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Papaya Greek yogurt breakfast smoothie - Papaya ginger smoothie - Healthy smoothie

I love to try different different Breakfast smoothies. Papaya is one of my favourite fruit. After moving to Singapore I am exposed to a different type of papaya. Papaya has amazing digestive enzymes. Other day I tried this smoothie by chance originally wanted to add frozen strawberry however I didn't have it so I had this simple pappya smoothie it was so refreshing and was a perfect start for the day. Addition of Ginger and honey gave a nice twist to this smoothie. If you haven't tried this combo go ahead and try it out
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Shahi Mushroom recipe - Creamy Rich Mushroom recipe - vegetarian gravy recipe

This gravy is so creamy and rich.. Everyone in my family enjoyed it with Chapathi and rice also. This is so simple and tasty mushroom based gravy! Other day when I was doing my weekly vegetable shopping I saw this cute, big button mushroom.. It was so tempting to buy. Once I reached home my son wanted to make some naan . So I have decided to some simple mushroom gravy. My husband tried this steamed brown rice.. he loved it too..So here you go with Shahi Mushroom Gravy
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Peas Mint Pulao - Peas Mint Rice - Lunch box recipe - Rice recipe

I love the flavour of Mint. I wanted t o do this Mint Peas Pulav for quite sometime..My second son hates peas. So I seldom do Peas rice.. But whenever I get chance I will try to do. It is very quick lunch box recipe. Perfect for party too.. If you like Mint flavour for sure you will love this.. Try it out. I have used frozen peas so I have added peas after rice is half cooked. If you are adding fresh peas add it when you add rice..
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Mochai Fry - Field beans Fry - Avarekai Fry - Kids friendly Snack - Snack recipes

I love Mochai. Even though I am not a big fan of pongal, I look forward to the sambar made as side dish to pongal which is with eggplant and field beans (mochai). Even though you get dry mochai through out the year I love the fresh which normally available during Pongal season. My mum makes this fry during the season. It is very crispy and addictive snack. The major work in making this is removing the skin from Mochai. Otherwise it fairly simple.
Hindi:Val, Marathi: Valpapdi, Bengali: Sim, Gujarati: Valpapdi, Kashmiri: Moang, Oriya: Baragudi, Tamil: Mochai, Malayalam: Avara, Telugu: Chikkudu, Kannada: Avare
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Eggless Carrot muffins recipe - Eggless baking recipe - Simple breakfast recipe

During holidays I make dishes without bread. During last week's school holiday I wanted to do some muffin for breakfast. I found a recipe for whole wheat carrot muffin here. I kind of like it because it is made with whole wheat and with Carrot. It perfectly fitted my criteria for breakfast. Here you with the recipe
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Pesto Cowpeas sandwich - Blackeyed pea Pesto Sandwich - Healthy breakfast recipe - Snack recipe

My kids love the taste of pesto. Originally I wanted to try pesto sundal but after making the pesto my kids were commenting it would be good with bread. So I had decided to make sandwich. It is perfect for kids lunch box or after school snack too. Pesto and cow pea / black eye pea is perfect combo. After this I tried with chickpea I loved the combo with cow pea. Do try this and provide your feedback
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Chocolate Tea - Easy Tea recipe - Easy drink recipe

I have tried this Chocolate Tea in China. I love this fusion hot drink esp during winter. I love both hot  lemongrass tea / hot chocolate / tea. So first time when I saw this on the menu I was too tempted to try it out.. So it is a must at least once during my trip. I do this once in a while at home too.. Only now got a chance to post the recipe.. It is good fusion tea recipe
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Vegetable cutlet - Vegetable Patties - Veggie Patties recipe - Simple vegetable Snack recipe - No Onion, garlic recipe

Cutlet is one of my favourite childhood  food. I love the one that we get on the road side. It is most often my after school / college day snack. It is quite filling for after school for tired kids. Of course the one I used to take those days is deep fried. However this recipe is tawa / pan fried. If you prefer to have deep fried you can do it also. Potato can be substituted with sweet potato. 
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Thanjavur Kalyana Gostu Recipe - Kalyana Gostu Recipe - Side dish for Idli, Dosa and pongal

