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Seppan kizhangu varuval recipe (Crispy arbi fry) - Snack Recipe - Side Dish recipe - Vegetarian Side recipe

Our whole family is a big fan of Seppankizhangu. I always do Simple fry. Every time after tasting the fry in functions like marriage I always like to do similar fry at home. But always shy away because of the deep frying. But this time I could not  resist.. This came out very crispy and kids loved it. So you can do it once to treat your taste bud. It can be a good dish that can be served as a snack and can goes well with all type of rice dish
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Aamras recipe - Simple mango puree recipe - Side dish for Poori

This is a very new combo for me. I tried this only during the last mango season. And I loved it. It is very simple and perfect for busy weekday dinners. This can be served with Poori or you can serve it for dessert. 
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Turmeric smoothie - Healthy breakfast smoothie

I love to try smoothie for my breakfast. It is very fast to make and perfect for on the go food. I saw this smoothie in one US shop. I was bit hesitant to try but it kept lingering in my mind. Since I was at home the other day I was thinking why not try this .. Worst case I can find some alternate option .. This drink is so delicious and loved it 
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Edamame spaghetti with Green Sauce - Easy Pasta recipes

During my last trip to US I wanted to get some healthy noodles. Was talking to my sis about it. She was recommending this Edamame Spaghetti. She is particular about healthy food for her family. When I checked the ingredients I was surprised as normally there will be a very long list of ingredients this one had only a couple of it. So my sister wanted me to try it. I was very skeptical about the taste so I took a long time to try. Once I tried with green pesto / Green sauce it was so yummy.. I have to order few boxes during my next trip or have to find out whether we get it in Singapore. If you don't get it you can use this sauce with any of your favourite pasta
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Raw Banana Rice - Raw Banana powder rice - Raw banana podi rice - Aratikaya Annam - Simple one pot meal - Simple Rice recipes

In my childhood I had this rice. However I almost forgot it. Recently I saw this in Venkatesh Bhat show. My aunt does it in a similar way but she adds peanuts and grated coconut. In this recipe I did add both. I have used brown rice for this but you can use normal white rice. This is perfect for party too. 
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