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Eggless Dates Cake

It has been interesting year for me with the start of this blog. As my kids say after starting the blog they get different variety of food. Especially all the baked goodies. They loved it
Thanks for the support and wishing all the readers happy new year! Have a wonderful & prosperous new 2013!

Would like to end wonderful year with a healthy cake!

When I saw the recipe at I couldn't wait to try it out. It is so easy and healthy. I have added slight modification to the original recipe. Addition of Coconut flakes gave a nice flavour. Also I have reduced the sugar to 1/4 Cup as dates sweet was good enough for me.
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Pink Beans Salad / Sundal

Pink beans are small oval-shaped beans, pale pink in color, also known by the Spanish name Habichuelas Rosadas. The most famous pink bean is the Santa Maria pinquito (spanglish = pink and small(ito)), which is commercially grown on the mesas above Santa Maria, California, and is a necessary ingredient in Santa Maria Tri-tip barbecue.

I love this beans from the time I saw it / tried it. I do it at least once a week. But never got to take photos as everyone in our family love it. I was at home today and managed to take it before it disappear :-). This beans are good for bone and get cooked very fast, with simple seasoning it taste wonderful.

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Chocolate Kalakand

I would like to celebrate small milestone yes this 500th post of this blog!. I started this blog out of interest in photography and before starting I was looking around and wondered whether I will justice to what I want to do with 101 things to be done and with less time on hand. Well, here I am and I am happy for all the support and encouraging words I have recieved from fellow bloggers and all the new friends I have gained.
Now, back to today's post I had mawa / Khoya in the fridge and was thinking about what to do. I saw this recipe sometime back in Nag's Place. My kids are big fan of Chocolate. They are not a big fan of milk sweets. However they recently had Chocolate burfi and seems to like it. So wanted give it a try. Click here for original recipe
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Malai Kofta (Cheese balls in mild gravy)

I love Malai Kofta. Whenever we eat out we order this without any fail. I have tasted kofta in different types / tastes. I like the one with more Paneer. Because it is more soft, creamy and tastier. My kids love the ones with more paneer also. We have tried this few times at home it came out extremely well. These days buying cream is really a luxury as everyone is so calorie conscious. This week I brought cream so decided to make Malai kofta
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Jeera Rice (Cumin Seed Rice)

My family favourite is variety rice. But surprisingly I never did Jeera rice so far. I wanted to make some simple yet different dishes for the lunch this weekend. I was looking for options. My criteria is simply less time at kitchen. What could fit better than Jeera Rice
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Pizza Dosa

My aunt used to make Mexican uttappam. I wanted to try it out as Pizza dosa with cheese. I have used bread cheese which is 60% less fat. If you prefer other types of cheese pls go ahead and enjoy. To me this is perfect fusion and good for a lazy weekend brunch
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Almond Cranberry Cookies / Shortbreads

I made Melting moments cookies (snowball) and disappeared within 3 days. After my melting moments my kids wanted something similar for Christmas. I read lot about almond flour so I wanted to something with it (make it little more healthier). So decided to substitute part of all purpose flour with almond. I was worried about the strong flavour of almond. Kept my fingers crossed but in the end it came out extremely good. Everyone loved it. 
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Soya Chunks Sandwich (Meal Maker sandwich)

These days we have craze for soya chunks. My son wanted a sandwich. I love soy chunks from childhood. It is quite filling and keep your kids active for long time. It is high in protein and a good way to start the day. Spices are used to suppress the unique smell of soy chunks. If you are avoiding soy chunks due to smell you should try again!
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Banana Peanut Butter MilkShake

My kids are big fans of milkshakes esp with bananas. They are willing to try different ones also. Most of the time I try to do something healthy .. I tried this with normal banana and frozen ones.. I find frozen ones are more creamy. This will give power start for the day
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Maple Oat Muffins

When I saw from a library book that I have borrowed I was happy because it is low in calorie and sugar. It is so easy to make it. It is perfect for your breakfast. First time I have used maple syrup in baking. Tasted great
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Amla Thokku (Nellikai / Gooseberry Chutney)

My father used to advice us to have one amla a day. But because of the taste  we keep ignoring it. One of my colleague after watching BBC started talking about amla and he was willing to have one a day. So we decide to stock it in Office and have it everyday (thinking eating together kind of re enforce and give us motivation to eat). It went on for a couple of months and started to fade away. But during those period I realized my immunity has improved. So decided to continue the habit. This weekend when I went for grocery shopping I saw nice amlas so brought more than normal. So decided to some spicy chutney or spread which can be used with Chappathi, bread or even rice.
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Snowball Cookies (Melting Moments Cookies)

