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85+ Navaratri Recipes - dasara recipes - Pooja recipes - dussehra festival Recipes - naivedyam recipes

Dussehra celebrates the Hindu god Rama's victory over the demon king Ravana and the triumph of good over evil. The epic Ramayana tells the story of the Lord Rama who wins the lovely Sita as his wife, only to have her be carried off by Ravana, the demon king of Lanka. People keep kolu/ Golu during this 10 days and invite friends and neighbors. Couple of years back I was in US and got a chance to visit different golu / kolu there.. People really put in lot of effort .. and different themes, different sizes is really amazing.. I don't keep kolu however my sister does. Every year I seety her golu I always think I should start from next year. But so far I haven't started but I do simple naivedyam and pray to god. I try to compile list here.. This is my first attempt ..
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Black Urad dhal dosa - Black urad dal dosa - Skinned urad dhal dosa - Healthy breakfast recipe - South Indian Breakfast Recipe

I had this bag of broken black urad dal. I bought this for making urad dhal rice. I was asking my mum what else we could make out of it. She was talking about Milgu adai, Alagar kovil dosa and dosa. I never tried dosa before. So i decided to try out dosa. It tasted almost same as normal dosa just with different color. You can try this too
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Mixed bean Patty burger - Mixed bean patties - Healthy burger recipe - Mixed bean tikki - Kids special - Low carb and high protein burger

I love tikki. Whenever I make it I serve tikki as an evening snack and use it to make burger for Dinner. This is made of mixed bean so it is very high in protein. I have not used any potato to bind so it is also low in carb. So try this with your favourite bread choice. I have used black eye bean which gives nice texture and acts as a nice binding ingredient. 
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Strawberry Cornflakes Smoothie - Kids friendly smoothie

I love to try different smoothie for breakfast. It is quite convenient and you can easily make it healthily. If I plan to take just smoothie for breakfast I add Oats or cornflakes. For me it is quite filling. It also quit refreshing. Perfect for breakfasts on the go . You can also have this for a mid morning snack. I also use smoothie as a way to include milk in my daily intake. 
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Coconut waffles - Simple breakfast recipe. - Brunch recipes - Snack Recipes

I wanted to try this Coconut flavoured Waffles for quite sometime. I do know  my family has liking towards coconut. Same proposition can be used for making pancake.. I made it as Waffles as my kids prefer waffles over pancake. The grids has to be hot before pouring the batter to get good crispy waffles. I loved the flavours in this waffles
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