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Oats Coconut Cupcake - Eggless kids friendly breakfast cupcake recipe

My kids love cupcakes / muffin. Since I bake quite often I really look for healthier versions.. My kids really loved this one I also felt the oats, honey and coconut combo really blended well. You can serve this as after school snack
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Thengai Payasam - Coconut Kheer - Simple kheer recipes

Kheer / Payasam is so simple to make and it is a must when we have any festivals or function. Some time I even do it for breakfast. I must admit Coconut is not my fav. Even now when we make any stir fry we don't add coconut gratings .. If I visit any of my close relative they always keep the vegetable separately for me and add grated coconut in the vegetables. My husband loves coconut flavour. I wanted to try this kheer for quite sometime for him. He loved it. Wishing all my Eid Mubarak
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Mushroom Pav Bhaji Recipe - Vegetable curry recipe - Vegetable Gravy Recipe - Famous Indian Street food

I have posted regular pav bhaji masala, Paneer Pav Bhaji Masala in my space.As I stated in that post you can make numerous variations. Even though the masalas are same the addition of different vegetable or paneer really makes difference to the Bhaji. This Pav bhaji style mushroom really goes well with rice, roti or bread or Pav. In this I had used different mix of vegetables
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watermelon kiwi popsicles - Summer cooler - simple summer treats - healthy summer cooler

Do you like fruity Popsicle? then you should try this. This recipe is so easy and perfect treat for summer. This can be attractive to your young kids who is normally fussy about eating vegetable and fruits. You can try with all your favourite seasoning or fruits.
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Peas Tofu - Pattani Tofu - Healthy Side dish for Roti / Naan / Rice - Simple Gravy Recipe - simple Indian Curry Recipe

Recently I have noticed my 2nd son likes dry peas however frozen one he doesn't like it. Since he doesn't eat peas I seldom do dishes with peas. Now since he is warming up to dry one I have started making peas dishes. I have used dry Peas if you want to replace that with frozen feel free to do so. This dish is very health side dish for roti / rice / naan or rice
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