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Panakam - pakagam - Paanagam - Simple neivedhyam recipes - Simple Naivedhya recipes

This is simple Naivedhya / neivedhyam  recipe. This can be done for Sri rama navami or tamil new year or Vishu. I remember during my childhood my grandma does it during festivals. My mum seldom does it. I do it whenever I have little time but need something quick for Neivedhyam. I find it quite refreshing too. I didn't add pachai karpooram(edible camphor)  and tulasi leaves as I didn't had it at had .. But my grandma used to add those too..
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Avocado and Coconut milk Popsicle - Simple summer cooler - Vegan Popsicle recipe

I got avocados from my friend. It was really creamy and sweet. Loved every bit of it. The avocado I wanted to try popsicle with avocado for long time.  After tasting the 1st avocado,  popsicle came into my mind. It was really creamy and tasty. Much better than normal ice cream! I loved every bite of it. It is very simple too.
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Eggless Motcha Waffles - Healthy breakfast recipe - healthy brunch recipe

I wanted to try the Motcha waffle for my breakfast using my recipe. I saw this post from Rakskitchen.. I loved the texture of the waffles also love the fact it had lemon as Lemon and Motcha goes well. I also wanted to substitute 50% 50% with whole wheat flour. It turnout to be wonderful.. Do try it out and enjoy this power packed breakfast...
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Wheat Idiyappam - wheat flour string hoppers - Healthy breakfast recipe

I love to try different idiyappam recipes (String hoppers).. during my college days idiyappam made with rice flour was one of my least preferred dish for breakfast or dinner. I like idiyappam with freshly grinded batter. However after marriage it has changed. When you need decide menu for everyday idiyappam comes very handy (still I don't really like plain rice flour one however I am ok with flavoured one like pepper, lemon , tomato or sweet etc..).  Wheat is really easy and tasty too.. you should try it out
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Barnyard Millet Pineapple shake - kuthiraivali millet Pineapple Shake- Kids friendly recipe

I wanted to try millet base shake. This can be a meal by itself. No one could guess the millet additions in it. Later I told them this has cooked millet and every one was surprised. So if you are looking to hide millets into your kids favourite recipe you can try this shake. 
Sending this Millet Pineapple shake recipe to March month’s Secret Cooking Challenge.
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