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Carrot Kheer

Before kids were born,  I used to do Carrot Kheer very often. My husband is big fan of Carrot and he likes most of the dishes made out of carrot. Those days I didn't have any helper at home.. so I needed to look for simple and easy and dish that needed less time in the kitchen. Carrot kheer is a simple dish.
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Quinoa Banana Meal

It has been a while since I tried new dish with Quinoa. I normally do Quinoa for lunch / dinner or salad. I wanted to try something for breakfast.. This recipe is so easy and provide good start for the day.. Rich in protein


Quinoa - 1/2 Cup
Milk - 1/2 Cup ( I have used slim milk)
Water - 1 Cup
Almond - 4-5
Banana - 1 (chopped into small pieces)
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Curd Rice - yogurt rice - Rice recipes

I need some additional flavour to eat curd. Plain curd is not an option me. So before marriage my mum used to spice up the butter milk for me. After my marriage my laziness settled in ..So whenever someone visit me I make curd rice with cucumber, grapes, ginger, chillies, curry leaves etc.. Those are the days I get to eat my curd rice.. However after my kids they prefer plain curd rice so making my own curd rice became luxury. My in laws were visiting me and I told my kids they like with all the spices in and they agreed to give it a try again. Their taste bud has changed now and they like this version of curd rice also... so now I can have my curd rice more often. Hurray !!!

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Spinach Poha Uppuma - Spinach Poha Upma

Poha, All time quick fix for any meal (can be quick lunch box item too). Normally I will have fresh spinach from my weekend shopping for Monday cooking. So most of the time for the Monday lunch it will be with Spinach. Yesterday was my son's birthday we had heavy meals, sweets, cakes etc...and wanted to take rest from eating...So i added it to my poha upma along with spinach and carrots. It turned out to a healthy yummy  and simple lunch box.

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Ginger Sweet Pachadi / Ginger Thokku

I love the flavour of ginger. We get good variety in Singapore. Rest of my family doesn't like the taste of ginger. So most of the dishes I don't use ginger (majority wins). Instead I will do ginger chutney and Pachadi / Thokku so that I can enjoy it . I use that for my lunch as side dish with rice or chappathi or idli or bread. This dish can be kept for a week. This recipe is from my great grandma. 
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Mysore Vada / Bonda

Most of the time when I do vada I used to do Urad dhal vada (medhu vada). My sister always says she did mysore bonda.. Today When I wanted to do some vada for offering to god I have decided to try something different from medhu vada. I got this recipe from my sister.. She said she also add cashew bits after grinding the paste and make vada.  I have skipped Cashew for me. If you prefer nuts you can add them. Also for some reason after putting first few I felt comfortable with making in Vada shape instead of ball. You can do it either way
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Cabbage Rice

This is one of my special rice. I always like Coriander and coconut combination in any dish. My husband who is not a big fan of coriander leaves chutney likes this dish.. This is can be all in one dish and easy to prepare. We can do the gravy ahead of the time and mix it with rice when needed. Base recipe is from Mallika Badrinath
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Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli Kheer)

This is my favourite payasam and very easy to make. I do this for most of the festivals. It is one of the healthiest Indian dessert. This you can make it even more healthy by adding low fat milk and mixed nuts Almonds, pistas in place of cashewnuts ( which goes well with this payasam than other dessert)
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Brinjal / Eggplant Curry

This week parents my In-law came from India.. My mum has small garden for most of the vegetables like Brinjal, Ladies Finger, Drumstick, White / yellow Pumpkin, radish etc.. So whenever there is a visitor she will pack the stuff (even after many time I told her not do so and I get everything in SG. That's mum's love)..This time is no exception, She has sent brinjal and those were so young and tender. I wanted to do something with it and use it when it is fresh so did this curry that goes well with rice or chapathi. 

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Pepper Rasam

During my college days, I prefer to have dhal and rasam rice to sambar rice. Even if my mum makes other rice she needs to cook white rice and rasam for me.  But after marriage Rasam becomes only weekend pleasure.. For the kids it is only when they are sick. Most of the time I do Dhal Rasam. But today both of my kids were down with running nose so I wanted to dry pepper rasam. These days just plain rasam with papad will do for me (don't even need rice)
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Plantain Stem / Vazhai Thandu Chutney

I try to include Plantain Stem / Vazhai Thandu as part of diet once in every 2 weeks. After starting this blog I started to make vegetable base chutneys which I seldom do it in the past. Initially my rest of the family was surprised .. but now they also got used to it and started liking it.  My kids and husband eat most  vegetables.. So I have lot of options too. This week I saw young plantain and immediately grabbed it.. Tried the chutney with it. It came out very nice.


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Chow Chow (chayote) Poriyal

This week for some reason from the time I got up from bed I was so lazy lazy enough even to go about doing regular weekend chores (groceries and vegetable shopping) and late afternoon reality settles in if I don't go now nothing for this whole week.. Normally after 10 / 11 AM I seldom get stuff in wet markets.. So I have decided combine the Groceries and vegetable shopping into one (meaning I need to buy vegetables that are available in super market) Chow Chow is something you get it freely in Singapore. I brought chow chow, and other vegetables and lasted barely for entire week... 

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Thenkuzhal Murukku

Murukku in any form / shape is all time favourite with kids. It is something I do very often. This is quite easy to do and very little chance of getting it wrong. Whenever I do murukku I love to have some with half cooked. That is my all time favourite. Of course this half cooked murukku tastes good when it is hot. It is more oily than fully cooked one but who cares! It is once in a while right?

