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Garlic Spicy Rice - Spicy Garlic rice - One pot meal - Rice recipes

I was in a mood for spicy rice.. Being a weekend I am also not prepared to spend long time in the kitchen. Then I remembered recipe I saw at Rak's Kitchen Spicy Garlic Rice. It is quite flavourable and very easy. My family loved it. It is keeper recipe for me
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Eggplant Fry

This week when I went for market I saw baby eggplant (brinjal) I picked up as  I wanted to do stuffed eggplant however when start to cut I realized the sizes are so uneven and it is not suitable for stuffed eggplant so decided to eggplant fry instead. I loved the taste. I had a bowl with yogurt!
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Mor kuzhambu / kulambu Idli

Certain dishes you won't believe till you taste it. This is one of such recipe. If you are a fan of mor kuzhambu this is something not be missed. Last weekend I made mor kuzhambu and Parppu Thuvaiyal which is favourite combination for our family. Kids loved the thuvaiyal rice so I had quite a bit of mor kuzhambu left over. I was planning to do idli for dinner. My 2nd son recommended to use it for idli (similar to sambar idli) he also said here you go with new dish for your blog (so sweet of him). It tasted divine... Try out.
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Paneer Puff

This time when I was India my kids loved the paneer roll. They had it almost everyday. This weekend my son asked for it for snack. I told him I have puff pastry so I will do puff instead. He was ok with that. This is good after school snack for kids too
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Sago Kheer (sabudana / Javarisi payasam)

Hurray! Yes today is my blog's 1st year anniversary. I wanted to pursue my passion after few years of break from it. Photography is one of my favourite hobby. As I wanted to start back on it I wanted to specialize in specific area. I have zeroed in food photography. This is small background on how this blog was born. This platform gave me opportunities to get know lot of wonderful new friends.
My kids are very happy about and willing to help mommy. My kids say after starting the blog they get more variety and I don't repeat most of the dishes (They do complain that even though they love certain food they tried they don't get to eat more often. Because every time I want to do something new)
Thanks for every one of you. You are my strength you are the one who push me to out in every single post. Thanks for being part of my journey

Kheer is something I do quite often. I find it is easy to make any dish with less time in the kitchen. Any dish which requires less time is good right?. Normally I do Semiya or vermicelli kheer or payasam. I had some javarisi in the fridge. I wanted try out kheer. This is my first time my friend warned me that if you cook for long time it will become porridge. It came out pretty good and to my surprise everyone liked it
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Valaipoo (Plantain flower, Valai Poo) Kola Urundai

I normally use Valaipoo for poriyal or soup. My mum normally does valaipoo vadai also. I saw kola urundai using valai poo in a TV program. Wanted to try that out. It came out extremely well. It can keep well for couple of days in fridge.
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Poha Vada / Fritters (Beaten Rice Vada)

I had an unexpected guest. Normally I do Bajji. However this person is not a big fan of Bajji (for that matter even anything with similar taste). So I wanted to something which does require lot of preparation or soaking time. This dish is very fast yet light. It tasted great!
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7 (Ezhu) kari kootu - Thiruvathirai Ezhukari Kootu - Pongal Recipes

I remember my great grandma does mixed vegetables kootu during pongal time. I love mochai. I love it by itself or adding it to any sambar or kootu. I like anything with mixed vegetables it make it easy to get your vegetables count for the day (easy to meet the recommended servings of  vegetables for the day)

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Pineapple Yogurt Smoothie

Lately I started to develop liking for fruit flavoured yogurt or yogurt based smoothie. I have tried

with pineapple. It is really great. I finished it in no time. I had it for my breakfast. This can be 

served as dessert also. If you get mango you can add it also.
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Keerai Rice

My kids love the variety rice. They also prefer rice with simple masala. I have done this a few times. This is really simple rice and perfect for weekends (on day you want to spend less time in kitchen yet to make a wholesome meal)
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Kara Kolukattai - Savoury version of Kozhukattai recipe - Rice flour dumplings with lentil - GANESH CHATURTHI RECIPES | VINAYAKA CHAVITHI RECIPES

I love Kara kolukattai. I am more of spicy food person. Whenever my mum does kolukattai she will do special few pieces of kara kolukattai for me.. I do this version sometime when we make idiyappam as I use idiyappam flour for making kolukattai. This is a less calorie version

