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Chocolate Cake

My sons are die hard chocolate fans. Since I started this blog this is the first birthday  for my first son. When I asked him about his birthday cake he said baking our own birthday cake would be special instead of our usual ordering. And of course he wanted all chocolate cake. So I decided to bake one for him also wanted to try my hands in frosting and decorating.. Of course start with some simple one first...So here you go with what I baked ....He loved it.. I felt much more satisfied and accomplished!. I already got my orders for my second son's Aug birthday!

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Black Bean Sundal

Sundal! easy way to include protein as part of meal and very easy to get the kids to eat. (I know what u say, kids eat without fuss!!! What I meant getting them to eat this kind of food should be easier than getting them to eat meals). It also fit to any meal Breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. It is prefect for urgent cooking (if you remember to soak previous night)

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Varalakshmi Puja (Vratham)

Varalakshmi Puja, or Varamahalaskhmi Pooja, is observed by women in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and by some communities in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh   for the prosperity and welfare of their families. . The observance is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and falls on the Friday before Shravan Poornima.  Here is a list of essential items that are required for the puja. Once you start this pooja it is better to continue every year without failure

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Ragi Puttu

Ragi, Is very good for the health. It is also a great boon for diabetics. Ragi has been close to my heart from my childhood. After marriage I do it only if my mum visiting me because my husband is not a big fan of it (He didn't even try may be the color which turns him off...). Somehow now, my second son also likes it so I have strong reason to start introducing Ragi food as part of meals. Now almost I do ragi items at least 2 times a week. Having more people on your side does help :-)
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Cous Cous Nuts Salad

Whenever I travel to US on biz trip Cous Cous is my option for lunch in our office canteen. They had good soup and salad. Given chance, I normally go for cooked food. So I have Soup and Cous Cous salad alternatively. I am so addicted to Nuts these days. Normally I will tell my helper what is the meal before day itself so she will help me in cutting vegetable, onion etc... so it is easier for me in the morning. Yesterday, I forgot and I need to make up for that. This is very fast and healthy fix for my lunch box.
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Peanut Rice

Our whole family is die hard fans of peanut.. Anything made with peanut. I guess this is in our family genes because my grandmother, my father, my mother all of them love peanut. Even though it is good because of the protein it is also high in fatty content. I normally include peanut once a week in our meals. This rice is quick lunch box fix. My kids love it.

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Vegetable Dosa

When I was browsing thro' internet I saw this this recipe at Raks Place which immediately I fell in love with it. For the fact masala dosa without potato in it. My whole family is not into this potato thing (my kids even not a big on fries). It came out very nice. Thanks to Raks for sharing it. Original link is  This will be definitely in our family favourite list of dishes
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Masala Bread Toast (Vegetarian French Toast)

Weekend is time to try something new. Most of the time I try something without bread (break from bread ) But this week I run out of all the options on top of that I got up late. It has been ages since I did French toast for my hubby and first son. I am pure vegetarian and my 2nd son is allergic to egg. So decided to do vegetarian toast.

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sea shells

Sea Shells grown on the anchoring chain of Venice water bus stop. My sons had lot of research time and tons of photos of this.. 
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Tomato Peas Poha (Tomato Peas Aval)

Aval (Poha) is one of my favourite. It is light and you can do many variation with this. I love all the dishes using Phoa. I normally do this at least 2-3 times a week. Normally I try to add vegetables, nuts and masala so that it becomes balanced meal. 

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Spinach Wheat Rava (rawa) Pongal

I try to include green vegetables at least 3-4 times a week in one form or other. I do all kind of dishes with Spinach. I wanted to do something quick and make one dish that includes all for one of the lazy weekday dinner. Thinking of Pongal ( Like I mentioned in my pongal post.. Pongal is not my dish) initially I was hesitating. In the end my laziness won me over. I tried Spinach Wheat Rawa Pongal. I didn't regret for a min for the choice I made

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Wheat Rawa Adai

I was thinking of doing something different with Wheat Rawa. Longtime ago I saw a program in SunTV about Wheat Rawa Adai but forgot the recipe.. I was surfing internet for the recipe. I came across something at I decided to go with it

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Drumstick Soup

This time when I went for vegetables shopping not sure what was in my mind..Normally I will buy drumstick for sambar one or 2 pieces max. This time I brought 6 of them ( they had the bundled few together). After coming home when I was storing vegetables in fridge started to think about what to do with so many drumstick. Have to do something new.. I saw one cookery viedo on Drumstick soup.. This is so timely.. every one liked it. Only thing is this can be full meal itself. It is heavier than normal soup.

