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White Chocolate Dream Cake With White Chocolate sour Cream Frosting

After my first son's birthday, my 2nd son also wanted to have birthday cake which is home baked. I wanted to bake same chocolate cake  since it came out so well that everyone who tasted it liked it... But my son insisted he wanted something different and kept on bugging me for white chocolate base. I did some research in the internet could not find any eggless version.. I almost thought of making with egg. Given that he is allergic to egg, I still want to try something without egg. In the end I made up my own recipe. I was nervous about how it will turn up so much so that I even forgot to take step by step photos for Frosting. But in the end everyone loved it.
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Sundaikai (turkey berry) Puli Kulambu

Sundaikai is my favourite from my childhood. No one in rest of my family like it. So whenever my mum does sundaikai no one would fight with me for the share. Also she has do something which will last for few days as I will be the only one who will eat. Puli kulambu is one of those dish that can last for 10 days. Esp this one. This doesn't contain any coconut so it can last longer. I did this after long time and my kids loved it. It is good for health too
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Inji Curry / Puli Inji Recipe

My Mum is not a big fan of ginger so before marriage I seldom eat ginger based dishes (meaning ginger as main ingredients). However after my college days I started develop liking towards ginger (thanks to one of my close friend her mum makes ginger roti, ginger chutney, ginger pickle etc..) So now, I am a big fan of ginger.. Recently my fellow bloggers has posted so many ginger recipes. It was so tempting. So I have decided to try it out with Jeyashri version as it is so simple and easy. Original recipe can be found at

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Chia Seeds Pudding

This week I am in the mood to clear all the left over small small portion of nuts, flour, seeds etc... Preparing for new stock haha!. I had some flax seed powder and Chia seeds. Not sure if you guys go thro' this, when you first try something new and you like it you make it more often and after some time you get bored with that and completely stop making or eating it. Sometime I go thro' that. Chia seeds when I first brought that I was taking one tablespoon every day as it is tasteless you can add to anything you eat or drink. So it is easy to include that as part of the diet. Today I wanted to do some pudding using that. So hear you with the simple yet quite filling and power start for your day
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Puffed Rice balls / Pori Urundai

Pori Urundai008

During my school days this used to be one of regular after school snack. It is light and easy to do. However I  love Peanut so every time I want to make sweet ball I will go for peanut ball as that is preffered over any other sweet. This time I make it a point to make for Karthigai Deepam. It came out pretty good
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Schezwan Fried Rice

My kids love Chinese food. I love to spicy food. I love the vegetable fried rice esp Chinese version of because it has less masala also we can add as much vegetable or any vegetable we like. Vegetables in these are not overcooked, it stays crunchy and tastes great. Making this can be easy and fast if you have schezwan sauce. This rice can be done with left over rice. You can also use any type of rice Brown / Normal white rice / Basmati rice
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Mexican Rice

I love whole beans in any form. Whenever I travel to US most of the time I go for Mexican cuisine and it is full of whole beans. Normal mexican rice is without any whole dhal however I want to make it a more complete and balanced rice so decided to add black bean. I had some left over vegetable stock and decided to use that to make the rice. This rice tastes better only with vegetable broth or stock. Otherwise it is bit plain. Our family loves this variety of rice.
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Gujarathi Dhal

My Son loves Dhal and Peanut. For me given option I prefer to have something else other than dhal (for iddiyappam, pongal etc..). Today my son was not feeling well and wanted something light to go with Chappathi. I saw this recipe from Mallika Badrinath thought this wouldn't be bad. It is also well balanaced with the addition of peanuts. This is dhal with no onion and garlic.
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Kadappa ( Potatoes cooked in spicy lentil gravy)

I did my 11th std (1st year JC) in SVS @ Trichy. Stayed in the hostel for a year (after that my family moved to Trichy because of my pestering). Most of the time I will go home for the weekend (even though you are not allowed to go every weekend). Every weekend they serve Dosa (we tease that is dunlop tyre) because it will be thick. If you know the cook you can get the paper roast! But the side dish they serve for that is good. Kadappa! It goes pretty well with Dosa/idlli. Mint leave is my addition to the recipe
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Pineapple Sheera (Pineapple Kesari)

We normally do only plan Kesari. It is one of my husband's favourite sweet. Most of the time I do 
normal plain one. But Once in a while I try to sneak in some twist. Addition of fruit makes it
interesting. Adjust the sugar level based on sweetness of of Pineapple. I can say this as healthy
as sweetness comes from sweetness of the pineapple & only 1 teaspoon sugar added
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Paneer Bonda (Cottage Cheese Balls)

I do paneer dish at least twice a week. Over this weekend my son was asking for some snack. He wanted something like bonda or bajji. I don't have raw banana at home, they are not big fan of onion or potato. So decided to do Paneer. It is good quick and healthier snack. I made it using Kulipaniyaram tawa instead of deep frying. 

