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Punjabi Kofta Rice - Whole urad dhal kofta rice recipe - Healthy rice recipe - Lunch recipes - Dinner recipes - One Pot meal

I saw this recipe in one of the magazines. It looked amazing with less spices. Also I had some black whole urad dhal in stock for quite sometime. So decided to use that. Rice turned out to be very tasty with the crispy potato and Urad dhal kofta. This rice is a really nice combo of flavours and nutrition. This is a perfect one pot meal for your kids lunch box .. I lost all the step by step pics will update once I am able to do it again
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Oats murukku recipe - Oats Pottukadalai Murukku recipe - Oats Chakli recipe - Snack Recipe - Diwali Recipe - Deepavali Recipes - Kids friendly Recipe

My kids are crazy about homemade murukku. Since these days I go to India almost once a month I seldom get chance to make snacks at home as I pack most of the stuff from India. Other day My son told me I am not making much of murukku because I have posted the recipes in my blog Smiley.. Also as there were preparing for the exam I asked them what kind of snack they wanted they told me they want Murukku. I had some oats flour left after my waffles so I decided to use that. This is first time I tried by adding it to coffee.. It tasted divine.. do try out if you haven't done it before
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Soya Bean Dosa - Soya bean Indian pancake - Soya Bean Idli Recipe - Healthy breakfast recipe

I have posted instant soya dosa using soya flour in this blog. My kids really love that. I use Soya bean to make Sundal more often. I wanted to try Soya Bean Dosa. Anything to make our meal healthy and protein rich...Just like instant soya Dosa this one also big hit.. You can completely replace the Urad dhal with Soya Bean too. I wanted to play safe that's why I added urad dhal.
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Diwali recipes - Diwali sweets recipes - Diwali snacks recipes - Deepavali Snacks

Diwali brings back alot of childhood memories. When we are kids we used to get new clothes only during festivals that too Diwali and Pongal that too 2 sets only . So we always look forward to the festival so that we get new dresses and show off to the friends and neighbors. We also get any new gold jewelry only during Diwali. My mum used to spend entire day to shop for us.. Being 3 girls at home we still buy lot of fire works. My mum start to prepare the menu at least 1 month before.. We also do lot of snacks / sweets. My grand mother use to do the snacks and distribute to all their kids.
We always have competition who will light the first cracker in the street. I don't have any fear for the fire works. I used to get up very early in the morning, take oil bath and do the crackers and go back to sleep. We also distribute snacks/ sweets. So you will feast on different items... After moving to Singapore I miss all the crackers. If we have plan to visit India My mum buy and keep the stock of fire crackers. But after the major Sivakasi fire cracker accident few years ago my kids refuse to do fire works! Any way Festival mood is good .. I wonder in the olden days our ancestors have festivals at regular intervals for brighten up the mood. Whatever be the reason I am loving it 
I have complied list of Diwali recipes for easy reference 
Savory Snacks / Diwali Snacks

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Kulcha recipe - how to make kulcha - Simple dinner recipe

My kids love anything with plain flour. When we go out their choice is north Indian because they can get Naan, Kulcha etc.. If I want to go to South Indian restaurants it must have Batura / Bhatura. After making Naan at home they were asking for Kulcha for sometime.. It came out pretty good. 
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Chocolate mocha breakfast shake - Simple breakfast shake with Banana and coffee

When I grew up I was a "Boost" girl. I am not a big fan of coffee. Even now I prefer Tea over coffee. However recently I ended up taking Karupatti coffee every other day..It is quite relaxing during busy days. I love the combo of Banana and Coffee. I have already posted the recipe for Banana Coffee. Recently I was down with dental issue and pretty much on a liquid diet for couple of days (but i didn't loose a kgSmiley ) I had some frozen banana in the fridge so I have decided to use that to make Chocolate Mocha breakfast. Also I have added dates for the sweetness. This is combo is real killer.. So Enjoy Milk Shake
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Keerai Tofu Recipe - Spinach with Tofu - Simple side dish for rice / Bread - Protein rich Vegetarian food - Healthy side

