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Bitter gourd thokku - Bitter gourd Pickle - Pavakkai Thokku - Pavakkai pickle

My kids love bitter gourd. My sis doesn't make bitter gourd recipes as her kids and hubby don't eat bitter gourd. When I visited her last time she was mentioning about this recipe which every one in her family likes. She told me she servse it as side dish for idli / Dosa / Rice. I haven't tried this version before.. This is a definite keep recipe. I have boiled the bitter gourd with little salt and drained the water. You skip the process and add fresh bitter gourd
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Pandu Mirapakaya Pachadi - Red Chilli Chutney - Spicy chutney for idli, dosa and roti

When I saw this in Gyu's place Ezcookbook. I bookmarked it immediately.. It is new to me to use fresh red chillies in chutneys. So I was so anxious to try this out. I had small red chillies which is spicier so I have used in less qty so the color is not same as what she had but I loved the spiciness of the chutney. I had this with idli. It is so perfect.
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Corn Rava Upma - Corn Meal Upma - Simple and healthy breakfast, Dinner recipe

I saw this Corn meal other day when I was doing my weekly shopping. I wanted to try this upma for quite some time however keep postponing because of my 2nd son who doesn't like Corn. But this week I couldn't resist my temptation any more. So went ahead to buy it. I had some idli / dosa batter in the fridge and I decided to make it for dinner as I had back up in case if my kids / hubby didn't really like it
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Spinach Rasam - Spinach and Dhal soup - Spinach and dal soup - Healthy Soup recipe - Starter Recipe

I love to try different flavours of rasam. Rasam is a very famous South Indian dish which goes with steamed rice. This Rasam can be served as a starter / soup. Perfect for anyone on diet. It is healthy and is a perfect mix of all the vitamin and minerals. Perfect for lazy days. Just this and steamed rice can give you satisfying meal
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Butter beans Tomato rice - Simple one pot meal - Simple lunch box

I love butter beans. Since we don't get fresh butter beans in Singapore (At least I haven't seen) I normally get the canned butter beans. I had a few tins in the cupboard for a while. I wanted to do Chickpeas and Tomato Rice but forgot to soak chickpeas so I decided to use Butter beans. I wanted to use very little oil. So instead of frying tomato / onion I cooked it before grinding to make paste. I loved that taste!
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