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Sambar Podi

Sambar Podi 003
Normally I get sambar powder from my mum. All these years I used to get it from her whenever I visit India. Last year I tried to do myself and it didn't come good and the color was towards darker color. This time when I visited her I noted down the steps and measurements. She grind the chillies separately and mix it together after other ingredients are powdered to retain the color. So here you go 
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Corn Salad

Our family loves Salad. So I do salad 2-3 times a week. It is a must for the weekend. This week I wanted to try something with Corn. I normally do this salad with fresh corn but if don't have you can try with frozen Corn.. It is very simple to do and it can be healthy snack
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Rasam it is basic item in every south indian kitchen. It took so long for me to post it I cannot believe it. I have  posted different rasam before not normal dhal rasam. This is a must for me if I eat home. I love to drink it plain, with papad, payasam or even with vada. Dhal and rasam rice is one of my favourite... My kids eat Rasam only when they are sick. This is good dieter dish too.
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Beetroot Rice

Before my marriage only dish I know with beetroot is chutney. And my mum does it seldom with idli. Because my mum hates it :-). My mum used to say those days when she was in boarding school they give beetroot pretty much every day. So she ended up hating it. Everyone loves beet in my family. I do beetroot rice often. I was not able to click it for some reason. This time I managed to do it (finally). This is perfect way to include beetroot as part of  anyone's diet. It is also good all in one lunch box item. 
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Miso Vegetable Noodles

I heard enough about Miso from my office colleagues. I wanted to try out for quite sometime. Finally I had courage to buy it this weekend. I made quick Veg noodles with it. It is tasty and whole thing is less than 20 mins. This can be done with your favourite vegetables. These days my 1st son also prefer to have this kind of simple fusion food.
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Dosa / idli batter Bonda

My mum use to make this bonda during college days. I never tried on my own before. It has been in my list for quite sometime. Other day I made fresh Dosa/idli batter and it was pouring outside. Kids wanted some snack for the tea time. So I decide to use Dosa/idli batter bonda. Kids enjoyed it. It is simple after school snack for the kids
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Roasted Gram Cone / Roasted Gram Pillaiyar

Roasted Gram Pillaiyar 008

This time when I was in India my mum was talking about Pillaiyar which is used in most of the functions like marriage, temple pooja. I was not sure about what she was taking about. So I asked to do 2 pillaiyar to see and learn what it is.. My son loved it
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Sodhi (Vegetable in coconut and soya milk) Side dish for Idiyappam /Sevai / Idiyapam

This is relatively new dish for me. My mum didn't do this till my college days. After that we used to engage a cook during our vacation / function days. He used to be from Srilanka. He always does this for idiyappam. I seldom do this at home till recently due coconut milk in it. Sometime ago I have used 1/2 coconut and 1/2 soya milk and taste is perfectly good. From there onwards I always use that in my Sodhi recipe. It is really very easy to do and tasty also
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Pepper Tofu

I love Tofu. It is a must for at least once a day. Kids are so found of it also. So I try different simple dishes with it. I had this tofu last week when I went out and I thought kids would love it. I didn't ask for recipe but I just tried with what I tasted there :-) Even though it is not same as what I had it tasted great and disappeared in mins
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Oats sakarai (sakkarai, Jaggery) pongal

I am not a big fan of pongal. Somehow I don't like dishes that are sticky sticky. However my rest of the family loves it. My mum does it extremely well. Sarkarai Pongal is one of my kids favourite in sweet rice. In fact only one that both my hubby and kids like it. I had some left over melted jaggery in the fridge for quite sometime. So I wanted to try some quick dish with it. I tried out the Oats sakarai pongal. My family loved it. If you are more like me (not a fan of sticky food you skip this)
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Pepper(milagu) Aval (Poha / beaten rice)

Aval is something I do almost every week at least once. I love it because it is so easy to make and create variations. It is also light. Today I made quick Pepper Poha for my  breakfast. This can be good evening snack for the kids
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split pea dhal vada

My sis always does vada with split pea. My mum loves it as it is very crispy. However I never got to try. I also thought split pea is same as bengal gram dhal. And used to wonder why it is not that crispy as they claim. In the end I figured out both are different and this time when I visited my sis packed me couple of pockets. I managed to try out this weekend. It turned out to be very tasty and crunchy tea time snack. Everyone at home loved it
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manathakkali keerai (Black Nightshade) Thuvaiyal (thogayal)

When I visited my mum last time she made chutney with manathakkali keerai (Black Nightshade) for idli. She has tons of plant in her backyard. So she does lot of dishes with it. I normally I do Manathakkali kootu with it. This time I wanted to try out something to mix with rice. When I asked my mum she said we can do Thogayal. It tasted good. Here you go with the recipe
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Miso Tofu Soup

Other day I had left over tofu and was thinking about what to do with it.. My son was suggesting to have soup and wanted simple with less spices. I had some Miso paste in the fridge. So wanted to try out Miso Tofu soup. It came out extremely well. I ended up doing it 3 times in the same week.
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Chutney powder (Chutney Podi)

This is brand new podi for me. This Coconut Chutney is the cook-along recipe that members of Kerala Kitchen are cooking together this month. I am not a big fan of coconut so I was bit skeptical but I vaguely remember tasting it when my colleague brought it during one of the biz trip. So I have decided to join the fun of cooking together. This Chutney Powder Recipe is inspired by Edible Garden.
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Carrot Orange Ginger Soup

 I do soup almost every other day. Just returned after my biz trip and was longing for something hot and perfect for evening. I was thinking of making soup. When I checked the Fridge I had some carrot left. So decided to do Carrot soup. I have tried plain carrot soup in the past. It tasted bit sweet. I Wanted to give some twist to the soup. Was contemplating to add lemon or orange finally decided to try out with Orange.
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