-). I love sweets made up of fruits. This one no exception to it
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Chilled Cucumber yogurt soup - Simple summer treat - Healthy yogurt base recipe - No cook soup recipe

  • I am looking for simple yet healthy recipe with yogurt. As I am on liquid diet I am having yogurt based drink/ soup at least once a day. I remember this recipe which I have noted down from the magazine. It is really cooling and refreshing. I made this with 0% greek yogurt. You can replace that with any other low fat yogurt
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Coconut and curry leaves chutney - Simple dip recipe with curry leaves and coconut - side for idli, dosa, iddiyappam

I love the flavour of Curry leaves. However my family does not, esp if I do it without coconut. However the green chutney which is done with coconut and mix of coriander, mint and curry leaves everyone loved it. Also when we visited my mum last year she made this version and everyone loved it. So I made this for idli other day.. With this getting kids to have curry leaves is not an issue
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Pesto vegetable sandwich - Spring Onion pesto sandwich - Healthy breakfast, Brunch recipe - Snack recipe

We love pesto. Originally I made pesto for making pasta.. Nowadays my kids are at home. Since during school days they have mostly bread toast when they are at home I try to do sandwich or wrap or waffles. So I decided to do Grilled Pesto sandwich. You can choose your favourite vegetables for making this sandwich. I made it with Bell pepper, Eggplant. 
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