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Aloo Bhatoora - Aloo bhatura - Potato batoora - Potato Bhature - Famous Indian puffed roti recipe - Puffed bread recipe

This is one of the favourite recipe for my kids. They love plain Bhatoora  too. Sometimes as a modified version I try Aloo Bhatura. Bhatura with chana masala. I will not have any issue to get them to finish their plate. I can see the happiness in their eyes when they hear or see it in their plate. 
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Ajwain Paratha - Indian flat bread with Ajwain seeds - Healthy Roti, Paratha recipe

I Love Ajwain flavour. However my kids are not a big fans of it. So I seldom add those to my dishes. But whenever I get a chance to sneak it in I will do it. Recently I tasted this at my friend's place and it had been very long time since I made or had Ajwain paratha..These days my kids taste buds are changing so I wanted to give it a try again. So here you go with Ajwain Paratha. A very flavourful and healthy dish
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Korma Rice - Kuruma rice - One pot meal - Lunch recipes - Rice recipes

This rice is quite rich with cashew and cream. I have posted Jaipuri rice with cashew and cream combo. This one is close to it but it has it's own flavour due to tomatoes and masalas in it. It is perfect for your party or any celebration. I have referred this recipe from Tarla Dalal book I had. I made my own modification according to my taste. Below is the measurement for 1 cup rice. I have done more than that so in stepwise you see more ingredients
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Cucumber Lassi - Salted Cucumber Lassi - Summer cooler recipe - Summer recipes - Greek yogurt recipes

Hot Hot summer! Yesterday I went out for 5 mins around 2 PM and it was so so hot.. When I came back I wanted something chill. I had some cucumber in the fridge so decided to do this cucumber Salted Lassi. It was so refreshing. So I wanted to share this recipe immediately.. I made this again today and took photos. It is so perfect for this hot summer!
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sweet potato kofta curry - Side dish for rice / roti - Healthy side dish recipe

I like sweet potato however the rest of my family doesn't so I always look for some alternatives to include sweet potato into our diet. So I Sneak it in as burger patty or stuffing to wrap etc.. As you notice in all these dish Sweet potato is one of the main ingredients not just by itself. Sometime I am successful in hiding but sometimes not. Since kids loved the burger patty I thought of sneaking it in the gravy for Roti. 
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