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Tandoori Cauliflower - Tandoori Gobi - Simple snack recipe

I love to try snacks / starter with vegetables as these days most of the kids has very long days in the school and end up taking lunch from school canteen (yeah they pack only breakfast). Esp this one is not deep fried. So sort of better choice over all those deep fried options we have. This can be side or perfect starter. It can be good after school snack too
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Samai Upma - Little Millet Upma - Healthy breakfast recipe

Yet another recipe with Millets. If you have difficulties to get your kids to eat millets this is one of simple and tasty option. For me it tasted almost rice upma.. Also with loads of vegetables it is really well balanced meal for the family. I try to use millet in Kichadi, upma or dosa. Normally it is easier to blend millet in these dishes and very little if not no chance of going wrong.. Try it out and enjoy Millet
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White Chocolate Chip Blondies – White Chocolate Brownies - Eggless Brownie recipe - Simple cake recipe

When I saw this recipe at Sundari's Mymagic pan I have bookmarked immediately. My 2nd son loves white chocolate in any form. I have decided to do this for his birthday. As I expected he enjoyed every bit of it. This cake was really very soft and light. I have followed her recipe for most parts but I have reduced sugar and replaced some of All purpose flour with whole wheat flour
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Spinach avocado paratha - Spinach avocado Chapathi - Spinach avocado chapati - Spinach butter fruit paratha - Healthy dinner recipe

One of my friend passed me a lot of avocados. She has a avocado tree back home at Malaysia. I love creamy avocado. I have posted many avocado recipes in my space before. At first I just wanted to try paratha with avocado but my 2nd son is not a big fan of this amazing creamy fruit. So, to alter the taste of it I had added spinach. It came out so tasty and soft. Now I have one avocado dish which entire family loves!
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Sweet pidi kozhukattai - Sweet pidi kolukattai - Rice sweet pidi kozhukattai recipe - Simple Pooja, naivedyam, Festival recipes

There are some dishes which I do regularly for quick snack which are traditionally done during festivals. Sweet pidi kozhukattai is one such dish. It is also one of favourite dish for my family. I normally do it whenever I make idiyappam I try to make some kozhukattai also esp this sweet version or peanut kozhukattai. And of course vinayagar chaturthi festival is not complete without these tasty kozhukattais
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