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Small Onion Uttappam (Murugan idli kadai style)

Whenever we go out my first choice of restaurant is murgan idli kadai for its small onion uttappam. I am love it well addicted to it. It is so nice. whenever I try at home it never the same. Couple of weeks ago I saw this recipe and photos from And one thing new in that is putting pinch of salt to cut onion I guess that worked the trick. This time it came very nice.. Thanks Jey for sharing the recipe. Now I can enjoy my favourite at home  :-)
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Pasi Paruppu Payasam / Moong Dhal Payasam

This is my sister's favourite.. She is big fan of Jaggery based sweets / Desserts. I prefer Semiya / vermicelli. Having done vermicelli recently I was wondering what else we can do for  Aadi perukku. I remember my mum used to make Paruppu payasam that I never made it till now (Can u believe it?). I decided to try it out. It came out pretty good.  I have doubled for my cooking because I had more guest coming. Blew should be good enough for family of 4 for a desert serving
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Peanut (Ground Nut) Pakoda

I love Peanut anytime, any form. It was pouring outside and my son was asking do we have snack at home instead of regular fruit serving for evening snack time. It has been decade since I did pakoda. Also It is easy and quick to do. Normally kids enjoy masala peanut. So I thought of doing peanut pakoda. I wanted to try out with mix of Oats flour. It came out very crispy and tasty

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Masala Milk

I am not a big fan of milk. I seldom drink milk. Mostly in the form of tea. However sometime ago, when I went to India I had masala milk because my colleagues told me it is pretty good.  True to their recommendation It was really good. From there on wards I do it at home once in a while. In the past few months I run out of saffron so didn't do it. This week when I went to Mustafa I brought saffron. So finally made it

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Coconut as Fruit?

I was surprised by the fact coconut is sold as fruit in Italy! This brings back my memory of visiting temples in India and our fight to eat the coconut offered to the god!
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Vangi Bhath (Brinjal / Eggplant Rice)

Eggplant (Brinjal) is something which is rare in our household. My kids/husband are not a big fan. So I buy it only if I am bored with other normal vegetables or after seeing any dish with it during our lunch time. This time I saw nice brinjals and I couldn't stop myself. I have decided to try rice with it. I have done it with brown rice but this can be done with any type of rice. 

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Soya Dosa

Sometime ago I brought Soya flour. I wanted to try Soya dosa. I tried using Soya beans but it didn't turn out to be good. But with Soya flour it was prefect. Since this is instant type it is quick and easy to do. And very healthy and good for diabetics also. It is high in protein too


3/4 cup Rice flour (store brought)
1/4 cup Urad flour (store brought or just grind the urad dhal into powder)
1/4 cup soya flour

Eno Salt - 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
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Channa Baingan (Channa Eggplant)

My kids love Channa. Especially with poori or parrota. I had Brinjal in the fridge which is quite old. So decided to do both Channa and Brinjal together for chappathi. My mum used to use black channa but since I run out of stock I used White channa. It goes well with rice or chappathi

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Fenugreek / Methi Leaves Gravy (kootu)

I normally use methi leaves to do the chappathi. My mum use it for all kind of dishes. This time I brought 2 bunches so after doing chappathi I had left with one more. So decided to call my hotline (yes my mum). I did Kootu out of it. It tasted little bit bitter I have added 1/2 teaspoon sugar at the end otherwise it tasted heaven


Methi leaves - 1 bunch
Onion - 1 chopped finely
Garlic - 4 pods chopped finely
Red Chillies - 3
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Chapathi (Chappathi) Noodles

For Kids we need to pack breakfast every day. And need to do it before 6:30 AM. So most of the time I do bread sandwich with some easy option or left over from previous day. I had left over Chapathis but the gravy I did finished. Normally I apply Nutella but that is also over! (Poor me) Have to make some quick option that kids will like it. My kids love Chinese fried rice. So wanted to try out with chapathi. And also seen this recipe at ..So I did Chapathi noodles. The loved it. This is bachelor friendly too as we can do this using frozen chapathi
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Shai Paneer

Paneer! my kids will eat in any form (even as raw cube :-)) Recently I have started eating paneer ...Most of the paneer recipes are very easy to do. This is one of very easy recipe for even very lazy days.. If you have paneer in the fridge go ahead and try this.. I have used this for Chapathi but my helper told me it goes very well with rice also

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Chilli Garlic Bun

Of all the cooking I never did bread or bun at home. I was hesitating to work with yeast after few failed try. Doing this blog, gave confidence as well as courage to fail. Even though the thought of trying this recipe lingering around my mind for a while I just managed to do it recently. Kids loved it. Seeing them fighting to have the last piece made my day.

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Barley Paratha Recipe

For my lunch normally I try all the new items if it comes out well then it will feature in our regular meal. These days I am also try to include grains as part of my diet. I brought barley flour and decided to roti with it. I have used store brought Barley powder

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Cornflake Chat

When my son came back from school he said he wish he can have chat for evening snacks. Luckily I had sweet chutney and green chutney in the fridge. I had Omapodi and most of the items. But Puri was missing so I decided to substitute with something crispy yet will not change the taste of chat. Decided to add plain cronflake. It came out pretty good and my son couldn't differentiate. One more easy recipe for making some quick snack for kids is ready

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Soya Murukku

Murukku in any form / shape is all time favourite with kids. It is something I do very often. Anything can be done to make murukku little healthy  so that we can reduce the guilt. Well, Tried to add Soya flour so that it is more protein rich. It came out to be very crispy and tasty. I wanted to try little bit first so that if kids like it we can make it for deepavali.. For sure this one is will be one of our deepavali  snack
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