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Curry Leaves Butter Murukku - Curry Leaves butter Chakli - Diwali recipes

Anyone who doesn't like Chakli / Murukku esp butter murukku? I love to try different types of Murukku. / Chakli. My kids love it anytime. For this Diwali I wanted to try with either Mint or Curry leaves. I made with Curry Leaves. Loved the flavour. Kids who normally remove the curry leaves in any dish loved this one. It had very light green color too. I have added roated gram (Pottukadalai podi) but you can replace it with roasted urad dal powder too. I have used idiyappam flour.
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Makkan Peda Recipe - Arcot makkan peda recipe - Simple Diwali Sweet Recipes - Festival recipes

During my childhood days getting Gulab Jamun / Indian sweet doughnut for every small achievement is given. Also for Festivals like Diwali Gulab Jamun is must too. I got to taste different versions of Gulab Jamun from our neighbours (to the point 1 month after Diwali no more Jamun) I used taste this stuffed Jamun (yes those days that's how we call it) Later I realized it is called Makkan Peda. After my marriage both of my kids are not big fan of Indian Sweets. Everytime they want me to try out something new Savory (esp murukkus). So I seldom do any sweet. So I have to find opportunities to tryout something like this. there is no better occasion than Diwali / Deepavali
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Besan Ladoo Recipe - Simple Sweet recipes - Diwali Recipes - Pooja Recipes

I have posted Besan Foxtail Ladoo / Besan thinnai ladoo. I wanted to try simple Besan ladoo. This is one of the best recipe using besan flour.This is perfect to satisfy your sweet cravings in no time. This is also suitable for last min festive preparation. All the ingredients should be easily available at home. My mum makes the ready made mix with all the ingredients except Ghee. When you need it you just add ghee to make. She uses dry roasted dhal freshly grinded mills. That gives a nice taste too
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Maharashtrian chakli Recipe - Masala Murukku Recipe - Diwali Recipes - Deepavalai Recipes - Snack Recipes - Festivals recipes

Any new version of murukku will tempt me to try immediately. I saw this version at Jey's space for this Diwali. So I bookmarked it. I have posted murukku with urad dal flour. Or with Roasted gram dal flour or Moong dal flour. But so far Bengal gram dhal flour or mix of lentil flours are not something I have tasted before. I was tempted by ingredients and mix of it. So I have decided to give it a try. I have given it to Mill to make powder (Mavvu). I felt the flour was not so fine so Wondering how it will turn out. But it came out extremely good. I have made this in few batches so you can see I have tried all kind of different shapes. My kids loved every version of it.
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Adhirasam Recipe with Jaggery - Easy Diwali Recipe - Sweet Recipes - Sweets Recipe

Adhirasam is one of the specialty of my athai patti. Everytime I visit her she makes it. She always keep the dough. Whenever I ask my mum for recipe she always says the consistency (padham) is very critical. So she always asks my athai patti to make the dough. This time I told her that I wanted to do it for my blog. I did the dough with her guidance when I was in India. My mum had Mavvu arisi (raw rice which is used to make the flour) so I used it. If you don't have, use the raw rice. Also as you can see I didn't dry out in the cloth instead I just left it in the drainer for long time. It worked out too. If you aren't comfortable you can dry out on the cloth and use it. Trust me after trying out I was like it is so simple why did I ever think twice before making it. Try out and let me know
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