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Jackfruit seeds poriyal - Side dish recipe - Vegan Recipe

I normally buy jack fruit at least once a week. I dry the seeds and collect it. Since we had some guest for the last couple of weeks, I ended up buying more Jackfruits. So I had quite a bit of seeds. I wanted to do the kara poriyal with that. I wanted to do something I have tasted a long time ago at my friends house back in India. I had some left over coconut thogaiyal in the fridge. So Instead of making fresh coconut paste I had used it. The poriyal tasted good (exactly same as what I had in my mind). Well yet another new dish!
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Chocolate Cheesecake recipe - Chocolate Cheese cake with chocolate ganache - Eggless Baking recipes - Baking recipes

I have made plain cheesecake using my cheesecake recipe many times. It is also my most Pinned recipe in pinterest. For my son's birthday Cheesecake is a must (even when we go out and when they try cheesecake they complement mine! Now a days they don't order cheesecake when we go to restaurant . I amso happy when I hear these complements from them) This time when I was planning to make cheese cake I have decided to do full chocolate cheesecake. Also wanted to do ganache to give a surprise to my son. It came out so nice
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Multi grain and oats porridge - Sathu Maavu and oats porridge - Healthy breakfast recipe

Last time when I visited my sis she had made this kanji / porridge. I loved every bit of it. Somehow I felt this version reduces the Oats' stickiness. It goes well with pickle or coconut thogayal or Paruppu thogayal. It is very filling. I always make this a little thicker and have it with Thogayal. you can make it thick also
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Dal Dhokli Recipe - Healthy one pot meal - Vegan side dish - No Onion, Garlic dal

Dal dhokli, varan phal, or chakolya is a Gujarati / Maharashtrian dish. I tasted this during my college days since my sister's close friend is from Gujarat. So we got to enjoy their dishes. This is perfect for breakfast / brunch or as an after school snack. It is quite filling. It is a fairly simple dish except for the part of adding Dhoklis at right time / right temperature. Normally their dishes would have a tinge of sweetness but I didn't add Jaggery also I have added garam masala instead of whole spices. You can use 2 bay leaves, cloves 2, Cinnamon 1 inch. Since my kids prefer not to have whole spices in their mouth I have used garam masala. It is also a no garlic, onion and ginger recipe
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Banarasi Kachori and raswale aloo Recipe - Breakfast Recipe - Kids special

I have bookmarked from Nalini's space for a long time. I forgot about it. When I watched this in Venkatesh bhat show decided to try it out. Since my kids love poori and they have moved avay from Maida Poori. they are more open to try different flavours and with Wheat. I love the urad dhal flavour in Kachoris. It give nice aroma to the food. It was the reason for me to book mark it. I add Roasted Urad dhal flour when making puri for chaats. My kids love it. So I am pretty sure kids would love this combo too except for the ajwan flavour in it. It is quite rare in my home to use Ajwan in cooking. When I tried it everyone loved the combo! Gravy is also without onion, Garlic and tomatoes
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