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Tomato Pulav (Briyani)

Most of the time in fact all the time I use pre made tomato thokku (paste) to make tomato rice. However this weekend my son was asking for Tomato rice and I run out of paste. So decided to do Pulav / Briayani. I have used full coconut milk instead of substituting half with Soya milk. It is so simple and perfect lunch box item. If you are less masala person this recipe is for you
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Creamy Spinach Pasta / Macaroni

My kids are addicted to pastas. However doing Pasta I find it very easy. Even though they love any type they are particularly has soft corner for creamy type. So I do it normally do it once a month since it is high calorie food. Our whole family has been big fan of Italy cuisine. I have used double cream in this recipe just because I had some left over. You can use normal cream. Indulge this creamy pasta if you are big fan of pasta dishes
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Honeydew (Honey dew) melon (Thane mulampalam) Cucumber lettuce body detoxing juice

Honeydew is one of the fruits my kids love to eat as fruit not as juice. As juice from Honeydew is more foamy. So I seldom do honeydew juice at home. However since kids are growing up as they grow their taste buds changed I would like to give it a try again. With the kind of weather we have it would be quite refreshing especially my first is out for entire day out in the son for a Canoeing competition. I wanted to make more healthy so added Cucumber and Lettuce as well. It tasted pretty good.
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Capsicum Poriyal

I wanted to make something simple yet flavourful capsicum dish which can go well with rice / bread sandwich. I made this dish with yellow, green and red capsicum. You can do it with green capsicum (capcicum). It went well with rice. My son had it with bread as bread sandwich. It is something you can do under 30 mins.
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Mango Lassi - Mango Yogurt drink

I love Mango. Every year I will wait for mango session. Coming from Trichy I am big fan of imam pasand. I am so lucky that we get these variety in Singapore during the season. During summer season Mango is must have fruit for our entire family. I have done Mango lassi many times. Only today managed to take the shots. 
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Snake Gourd Jack fruit Seeds kootu

I love jack fruit. I am so lucky that we get this in SG almost any time of the year. Back home buying and taking out the fruit is very big process as my mum used to buy the full fruit. Those days my grandma used to make lot of dishes with Jack fruit seeds also. Normally I add seeds when I make drumstick sambar. This time I wanted to make kootu with it so I have started saving the seeds. It is very tasty and simple dish which goes well with rice or chappathi / roti / chapathi
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Broccoli Rice

My kids love Broccoli. For me I am still finding ways to include it as part of my diet.. It is one vegetable I cannot have it. I normally I do Broccoli wrap or simply cook it with salt in microwave or simple salad. I was able to do eat a bit. Kids and my hubby loved it
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Zucchini Pancake

I seldom buy zucchini. In fact I heard about this vegetable after moving to Singapore. But after starting this blog I have seen many yummy zucchini so I wanted to try something simple first. I wanted to try fritters with it for my weekend brunch. It came out pretty well
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Cauliflower Keema / Gobi Ka Keema / Cauliflower ka Keema

Not sure whether you also experience this.. Both of my kids if they like certain dishes they always want to try the same dish in same way of preparing (no variation) till they are bored with it. For me I need some variety and love to try different kind of mix or food. Cauliflower Fry is one such dish. So this time I told them I am doing something to stuff inside the chapathi and can try the vegetable alone also. So They tried it and loved the flavour of it.
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Cream of Mushroom Soup

In My last trip China I had mushroom soup in the hotel restaurant few times. I loved the taste of it. My kids love mushroom. When I brought mushroom I thought of soup that I had in the restaurant. I was guessing the ingredients in it. I wanted it to give it a try. Kids loved every bit of it. They came back for more servings :-). It is really delicious.
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Barley Soup

I wanted something soupy for the lunch. Not in a mood to do so many dishes. So I was looking for soup which can be used as meal itself. I had some barley in the fridge. So I have decided to do simple barley soup. It tasted wonderful and quite filling
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Paneer Makhani

Paneer Makhani - Guest Post from Preeti of Indian Kitchen (http://jopreet.blogspot.Com)

This is the 2nd guest post for the month. Last month I was too busy. I wanted to request my fellow bloggers to fill my space with guest post. When I asked for Preeti of Indian Kitchen She happily agreed. I admire her enthusiasm in the blogging world and her constant drive to improve. I love her presentation. She has very wide range of recipes. For more details pls. visit her at  Preeti is always there and her frank and true feedback helped me to improve. Thanks Preeti

Now over to Preeti 
Hi Friends, I'm happy to say this is my 5th guest post for another lovely and talented blogger friend Veena Shankar. 
This is second time my guest post has been delayed. Veena was so humble that she did gave me a lot of time. 
This recipe is very special to me as this one got me a good name in cooking even before my marriage. This recipe is adapted from Microwave Cooking by Nita Mehta. It is a fool-proof recipe and you will never get wrong with any ingredient. Lets move on to the recipe,
Ingredients :
  • 1 cup paneer cubes (cottage cheese)
  • 1 cup tomato puree
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2-3 tbsp cream 
  • 2 tbsp cashew paste
  • 1/2 tbsp ginger-garlic paste 
  • 1/4 tsp turmeric powder
  • 1/2 tsp red chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp garam masala
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom seeds powder
  • 1 tbsp tomato-chili sauce
  • salt to taste
  • 1 tsp sugar 
  • 1 tsp mustard seeds
  • 1 tbsp chopped coriander
  • 1 tbsp dry methi leaves
Method :

  • Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan or kadhai. Add cardamom seeds powder. Add tomato puree and cashew paste. Saute a while.
  • Add tomato-chili sauce, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, red chili powder and garam masala.
  • Mix all the masala and cook for a min. Add sugar and salt. Cook it covered on low flame for 5 mins.
  • Add paneer cubes, dry methi leaves and milk. Add little water if needed. Cook it covered for 10 mins. 
  • Add cream and cook for a min. Garnish with chopped coriander. Serve hot with any indian bread variety.