I wanted to bake some Christmas cookies. Kids are at home on a holiday they love cookies. This is one of the easiest cookies to make and it really melts in your mouth. This recipe is adopted from Joy of baking. For original recipe click here
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Banana Oat Meal Choco Chip Cake

It has been an a while since I have baked a cake. Today I had urge to bake. So far all my cakes were using all purpose flour. Today I wanted to try out with Wheat. I was searching on the net.. I came across this version which looked interesting. Original recipe calls for 2 cups unbleached flour. I have used 1 cup all purpose flour and 1 cup wheat flour. Pls. click here for original recipe. This is definitely healthier version than normal ones
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Tomato Pickle (Method 1)

When I was in India my mom did quick tomato pickle. Tasted very good and it can go well with lot of dishes. This is simpler version then my mums normal one. It can last for about 10 days outside 2 weeks in the fridge.
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Ridge Gourd (Peerangakai) Soup

This is something I saw sometime ago in TV show by Revathy shunmugam. I was bit surprised with the less ingredient used. When I first wanted to try this I was bit nervous on how this will turn out. To my surprise this is simple yet very flavourful soup. This recipe is a keeper for me.

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Vegetable Pad Thai

This is yet another Thai food that I am comfortable with. Might be due the addition of peanut. My family love it too. It is good option for quick yummy noodle in slightly different flavour.
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Cashew Nuts Uttappam

Last time when I visited India we went out for dinner. They had Cashew nut uttappam. My son loved it. And he has been asking for it since then. I was hesitant due to the calorie in it. Today they went for good workout. So I have decided to reward them. If you are Cashew lover sure you will love it
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Oats Kara Paniyaram

I love Kuli Paniyaram. I try to do lot of different types (Kulipaniyaram, Hoarse Gram (Kullu) kuli paniyaram). My kids also love it. This is high in protein. Channa dhal gives nice flavour to it also.

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Thattai Chat

Our family is big fan of chats. Normally I do Bhel Puri or Pani Puri. We also love both green chutney and sweet chutney I always keep those chutneys in my fridge. I was bit lazy to do puri. Since we just came back from India we had some titbits like Thattai at home. So I told my kids we can try to make chat with Thattai instead of normal Papdi or Puri. They said why not! it tasted great
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Urad Dhal Kanji / Porridge

ulundu kanji 008
I normally have urad dhal porridge at least once a week. I use the ready made mix for this. I run out of readymade mix so asked my mum about doing it from scratch. So this recipe is from her. This is good for health, It helps to relieve cold, high in protein so what are you waiting for! I am not a sweet tooth person. So my jaggery measurement is lower. My mum recommended 6-7 tablespoon
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Vaazhaithandu (plantain stem) and Oats Poriyal - Banana stem stir fry

When I was browsing thro' net I saw this which is very interesting because of the addition of oats. Normally I  just with cooked moong dhal. Once I tried with this and everyone  loved it. so these days this is our regular way of making plantain stem. Original recipe can be found at
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Capcicum Pickle

Capcicum pickle resize 001

This is one of my favourite pickle. This recipe is from my mum. This goes well with all the south indian tiffin like idli, dosa, iddiyappam or Rice or North Indian dishes like chappathi, Naan, Roti etc.. This can last for 10-15 days outside the fridge and in fridge for about a month. Make sure you use clean spoon for serving
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Tofu Babycorn Fry

Only recently I started to use baby corn in my cooking. My kids were not fond of normal corn but seems to be warming up to having baby corn. I had some Schezwan Sauce left in the fridge. This is nice fusion dish. If you are tofu person you will love it. This is good enough to be snack 
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Coconut Cookies

My kids are big fans of cookies. In fact during every weekend morning they have to have biscuit break. Any type of cookie is ok with them of course their most favourite one is chocolate cookies. This weekend I wanted to try something quick yet something that will satisfy the kids. I love to bake when the kids are around as every few mins they walk past and ask at what stage I am at and when we can get our hands on it etc.. It really gives you sense of satisfaction when they are happy with final product.. Now over to the recipe
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Moong Dhal Sweet (Pasi Paruppu Puttu)

Normally my mum does Arisi puttu. I love it from my childhood days. This time when I was in India I told my mum I want to try different puttu (of course for the blog). My Mum had a cook and she recommended Moong dhal puttu. I was so happy to try it because it is not not rice base more of dhal base. So it is protein rich dish.
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2012 Christmas Lighting

I went to Orchard, Singapore to see the Christmas lighting this weekend. I  visit every year just for the beautiful Christmas lightings. This year I the lightings are not as spectacular as last year but still good.As usual Takashimaya has a gigantic Christmas tree which is must see if you are going to see the lighting. There are lot of performers entertaining the crowd along the streets. Here are some shots for your eyes.
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