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Mixed vegetable Pasta recipe - Curry Pasta - Creamy Curry Pasta - Kids friendly recipes - Pasta Recipes

In last India trip my mum made her version of pasta. Everyone in the family liked it. It is creamy at the same time spicy. I was not around when she made this( yeah yeah out on shopping with my sis) When I tasted I really liked it. I asked her whether she has used coconut ? She said the creaminess came from cashew. My kids loved it. All the kids finished their plate in no time. I find it is very balanced dish yes with whole wheat pasta, mixed vegetable and creamy Cashew perfect combo for youngsters right? But to my surprise even my grand ma loved this version. So I asked my mum for recipe .. So hear you go with Indian version of spicy, creamy Curry pasta
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Chana dal Rice - Rice with split bengal gram dhal - Simple lunch recipe - Simple rice recipe

This is one of the simplest yet very delicious rice recipe. It is perfect for kids or even old age people. It is also good for dieting. This is one balanced one pot meal. With the dal / rice and simple spices it tastes amazing. Perfect for lunch box for kids / office goers. It is also good for Bachelor no grinding involved. This is good for party too
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Mudakathan Keerai Dosai - Healthy breakfast recipes - Dosa recipes - Indian Pancake recipes

Mudakathan keerai /Balloon vine leaves/Harivay Soppu/buddakakara is something new to me.. I never had this during my growing up days. Only these days I heard lot about it. Other day When I visited Trichy I was walking around Teppakulam (NSB road) I saw a a girl selling fresh green leaves (Keerai) I saw this green chunk and was not sure what it was my mum told me that this mudakathan keerai! Without any hesitation I brought it. For my mum also this is new so I have decided to follow spinach dosa but made some changes to it according to my mum suggestion
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Appala Kootu - Kadala Paruppu Kootu With Potato, Papad - Papad kootu - Appalam kootu - Simple side dish for rice

Once in a while if  I travel I get my husband to do the weekly marketing. Most of the time I will run out of vegetables towards end of of week. My aunt does this appala kootu and I wanted to post it in my blog for quite some time. For some reason I was never able to do it. Either no light or sometimes the papad I fry disappears in few mins (then it become potato kootu)
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Rice Pakkora - Rice pakora - Rice Pakoda - Rice fritters - Simple snack recipe - Left over rice recipes - Tea time snack recipe

This is so simple that even bachelors can enjoy. It is good way of using left over rice. I have tried both with white rice as well as brown rice. Both taste good. For this post I have used white rice. For this post I have used carrot. but you can use grated cabbage too. This is perfect for kids / after office snacks
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Kollu chutney - Horse Gram Chutney - Healthy side for idli, dosa, paratha

I love the slight nutty flavour from kollu / horse gram. I do this chutney very often, Other day when I was looking for horse gram based recipe. To my surprise I couldn't see any chutney recipe.. I had this with dosa / next day with steamed rice too. I had the roasted broken horse gram which I use to make kollu kanji / horse gram porridge. If you don't have that use whole gram and roast it till nice aroma released.
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Filter Coffee Recipe - South Indian Filter Coffee Recipe - South Indian Filter Coffee with Milk

In South India, filter coffee is very famous. I am more of a Tea person. My Mum generation most of them says Coffee right after getting up is a must. Without that they cannot think or do anything.. My husband prefers instant Nescafe so at home we make instant coffee. So I didn't get a chance to do this post. However Last India trip this recipe is one the must recipe to capture. I was in India during Dec last year for about 2 weeks. Everyday I tell my mum I need take pics so please wait for me but she make this decoction first thing in the morning.She said may be in the evening I can wait for you morning is difficult (I normally get up around 6:30 or 6:45). So I made these pics from her Evening preparation.. 
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Bread Dahi Vada - Bread Thayir Vadai - Healthy snack recipe - Chaat recipes

I love chaat. Actually my entire family loves it. My kids are big fans of curd vadai. I make both fried version and baked version. Other day they were asking me to do Thyair vada but I haven't soaked Urad dhal. It is already 5+ in the evening. So I have decided to try out Bread Dhai vada. Originally I thought it would be saggy so they may not like it .. But they really loved it. It is perfect quick snack for the kids. I have used same recipe for Yogurt sauce as my curd vadai
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Dum Paneer Kali Mirch Recipe - Simple Paneer recipe - Vegetarian Gravy recipe

This is a very simple recipe with Onion and Cashew. This is rich too as it has cashew and cream. This can go well with fried rice or roti ... I saw this recipe from one of cook books sometime ago. The other day I had decided to make Chapati last min for our dinner. I didn't have either any vegetable in stock or soaked any dhal for making gravy. Paneer came to my rescue!. It is also very simple to make 
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Spinach Chickpeas Garlic Pasta - Healthy Pasta recipe - Kids friendly meal recipe

I love to try different pesto based pastas.. This helps to sneak in vegetables and easily convert junk kids food into healthy option. Since my kids have only one meal at home during weekdays I try to make a balanced meal for dinner. Everyday feeding them with healthy options is not going to fly so I need to find a way to include vegetables / Legume into their favourite dish. This is perfectly fit into my requirement.
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Vegetable Black Rice Doa Recipe - Vegetable Black Rice Uttappam Recipe- Healthy breakfast, dinner recipe

I love to try different dosas.. I had Black rice left in the fridge after black rice kheer. I wanted to try it out as dosa however later my son wanted uttappam (with mixed vegetables). Black rice is considered to be very healthy. One of my colleague from Vietnam told me in Vietnamese cuisine they use black rice for weight loss and to control hair fall. I kind of like to add cooked black rice into my salad. These days we get black rice milk in the market too. This dosa is one good recipe to include black rice as part of your diet
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Spring onion Chutney - Spring onion Dip - Simple side dish for idli, dosa or paratha

As you can see in my blog I love to try different dips especially with vegetable. My 1st son who is not a big fan of Onion loves the spring onion flavour. So I wanted to try this chutney for a while. But ended up making something else with Spring onion. This time I purposely got more spring onion and first thing I did was to do this chutney. The flavour is really amazing. You will love this nice twist for sure
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