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Lemon Grass Ginger Tea

I am more of tea person. I love Green tea. I take at least 2 cups a day. Once in a while will take milk tea mainly in the form of Masala Tea. Recently I tried Lemon grass and Ginger it is really addictive in addition it has all the health benefits. So these days this is quite normal during my weekend
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Tamarind Eggplant (Brinjal Puli Paste for rice)

This is yet another signature dish of my mum. It tastes great when you mix it with rice. I never did it on my own as I am bit hesitant to try roasting of the vegetables in microwave. This time when I visited her I had a list of things that I wanted to learn from her. She knows this one is my favourite and I seldom do it. As part of working around the power cut she cooked most of the days before even I get up in the morning. So I don't get to see how she makes it. But got the written recipe from her. I tried and it came out to be pretty good. So here you go.....
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Rasam Podi - Rasam Powder - Homemade Rasam Powder recipe

My mum's rasam is very famous dish among our family members. Normally I make Rasam with pre grinded rasam powder. This recipe is from my mum.
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Baked thayir vada (Baked vada in yogurt sauce)

I have posted Urad Dhal vada (medu vada)  and Thayir vada earlier. I remember seeing microwave version sometime ago on Sun TV. I wanted to give it a try. So when I made original Thayir vada I kept the dough in the fridge to try out baked one. To my surprise I couldn't find any difference between baked and fried one.. It is extremely good and tasty.
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Pineapple sweet pongal (rice)

I always like dessert / rice with fruits. Natural sweetness from fruits gives good flavour to the rice/dessert. If I am using fruits I will try to use fresh fruits instead of preserve or tinned. I will also reduce the sugar or completely omit depends on the sweetness of the fruits
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Ash Gourd Moor (Mor, Buttermilk) Kootu

I love spiced yogurt / butter milk. I will love replace plain yogurt with some flavour anytime. My rest of the family is so in to yogurt. They can eat yogurt / buttermilk any form. So any dish with yogurt/buttermilk is our family's favourite. 
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Drumstick Leaves Ragi Roti

I love Ragi in any form or shape. I do dishes using Ragi at least twice a week. It is very high in iron. However my 1st son and hubby is not a big fan of Ragi so I will normally do it during weekday lunch.   This is good option for any dieters as it is high in protein, Iron and cools your body. When I was India my mum used to make drumstick dishes very often during the season as we had drumstick tree at home. In SG we also get this (which sis is always jealous about).. Now lets go to the Drumstick leaves Ragi Roti.....
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Navarathna Kurma

This is one of my favourite curry / kurma / korma from my childhood. Also this is one of the dish my husband love in my cooking. This is adopted from Mallika Badrinath. This goes extremely well with roti, rice, Naan.
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Oats Butter Milk Porridge (Buttermilk Oats)

 I love seasoned buttermilk. Before marriage I don't take milk or plain yogurt. So my mum always made buttermilk (that's mother's love). However after marriage since my husband is not a big fan of buttermilk I seldom do it. Normally I eat oats for breakfast by cooking it plain with milk or with banana or apple. Few years back when my mum visited me she mad buttermilk Oats for the breakfast and it tasted very nice. Hope you will enjoy too
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Overnight honey oats with raisins and walnut

I wanted to try this overnight oats version for quite sometime.. I got around it only this weekend. It tasted so nice and perfect for a lazy weekend. It is up to you what you want to add to it. No cooking is required. You can assemble everything a day before and have it in the morning. 

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Hakka Noodles

My kids love noodles. Every Saturday morning they must have noodles. In the past they used to eat only maggie noodles esp tomatoes noodles. But these days they are open to trying diff types esp with vegetables. I like noodles with indo-chinese or chinese taste.. 
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Cucumber Salad (Method 3)

Our family members are big fans of cucumber.  I buy it every week. We do Salad or simply eat it on its own. This is the 3rd method. Other 2 I have posted earlier. One with peanut and other one with yogurt. This one is with flavour of buttermilk chilli. This is very flavourful one that goes well with all the rice. It is quite refreshing too. I eat this just as snack.
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Milk Vada

This is my MIL speciality.  Everytime I visit her she does this. Traditional way is to grind the dough after cooking the rice. Rice shouldn't be cooked so well just one bubble. It need to be cooked directly on the flame. And it needs to be grinded using milk. However this time, I asked her to teach me something which I can do it and simpler version. So she did it with rice flour. it tasted almost the same just not as soft as original one. It is still too good to resist
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