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Eggless snickerdoodles Cookie Recipe - Cinnamon flavoured Cookie Recipe - Kids friendly recipe - Snack recipe

Myself and my husband like Cinnamon flavour. Kids do not. I had some left over German cookies so I wanted to try a small batch of eggless Snickerdoodles cookies. When I baked it the whole house was full of cinnamon flavour (I had a good aromatherapy). I referred to this page for the recipe and made small modifications according to my taste.. I had Cinnamon Sugar at home if you don't have, you mix in 1 teaspoon Cinnamon powder to 2 tablespoon sugar as you need. If you are a Cinnamon person you should try this for sure
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veg murtabak recipe - Vegetarian Murtabak Recipe - Dinner, Lunch, Breakfast Recipe

When I came to Singapore ,in first couple of weeks, I had this Murtabak (vegetarian). It was very filling and it was made with Mushroom. Those days mushroom was not my favourite vegetable. So I felt it was an overdose of mushroom. After that I haven't tried it again. Sometime last week I tried another version with Soya chunks and I liked it. Last week I had left over Parotta dough so I had decided to try it out. Everyone in the family loved it. If you want a combination of musrhoom and soya chunks you can do it also
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Pumpkin Puli kulambu recipe - Pumpkin puli kuzhambu recipe - Side dish for Rice

Puli kulambu is something I can have anytime. I got this white flesh pumpkin from India from my mum's backyard. I love the freshness of it. In Singapore mostly we get the orange one (my mum calls it a fruit). After making the mash pumpkin I had some left over. I had decided to try out puli kulambu with it. I am pretty sure it will taste good. Sweetness from Pumpkin, spiciness from chilli powder and puli kulambu podi really enhanced the flavour
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Veg Donne biryani recipe - Biryani recipes - Popular Bangalore biryani recipes - One pot meails - lunch recipe - Party recipes

I wanted to try this Donne biryani for the past year after tasting it at my friend's place. Normally I do rice with mixed vegetables on Sundays as I would have fresh vegetables from Sat weekly wet market visits (In Singapore you call local markets as wet market where you get vegetables and meat) This biryani doesn't require mixed vegetables and potato is good enough. So I kept postponing it. I was travelling this weekend so when I was back I had only potato at home. So I thought making this biryani. If you want you can leave onion as it is without grinding it. However I did grind it as my son is not a big fan of full onion
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Paruppu podi recipe - Andhra Paruppu Podi Recipe - Kandi Podi - Powder Recipe - Masala Recipe

Paruppu podi was one of my most favourite when I was in College. After marriage it kind of faded away. Still whenever I visit my mum she makes the podi for me. I normally use it for mixing with rice. I love the combo of Mor kulambu. I add paruppu podi with used oil ( sutta ennai) to hot steaming rice. And Mor kulambu as side gravy to go with. Wow! What a perfect combo! Since My mum used to give it every time, I never got a chance to click it. This time I told her not to make any podi (powder) and just give the recipe. So here you go with Paruppu podi recipe. I have used raw Garlic. You can toast it till moisture absorbed. If you are using raw garlic. Store it in Fridge and finish it within 10 days
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