I have posted different gostu recipes (Tomato Gostu, Onion Gostu, Eggplant or katharikkai gostu). Our family loves this for dosa / Idli and pongal. I was thinking of doing mixed vegetable Gostu. Co-incidently I have tasted this in one function back home. It tasted nice mixed vegetable Gostu. So I tried it out at home it is perfect for dosa, idli or pongal
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Brown Rice with Lemongrass, Tofu and Cashews - Vegetable, Tofu Fried rice - One Pot meal recipe - Simple lunch recipe

I love to try something simple yet healthy and well balanced. This rice I tried during in my biz trip recently. Generally I love lemon grass flavour. so I loved this rice too. This week when I was looking for easy and simple dish this Vegetable Tofu rice came into my mind. It is so flavourful. While making this rice my entire home was filled with Lemon grass flavour
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Lemon Pickle recipe - Simple sweet, sour, spicy pickle with Lemon

Our family is not a big consumer of pickles. However my helper really loves pickles. She normally makes lemon pickle. She uses a lot of jaggery for the pickle too. For me it is a different flavor than what my mum makes. At first when she did I was scared by the amount of chillies she used but when I tasted it, it was not that hot.. Maybe because of the Jaggery. Also this pickle tastes good after about 1 week. Do try and Enjoy
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Sago Yogurt - javarisi yogurt - Sabudana yogurt - Fasting recipe - Pooja Recipe - Festivals recipe - Neivadhyam recipe - naivedyam recipes - Navaratri recipes

I did this for day 2 of Navaratri / Navratri naivadyam.. It is perfect for fasting / Vrat day.  Sago is full of carbo which will help you sustain your energy thro' your fasting. This is also simple to make. Addition of Yogurt provides well balanced one pot meal. I have used small nylon type sago. Depending on the sago pearls you use you might need some soaking time. Since I used small one I didn't soak it
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Sambar fried rice - Simple one pot meal - Lunch box recipe - Brown Curry Fried rice - Healthy rice recipes

My plan was to do some vegetable biryani however after I got up my laziness set in so I was not in a mood for any elaborate cooking. I saw this recipe in VahChef. It is so simple and very close to Chinese Vegetarian fried rice but with with Indian Twist. Also with simple Curry powder. I have used homemade sambar powder but you can use the curry powder. Do try it. I have used cooked brown rice but you can use your favourite rice
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Beetroot Dosa - Beet Dosa - No ferment dosa - Vegetable dosa - Healhty breakfast, Dinner dosa

Normally I plan for the day's meal the day before. One of the day I almost didn't plan for dinner. During lunch I was asking my kids whether they are ok with Chapathi or upma however they wanted Dosa. No dosa batter in the fridge. Was wondering what to do Smiley . Then I remember this Beet dosa I had at my friends place. I remembered that this doesn't require any fermentation. In one of the Dosa I sprinkled peanut powder (Store brought) that was super duper hit.. You should try. Run the dry roasted peanut with a pinch of salt if don't have any peanut powder. This can be served as snack too!
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Sweet potato Pasta - Creamy Vegan sweet potato pasta - Easy Dinner meal - Kids Friendly recipe

My kids are so found of Pasta. I almost make it every other day. I would like to incorporate some vegetables (esp those that they are not so fancy about) as base Sauce for Pasta. Sweet potato I love this mildly sweet vegetable however my kids are not a big fan of it esp if I make boiled one. However they are ok with Sweet Potato Oven baked Fry. I wanted to try something else with it. Including this as part of their favourite dish may not be bad idea. Actually My son kept asking about what I have added to the sauce it is very diff and tasty. I told him at the end of the meal. He was so surprised!
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Mushroom Butter Masala - Mushroom recipe - Side for fried rice / Chapathi

I had some mushroom in the fridge and my kids wanted chapati. My kids love Paneer butter masala esp when we go out. I had decided to try mushroom using similar recipe. It came out pretty good. It is so creamy and rich. I didn't add Cream instead I had added Cashew grinded with milk. This will go well with chapathi / Paratha or fried rice. 
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