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Ash Gourd Kootu / Ash Gourd Vegetable Gravy

This Kootu is very fast to make and healthy too. This goes well with rice or chapathi or even bread. It is so healthy that you can feed it to your baby/ toddler. I have used Ash gourd but other vegetables like Chayote (Chow Chow), Eggplant (Brinjal), Bottle Gourd, Snake gourd can be used also. This can be good option for dieters as it has dhal and vegetable goodness.
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Aval (Poha/beaten rice) Soya

By now you would have noticed that I love everything about Poha. Some form of the soya is a must for me at least once a day as that is good source of protein for vegetarian. When I was thinking about what to pack for my lunch tomorrow I was thinking why not mix my 2 favourites together. It tasted wonderful and it is very healthy too
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Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

As any kids my kids are also big fan of cookies. After doing successful baking few times I am getting addicted to baking cookies / cakes. These days I am on non stop marathon of cookie baking. This recipe is something that I have experimented with mix of different ingredients.. It turned out perfect. Chocolate flavour of course kids loved it
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Quinoa Payasam recipe - Quinoa kheer recipe - Quinoa with milk and sugar recipe - Pooja recipes

Quinoa is my favourite grain due to it's nutritional value. My mum used to say healthy stuff doesn't taste good.. So If I tell her to try something healthy she will think twice.. But there are dishes which are healthy yet tasty this is one of dish.  Pls. refer to for more details about Quinoa.
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Aval (Beaten / Flatten Rice) Kheer / Payasam

Aval is one my favourite. I use it in numerous ways. It is lighter than rice and easy to cook. Takes only fraction of what rice takes. My mum used to do this easy snack if she couldn't find anything else for after school snack.. It is so easy and quick fix for hungry kids..
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Kara Pori (Masala puffed rice)

I love this. It is so easy to do. Whenever I run out of snack for kids I will just do this. This is yet another dish in which it is difficult to go wrong. Also you almost mix any nuts or dhal yet it will taste wonderful. It is good tea time or after school snack. It is good for rainy season too. It is definitely healthier one...
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Peanut Butter Cookies

For some reason, I still have fear to do cookies and bread. Bread is due to yeast.. Every week my kids want to have meal at subway at least once a week. It is not because of the sandwiches there it is because of cookies. As I bake more often they have been asking for cookies.Sometime ago I did Chocolate Chip Cookies and kids loved it. For some reason I haven't tried cookies after that. This weekend I have decided to try it out again. This time with peanut butter cookies. It came out extremely good
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Gulab Jamun / Indian sweet doughnut

Before kids were born, I used to make Gulab Jamun or carrot halwa for any festival. During those days these were the only sweets I knew how to do. Gulab Jamun I used the ready made mix in the past. Even that sometime used to be too soft and sometime it used to perfect. I prefer the deep fried balls before putting into sugar syrup. So I do it 1/2 dry and 1/2 with sugar. After kids started eating sweet it is more of carrot kheer and mysore pak. So I seldom do gulab jamun. I wanted to try this from scratch so I tried today it came out pretty good
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Banana Coffee

I am not a coffee person. I had fully ripe banana. I normally find it difficult to eat fully ripped one. So wanted to try milkshake (since cannot waste food:-)). I love nutella coffee. So I was thinking of adding 1/2 teaspoon of nescafe powder to the milkshake to try it out. I tasted so nice. I didn't add sugar to this drink at all
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Kara Boodhi / Besan flour crispy ball

When I was in the college I prefer to have kara boodhi instead of mixture.. So for every deepavali when my mum makes mixture she keep some kara boodhi separately for me. This is one of the easiest snack. This is can be eaten alone or with curd or mixed in for mixture or used to make ladoo.
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