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Iyengar Bakery Bread Sandwich-Iyengar Bakery Bread Toast-Masala Vegetable Sandwich Recipe

This Sandwich brings back my school and college days. Most often this is my after school/ college snacks. In fact my sisters also love it. This can be good breakfast menu during weekend brunch or even for weekday kids lunch box. This is open Sandwich but if you want to make it as closed one for lunch box you can do it also. You can enjoy this spicy Indian masala toast at anytime or in any form like bread rolls. If you are not big fan of bread you can use it for Chapati rolls (Kathi rolls)
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Atta Halwa - Wheat flour halwa - Atta kesari - Simple dessert recipe - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes - Deepavali recipe - Diwali recipe

I am a big fan of any quick dessert. This is very helpful if any festival comes in a weekday. I like any sweet with wheat flour. This wheat flour halwa is some what similar to Asoka halwa / Moong dhal halwa except this one requires more ghee. Also the roasted wheat flour flavour is really amazing. Do try out this simple dessert
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Pumpkin Rice - Simple one pot meal - lunch recipe - rice recipes

We don't get green pumpkins which have white flesh in Singapore. Last time when I visited my mum's aunt house she had those and made Bhaji.. with them. I loved the taste. When my sister visited me she passed a few of those type with my sister (so nice of her) I wanted to make Bhaji but it might be bit too much so decided to make rice with it. It tasted so wonderful
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Grilled Bombay vegetable sandwich recipe - Bombay Veg Sandwich recipe - Simple bread sandwich recipe

My kids are used to peanut butter, nutella or simple cheese sandwich. I love vegetable sandwich. It is light and very refreshing. It is also good to hide vegetables for your picky eaters. If you have green chutney this sandwich can be prepared in no time. This can be served as breakfast, brunch or after school snack. I have added Sweet chutney and cheese but these are purely optional. My kids loved every bit of it
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Kala Jamun - Simple dessert recipe - Simple Milk Sweet - Festivals recipe - Dessert recipe

Our family is not a big fan of milk base sweets. But I like it. Last time when I was India I had this Kala Jamun and I liked it. So I wanted to try this Kala Jamun for a while .. this week when my sis visited me she brought over sugarless I decided to try this.. Even though the 1st day the texture is hard but next day it was pretty soft. So I recommend you to make it one day before the day you intend to serve :-) you can add a pinch of baking soda if you prefer.
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