I got exposed to Tofu after I moved to Singapore. It is a good option for vegetarian because it has protein. There are different type of Tofu I always buy the harder one. Like typical Singaporean my kids love Tofu. This dish is very healthy and perfect for anyone who is looking for protein rich food. It is also rich in vitamins due to the addition of Spinach. So do try out this balanced dish for your family
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Millet Kesari - Kodo Millet Kesari - Varagu Kesari - Pooja recipes - Festivals Recipe - Navaratri recipe - Simple sweet recipe

My husband is big fan of Kesari. Now a days millet base recipe is everywhere. I have tasted kesari with Foxtail millet / Thinai. It was really nice. But I have tried kodo millet. It came out pretty well. This is one of the simple recipe for this festive season. This tasted good. You can replace kodo millet or varagu with any other millet. Don't skip grinding it to rawa consistency ...
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Tirunelveli Halwa - Wheat Halwa - Sweet recipes - Godhumai Halwa - Festivals recipe - Diwali recipes

I am not a big fan of halwa. Recently I tried Ashoka Halwa and everyone at home loved it. When I went to India my mum engaged a cook from Tirunelveli. Halwa is one of his special. So I have asked him to make the Halwa so that I can taste the traditional Tirunelveli Halwa. Even though it uses few ingredients it does take lot of cooking time. It almost takes about 2 hours. Also it is very rich dessert.
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Mundhiri murukku - Cashew Murukku - Murukku recipe - Kids friendly snack recipe - Festivals, pooja recipes - Diwali recipe

When my friend's mum came over she brought murukku and I could taste cashew in it. I loved the flavour of it.The other day when I was flipping thro' the recipe book I saw mundhiri murukku. I modified it to my taste. My kids loved it to the core..They said they can taste the cashew. I thought without chilli / spice we would be able to have more ... But to my surprise this tasted wonderful and kids were having quite a few at one go ...
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Palak Moong dal Vada - Palak Moong dhal snack - Spinach Moong dal Vada - Spinach Moong Dal Pakora - Snack recipe - Naivedyam Recipes - Pooja Recipe - Festival recipes - Navaratri Recipes

I always for snacks which added with vegetables.. Even though my kids are not that fussy when comes to eating vegetables I still take any opportunities to include vegetable as most of the school days they have lunch at school. This vada is really addictive and crispy.. This can be good starter or snacks for after school / work.
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Boondi Ladoo Recipe - Boondi Laddu - How to make boondi ladoo - Diwali Sweets Recipes - Festival recipes - Pooja Recipes

Boondi ladoo is my mum's specialty. My husband loves home made ladoos / Laddu. However myself and my kids are not a big fan of it. So I was looking for opportunities to make it. This time When I was in India we had small reunion and lot of my nieces and nephews were there. Since Chota Bheem is very famous among them they all love ladoo. My mum made ladoos and I took the opportunity to take stepwise pics too. My mum measurements are by eye :-) i asked her to keep all the ingredients according to her measurement and I measured again using cup.. My mum had boodhi laddle if you don't have use normal laddle with holes. Here you go with the recipe
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Suji Appam Recipe - Sojji Appam - Sooji Appam - Rava Appam Recipe - Pooja Recipes - naivedyam recipes - Festivals Recipe - sweets - Dessert

During my growing up days I was not a big fan of sweets/ Indian desserts. These days I am kind of drawn to jaggery based sweets.. Sojji means Kesari / sooji ka halwa.  I tasted this at my friends place. When I tasted this I was sure my husband would love this as the stuffing is kesari. He is big fan of kesari.  As guessed he loved it. I have made this with Jaggery but you can make this with sugar also.  
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sesame seeds ladoo - Ellu Urundai - Simple and healthy snack recipe - simple and healthy sweet recipe - Pooja recipe - Festival Recipe - Diwali recipes

