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Tofu and beans sprouts side dish for rice - Simple side dish recipe

When I was browsing for some Beans sprouts I saw this at love2cook-malaysia. The minute I saw it I knew my kids would love it. So I have bookmarked it to try. It came out really  good. Try this simple protein packed side dish.
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Paneer Paratha - Paneer stuffed chapathi - Paneer stuffed roti - Simple dinner recipes - Kids friendly recipe

My kids love anything with Paneer. Paneer and mushroom are a must for every week. Making stuffed chapathi / roti always scares me.. Trust me, practice makes it perfect. I am learning every time. This stuffing is very simple and tasty. Perfect for kids balanced lunch box. For me this Paratha doesn't require any side dish. Just serve with yogurt or pickle
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Bell Pepper, Corn and Cheese Sandwich - Simple breakfast recipe - Simple brunch recipe - Kids snack recipe - Kids lunch box recipe

Capsicum and Cheese is a match made in heaven. My kids love this combo in any form. One of the weekends I wanted to try some simple sandwich for brunch. Kids loved this and asked it for their lunch during the week that followed. You can also try this out ... It is good for kids lunch box recipe. You can add about 2 tablespoons of onion to this recipe. I didn't add since my kids are not a big fan of onion pieces
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Mango Shrikhand - Aamrakhand Recipe

I love Mango. Not just me most of you too right? Shrikhand is something new to me when my colleague brought it for lunch. I loved it. Got recipe from him I was pleasantly surprised that it has yogurt as main ingredients. I had tried this with normal Hung yogurt and Greek. I loved the Greek yogurt. In this recipe I had used Greek yogurt 
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Vanilla with Orange peel cupcake - Made healthy with secret ingredients - Healthy Cupcake - Eggless cupcake recipe

As part of Shhh Cooking Secretly Challenge I wanted to try out cake with soy flour and condensed milk. I love to try different ingredients to make our homemade cupcake to be more healthier. I wanted to try mixing soya flour for the cupcake. Result was pretty good. Infact no one can even notice the diff. It remained soft even after a day. Kids loved it. So enjoy this healthier version
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