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Eggless rainbow cake Recipe - Rainbow cake with Cream cheese frosting recipe - Baking recipe - Cake recipe - Eggless Cake recipesWhen w

When we had bloggers meet in Singapore, Prema from Prema'scookbook brought a cake and it was so soft and tasty. It melted in the mouth. When I wanted to bake rainbow cake instead of following my condensed milk base recipe,I remembered the cake from Prema so I decided to search her website. I followed her recipe from here. It came out so soft and everyone liked it. This is the first time I have added part of wet ingredients at later stage. It came out very nice Thanks to Prema.  I got 4 colors Red, yellow, blue and green. And I have used Blue+Red for Violet,Indigo - Blue + Little red.
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Chana chaat cup - Chickpeas chaat in cup - Snack recipes - Kids friendly recipe

Sometimes parents have a very big challenge to get their kids to finish their breakfast plate everyday!. Sometime we need to find something different or serve regular food in different way. I tried this Potato chickpeas in Samosa sheet cup. It disappeared very fast and at the same time, they had pretty balanced start for the day. Chickpeas has protein, Potato has carbohydrate. Only thing is that instead of serving as bread sandwich serve it in a cup made with samosa sheet. You can serve it in Papad cup or bread cup. 
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Dum Ki chai Recipe - Hyderabadi Dum ki Chai Recipe - Rich Koya tea Recipe - Tea Recipes - Drink Recipe

I love any variation of tea. I love Ginger Tea with Milk , Lemon grass tea or Ginger tea without milk. So sometime ago I saw Dum Ki Chai at Lubna space. I was hooked to it. I wanted to try this for very long time. When I visited India few months back, I got the chance to try in Hyderabad. So I kind of liked it but at the same time felt it was a little rich. This evening I was in a mood to try something rich and I remembered this tea. I had Koya in the fridge. So I decided to try it out. I followed this recipe from Lubna's space
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Cabbage and Potato Sukke - Cabbage and Potato Curry - Cabbage and potato semi dry gravy - Side dish recipe

My mum used to do this but she does it as a side dish for rice. But till now I didn't know the other name for it. One of my colleague used to bring for his chapathi. I love it as it is a little spicy and easy to pack as it is a semi dry gravy. Recently my husband wants to have cabbage in his diet more often.. So I wanted to try this for our chapati / roti. This goes well with rice too..
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Bitter gourd Pesto Pasta Recipes - Pasta Recipes - Diabetic friendly recipes - Bitter gourd recipes - Pavakkai recipes

Pesto is one of my go to in making my meals. I have made pasta, rice or korma with that. It tasted amazing & it was super hit in our family. So when I had 1 bitter gourd in the fridge, first thing that came to my mind is to do bittergourd pesto. I wanted to try out the pesto first and if comes out well then we can try with pasta. It came out so well that it got finished before I could have my meal. I have tried this a few times after that
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