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kalyana rasam - iyengar kalyana rasam - Iyengar Rasam - No Tamarind recipe - No onion and garlic recipe

**Most of the time I make rasam with Rasam podi / rasa powder. If I want to make only rasam for lunch then I make Mysore Rasam. Except for Lemon rasam and Ginger rasam I use tamarind. Last time my helper had swollen legs and she visited an Ayurvedic doctor and he suggested to have food without tamarind she got this recipe from her mum. Later I saw similar recipes from other blogs. Only difference is the masala powder in this, it had rice and I know my mum does use rice while grinding rasam powder. So I have decided to go ahead with her recipe. She normally adds 3 pods of garlic. But I wanted to make this no onion and no garlic recipe so I didn't add if you want go ahead and add
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Mushroom Samosa - Snack recipe - Mushroom recipes - Kids friendly recipes

My son wanted some snack with mushroom. I had recently seen Mushroom samosa in the menu in one of the restaurant we have visited. I had that in my mind to try. This week I have spotted very big white button mushroom. I bought it. So I have decided to try samosa with it. My kids really loved it. They are big fans of mushroom and they told me this is one of the best mushroom dishes..
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Surnali recipe - Sweet and Spongy Dosa - Healthy sweet dosa - Festival recipe - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes

I love jaggery base recipe. I saw this in a restaurant it looked so soft and texture is almost like set dosa.. I guessed that it is with beaten rice and yogurt. Later I searched for the recipe and I was so tempted to try it out. This can be good pooja / fasting recipe too
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Thavala vadai recipe - Thavalai Vadai Recipe - Snacks recipe - Indian Snack Recipes

My mum makes vadai using Adai batter. But she just calls it as vada and does not add Sago / Javarisi. When I first heard from my friend that she made Thavalai vadai I was going What? The name really got my attention. At First I thought it was Frog vadai hehe.. Adding sago gives an unique taste to this one. It is packed with protein and perfect for tired kids after their long day in school
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Kodo millet sweet pongal - Varagu sweet pongal - Varagu sakkarai pongal - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes - Varalakshmi Vratham recipe

Last trip to India when I attended some function they served sakkarai pongal but it tasted very different. I asked for recipe. Both sugar and jaggery were used in the recipe in 50:50 ratio. It tasted really nice. Even though I have posted Millet based sakkarai pongal I still want to post this using both sugar and jaggery in same recipe. Normally I use either one not both in single recipe.
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