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Chow Chow Kootu - 2

Kootu is something that we do during weekend. I will have 2 vegetable during weekend lunch. Since weekend and public holidays are ones we have lunch at home I want to make sure kids are eating vegetables. I wanted to do something different without any coconut and moong dhal

Chow Chow - 1 (chopped square pieces)
Channa Dhal - 1/2 cup
Onions - 1 small
Tomatoes - 1 Medium

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Colorful Vegetables

So Colorful... Cannot Resist a click

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Oma Podi (OmaPodi)

It is simple Indian snack that can be made anytime. I use Omapodi more in Chats. Very seldom as snack.  Sev is prepared with chickpea flour (besan) and rice flour. So cannot eat too much at one go.

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Paneer Pulav

For Lunch during weekdays I normally do variety rice as it is very easy to pack and kids prefer that. Normally since they eat only one rice (not too many servings) I try to make sure they have well balanced meal esp good protein.

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Oats Banana Sheera

Oats is something I take in different form as by itself I feel it is bit plain.. I have tried putting fruits and nuts. Oats and banana really goes well together. Banana is packed with full of vitamins. Combining Oats and Banana gives good balanced meal for a great start (of the day)


1 teaspoon ghee
3/4 cup quick cooking rolled oats
2 cup milk (skim Milk)
5-6  finely chopped dates (khajur)
1 tablespoon of brown sugar (Optional. Adjust based on your sweetness and banana/dates sweetness. I didn't add sugar.)
medium sized bananas , mashed

10 Almonds 

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Mango - Avocado Milkshake Recipe

I love Mango! esp from Indian mango which you get it in season. Anything in Mango Yum.. I love Avocado also. I saw this recipe from and itching to try.. I got mango from India (my hubby came back from short trip) So excited to try

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Kollu (Horse Gram) Idli recipe - Kollu idli recipe - Healthy breakfast recipe

By Now you must have relaized that I use Horse gram in everything. I wanted to try idli out of it. I also used idli rava instead of rice. Idli came out so nice


1/2 Cup Urad Dhal
1/2 Cup Horse Gram (Kollu)
2 Cup idli Rava / Rawa
Salt as required

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Oats Poha Uppuma - Oats Poha Upma

Since we have Oats regularly, any change in the way it is getting cooked would be welcomed. This is yet another attempt to try new combination.. It turned out to be pretty good. This can be served as breakfast or even can be good for light lunch box. 
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Rajma Chawal (Rajma Curry Rice)

I wanted something quick for the kids lunch also something that will give them energy to last longer in the school. They prefer to pack only one dish (if they are packing for lunch) so need to make sure I pack something which provides most of their protein and vitamin needs. Chawals are good option for that

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Carrot Sesame Dry Curry (Poriyal)

A very healthy dish with sesame seeds. It is so easy to make it and very yummy. It will be pretty different from normal Carrot poriyal or salad we normally do. It goes well with every rice dish.  for Chappathi if you like dry side dish this will be perfect also. I have labeled this as non Indian for the fact you can do it just with Sesame seeds and Red chillies

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Nutella vermicelli Kheer (Payasam)

This Kheer (Payasam)is one of the first sweet I learned to make after my marriage. This one is less likely to go wrong..It is so easy and we can do so many variation and if you prefer you can make it completely healthy you can go for it. When we have no sweets at home and if it has been while my kids will always ask for 2 sweets normally this one and sweet (sarkarai) pongal. This you can do it anytime as most of ingredients are commonly available in anyone  home

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First Macro shot with my new camera

I loved the sharpness and color of these shots! but learning to do Pin It Now!

coriander chutney

I Love Coriander leaves. Anything to do with it. Whenever we go to hotel I get all of my family share to me. Both of my kids and my husband don't like Coriander Chutney. They are ok with Rice or part of gravy which till today I cannot understand. So Whenever I go back to my mum's place she does this chutney. I normally have chutney without Coconut and with Curry leaves together as it can last for longer as I will be the only one who will be consuming it. But suddenly I had craving for Coriander Chutney which you get it in hotels. Finally I gave in ..(Of course I was hoping for change in taste buds for my kids). In the end as usual only I had it. It goes well with Idly / Dosa
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Wild Rice Salad

I love Wild rice. I use that once or twice a week minimum to substitute for my regular rice. Actually I can eat plain also it is so good by itself. Almost like eating Sundal. I wanted to try it out for my salad with Cheese. It came out pretty good. It is very good option for dieters and whoever looking to have balanced diet. I have added Carrot and Peas you can add your favourite vegetables like Broccoli, Asparagus etc.. So Enjoy simple yet tasty dish.. This is definitely for some who doesn't want to spend much time in kitchen

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