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Vanilla Ice Cream - Eggless Ice cream without ice cream maker - Summer Recipes - Ice Cream Recipes

My kids are not big fans of ice cream and my husband takes ice cream only once in a while. So I have been postponing making ice cream. Last week I was in India for a few days and my mum and rest of the family likes Ice cream. So I decided to do a simple Vanilla Ice cream. Since we get fresh milk there I wanted to try Ice cream with it. Ice cream turned out to be a super duper hit. It came out so creamy and tasty. So much so the next day they wanted to try different flavour. I made Mango ice cream but this time I decided to try out with condensed milk. I will post soon
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Mango Rasam Recipe - Raw Mango Soup recipe - Rasam Recipes - Mango recipes

Mango charu (Mango rasam) is a real treat for mango lovers like me. I love anything with Mango whether it is be raw mango or ripened one. So this time of the year is a real treat for me. Even though in Singapore you get mango almost all days I prefer this Indian Mango season and the types you get it during this period. My mum has one mango tree & and during this season I do get some from her. Original recipe from her doesn't require any dal (toor dal) but I wanted to add 1 tablespoon of cooked dal and dal water. It came out very nice. I have roasted cumin, pepper and garlic in ghee. But you can dry roast it too
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Vegan Mango Green Smoothie - Breakfast Smoothie recipes - Mango recipes

I love green smoothie. I have that for my breakfast for most of the days. I have tried with Spinach as well as Kale. Rest of the ingredients are based on what is available. Now mangoes are in season so I tried with Mango and coconut milk. I prefer coconut milk or young coconut than milk. I feel it goes well.  This is perfect for on the go meals. Quite filling too. Maybe for the first 2 days you find it tough but once you get used to it you will love it.
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Mango Paratha recipe - Paratha recipes - Indian Bread recipes - Snack recipes - Dinner Recipes

Do you love flavours? Then you should try this sweet, spicy paratha recipes. I have used imampasanth so you see the color of mango pulp is light yellow if you use alphonso mangoes it will give nice yellow color to the dish. I have tried with ginger and without ginger. I prefer with ginger but my kids prefer without ginger.. This post is without ginger. but you can add if you like ginger taste. Do try out before the season ends. I can have it as it is or with simple yogurt. I made it as a triangular paratha. You can do it as you prefer
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Bajra (Pearl Millet) Oats Orange Cake Recipe - Orange cake recipe - Millet recipes - Baking Recipes - Cake Recipes - Eggless Baking Recipes

I have been baking my Baja (Pearl Millet) Chocolate Cake  quite often as I love the nutty flavour in it. I thought of trying Normal bake with it. I was trying to do orange cake for quite sometime. So I have decided to try this out with Bajra. Unlike chocolate cake I did 50% All purpose flour and 50% bajra (Kambu) flour as I was not sure how it would turnout if I use full Bajra flour. This came out pretty good. Sugar I have used powdered raw sugar. Do give it a try and let me know how it turns out. 
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