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Sweet Lassi

I have been having dairy products only for the past 1.5 to 2 years. As I mentioned in previous posts I need to flavour the yogurt or milk with something. Last week when I was in China I had plain sweet lassi after a long time. To my surprise I liked it. The weather was so hot and wanted to try out something cold with yogurt so I did lassi at home. This is my first time. For now, I am falling in love with it
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Gongura Tamarind Pachadi

This is one of the dish I had from my childhood. This is something that my mum keeps all the time. It tastes wonderful when you make a rice with it and with oil which is used for frying ( Karai ennai). Gongura rice with vadavam something I can have every day. Even though we can get gongura leaves in Singapore nothing beats the taste of what we get back home (backyard of my grandmother house).
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Spiced Buttermilk (Neer Mor)

I love the spiced buttermilk. This is a must at my grandma house. It is preferred over normal yogurt. This is perfect summer cooler. Healthy too. In addition to keeping body cool it also help to keep the body hydrated.   It is very simple dish. Enjoy this cooler
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Paal Payasam / Milk Kheer - Simple kheer recipes - Festival Recipes

My 2nd son loves Payasam. These days I also like to do Kheer. Because I can flavour it and have it as part of my milk serving. It is easier to make it healthy too. In most of Kheer I use either Slim or low fat milk. After reading or hearing about Pal Payasam (Milk Kheer) I wanted to try it for very long time. My son loves Aval (beaten rice) Payasam or Semiya (Vermicelli) payasam I always ended up doing it. If I do it for myself I do it  with some grains or seeds like Quinoa. Rice Kheer is very rare. This time I did this for mother's day and happy to share the recipe with you guys
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Hot and Sour Vegetable Soup

Our family is big fan of soup and loves fusion or Chinese food. I love any thing with simple. Yeah this combo makes me and them happy. As I stated many times I always big fan of anything with mixed vegetables as it is easy to mix your own favourite vegetables and easy to meet the daily vegetable serving requirement. This soup is one of the dish I used to order whenever I go out lunch in Chinese restaurants.
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Barley Lemon Water

I love Barley. In addition to all the health benefits of Barley it is also perfect summer thirst quencher. It was very hot and humid today and wanted to have some cooler. Normally I buy barley drink but this time wanted to try at home. When I was carrying my 2nd son I used to drink Barley water almost every day. Try this summer cooler at home
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Baby bok choy Garlic Stir Fry

My kids are big fan of Greens. I normally do the greens with either Indian leafy vegetables or other green vegetables you get in Indian Style. My sons were requesting for Chinese way of simple stir fry. I wanted to try out with Bok Choy. It came extremely well and no need to say it is loved by kids
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Potato Peas Pulao

Potato Peas Pulao - Guest Post from Priti of Indian Khana
This blogging world has introduced me lot of good friends Priti is one of such good friend. She is always there when I need some advice or feedback. I was thinking of having guest post from the fellow blogger. First person came into my mind is Priti. When I asked her, she accepted it. I have requested her to do something with Peas as Peas is rare at our house hold. This simple yet flavourful rice is definite winner. Now over to Priti of Indian Khana. For more interesting recipes pls. visit her blog
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Cauliflower Kootu

I seldom do kootu with Cauliflower. Kids love it Cauliflower Fry. Since it is easy to do it I also do  most of the time. Normally I will make one kootu and one poriyal for the weekend lunch. But today I didn't have much of vegetable for kootu. So decided to do with cauliflower. I called my mum to get the recipe. She uses moong dhal (Pasi Paruppu) for this but I use Bengal gram dhal (channa dal, kadalai paruppu). It goes well with rice and chapathi
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Methi Rice

Any variety rice is hit at our home. Everyone loves it. For me it is easy and fast. There are few items I always end up buying during my every visit to Little India (a place where you get lot of if not all Indian stuff in Singapore). Methi Leaves has it's own unique flavour so either you like it or hate it.  Luckily in our home every one loves it. It is simple and yet flavourful rice. It is perfect for busy weekdays lunch.
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Miso Mixed Vegetable Rice

My kids love variety rice especially fusion ones like vegetable fried rice. These days our family is going thro' the stage in which we love everything with Miso. I have done soups, Noodles with it. Other day when I was doing fried rice I wanted to try with Miso paste. It came out well. Kids enjoyed to their core. 
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Wheat Cake with Jaggery (Eggless Wheat Cake)

These days our family love home baked cake. Since I do bake quite often I try to look for some healthy options. I wanted to bake some wheat flour based cake. I was searching thro' net and saw this great looking cake at sipcy chilly. I have modified based on my taste and availability of the ingredients. 
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Simple Potato Fry

During my childhood days when my mum does potato, fry we normally eat it as snack. It will get over even before lunch / dinner time. In contrary my kids not big fan of potato fry. They never liked french fry too. So I seldom do potato fry at home. Today I ran out of other vegetables so decided to do potato fry. 
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