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Vazhaithandu mor kootu recipe - Plantain Stem Butter milk gravy - Healthy Side dish recipe

I love this kootu a lot. However rest of the family prefers poriyal. Since I get this vegetable only if I go to Serangoon road (Little India ) I ended up making family favourite most of the time. This time the banana stem was nicer so I ended up buying more than usual. So when I cooked myself lunch I made this. Really enjoyed this with Roti / chapathi and oats porridge. It is very simple to make (most of the cooking time goes for preparing the thandu). It is perfect for this hot summer period too.
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Rajma Cutlet recipe - Red Kidney bean cutlet Recipe - Rajma Tikki Recipe - Snacks Recipe - Starter Recipes

During my college days I loved  vegetable cutlet. The best one was from the roadside push cart one near my home. He sold it from 5 PM and we used to wait for the time and rush to buy. It was the  most wanted after school snack for myself and my sisters. These days that push cart is no more I really miss that. My kids love the tikkis or cutlets. Cutlets can be served as snacks or stuffing to bread or addition to salad or placed as part wrap. so it is perfect multi purpose recipe. It can be deep fried as well as shallow fried. These days most of the time I do shallow fried. I have added 2 tablespoon of cheese gratings. But you can avoid it or replace it with paneer
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Matcha yogult Shake - Summer drinks - Matcha recipes

I love Matcha. During my last trip to Bali I tasted Matcha yogurt shake. Even though it was a bit sweet I really enjoyed it. It was so hot that afternoon and it was so refreshing. I added it to my list of things to try once I was home. I was feeling like having a ice cream based shake this weekend. Matcha yogult came to my mind. I tried it and loved every bit of it. My son who is not fan of Matcha loved it too. May be because of the ice cream! 
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Koya Paratha - Mawa Paratha - Sweet Paratha Recipe - Paratha Recipes

I wanted to try sweet paratha for quite sometime. I had sweet-less Koya (store bought) in the fridge. I wanted to try something which can be mildly sweetened. I was not sure whether kids would like it. So I have added less sugar so the paratha has more of milk taste than sweet. But if you prefer it to be sweeter you can add more sugar. I have used fresh coconut in this recipe but you can try with dry coconut too. This is perfect for after school kids or as an evening snack. 
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Bannana wheat cake - Eggless Baking - Breakfast, Snack Recipes - Cake recipes

One of my colleague used to bring wonderful banana cake I have tried once I didn't like the flavour. After that I never tried most of the time I will freeze over ripe banana and add it to smoothie. Last week I was travelling and they forgot to freeze. I had over ripe banana was wondering what to do with it. Having heard about benefits of ripe banana didn't want to throw it. I searched in the web for Banana bread / cake. Finally I did it with my own mix. I didn't add Chocolate chips but if you prefer you can fold in chocolate chips, I had No Egg (egg replacer which is nearing expiry so I have used it you can use Flax egg or butter milk)
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