I love anything with nuts. My mum does ellu urndai pretty well. I wanted to try this for quite sometime. This is very simple and tasty recipe. It is healthy too (if you consider Jaggery healthy) Why don't you try this for this festive season.. This can be done even last min and has only 3 ingredients.
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Field beans Masala Sundal - Field beans Masala Salad - Mochai Masala Sundal - Festival recipe - Pooja recipe - Naivedyam Recipes

I make sundal pretty much every other day. Last week When I made sundal with Chickpea my son was mixing with carrot chutney. I asked him what he was doing.. He asked me have you tried this combo? I tried it not bad at all. I told him the next time I make Sundal I will try this for masala. So that's the story of how this recipe was born. It is really very tasty and healthy masala too
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Vella Puttu - Rice sweet snack - Rice flour with Jaggery - Traditional South Indian Snack - Pooja recipes - Nivedhanam recipes - nivedyam recipes - Navaratri Recipes

I love this rice Puttu. This is one of my childhood favourite for an after school snack. During my college days I am not big fan of Indian sweets. I used to have very few jaggery based sweets. Puttu is one of it. After marriage I seldom do it as I am the only one who likes it as my hubby and kids are not big fan of it. But whenever my mum visits me I will try to do this. My mum normally gives me puttu flour (rice flour). So I don't have stepwise pic for that. This is perfect for Navaratri.
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Potato Curry Recipe - Chettinad Potato Fry - Spicy Potato Fry with freshly grinded spices - Side dish

Since Potato is not our family favourite (surprisingly even my kids are not big fan of potato) I seldom do Potato fry. I normally do Potato fry to go with fried rice esp with burnt garlic fried rice or Chinese fried rice or simply I run out of vegetables. I have posted couple of version before simple Potato fry / baby potato fry. Last time when I was attending a function back in India they served Spicy chettinad baby potato fry. I kind of like it. I noted down the recipe from the host. After 6 months I am able to try it out...
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Sathu Maavu Kanji Recipe - Homemade Multigrain Porridge Drink Recipe - Multi Grain Porridge recipe - Healthy Breakfast

Recently I take sathu maavu kanji every alternate day for my breakfast. This is very filling and it keeps me away from my mid morning snack. This is a favourite for both of my kids during their toddler stage..For some reason after my kids grown up i stopped making at home till last year. I dry roast all the ingredients and send to mills to make the powder
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85+ Navaratri Recipes - dasara recipes - Pooja recipes - dussehra festival Recipes - naivedyam recipes

Dussehra celebrates the Hindu god Rama's victory over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil. The epic Ramayana tells the story of the Lord Rama who wins the lovely Sita as his wife, only to have her be carried off by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. People keep kolu/ Golu during this 10 days and invite friends and neighbors. Couple of years back I was in US and got a chance to visit different golu / kolu there.. People really put in lot of effort .. and different themes, different sizes is really amazing.. I don't keep kolu however my sister does. Every year I seety her golu I always think I should start from next year. But so far I haven't started but I do simple naivedyam and pray to god. I try to compile list here.. This is my first attempt ..
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Black Urad dhal dosa - Black urad dal dosa - Skinned urad dhal dosa - Healthy breakfast recipe - South Indian Breakfast Recipe

I had this bag of broken black urad dal. I bought this for making urad dhal rice. I was asking my mum what else we could make out of it. She was talking about Milgu adai, Alagar kovil dosa and dosa. I never tried dosa before. So i decided to try out dosa. It tasted almost same as normal dosa just with different color. You can try this too
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Mixed bean Patty burger - Mixed bean patties - Healthy burger recipe - Mixed bean tikki - Kids special - Low carb and high protein burger

I love tikki. Whenever I make it I serve tikki as an evening snack and use it to make burger for Dinner. This is made of mixed bean so it is very high in protein. I have not used any potato to bind so it is also low in carb. So try this with your favourite bread choice. I have used black eye bean which gives nice texture and acts as a nice binding ingredient. 
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