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Roasted Vegetable Brown Rice - Baked Rice - White sauce rice - Lunch recipe - Kids friendly Rice recipe - Party friendly rice

My mum used to do baked vegetables. Few months ago I used same recipe my mum uses to make baked vegetables to bake the rice also. Kids loved it. From there I do make this rice very often esp for Sunday lunch. I made it with brown rice.
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7 cup cake - Seven Cup Cake - 7 cup burfi - Simple Deepavali recipe - Simple Diwali recipe - Simple Indian sweet recipe

My 1st son loves Mysore pak. In fact that is only Indian sweet he likes. Some time ago I had this sweet  at my friends house. And I was pretty confident my son would love it. But I kept postponing making it for one reason or other. Finally I got to it this time. This is simpler than Mysore pak and tasty too (of course less ghee than Mysore pak). Got the measurement from her. However I made some adjustment according to our family taste.
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Jalebi - Traditional Indian Sweet - Diwali Sweet - Festival Food - Deepavali Sweet - Famous Street food

My Husband and 2nd son are found of Indian sweet esp Jalebi and Jangri. When we visit Indian Restaurant it is a must for my son. He loves both. I wanted to try both for this Diwali however I was big hesitant as not sure whether I can get the shape.. Then I saw numerous video and came to conclusion shape doesn't really matter taste that matter more. So I have decided to try it out. They loved the texture and taste. You can try this with Ziplock bag or bottle.. I prefer to use the sauce bottle in my opinion it is mess free
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Seepu Seedai Recipe - Poochu koodu recipe - Festival recipes - Pooja recipes - Deepavali recipe - Diwali recipes - Krishna jayanthi recipes

There are few snacks which are very close to my heart because during childhood when we all assemble at my grandma house it is rituals to do. Each one of is assigned with a task. Pretty much every one is involved in make the dish. But these days we get very good snacks from shops so pretty much buy it every time. Last time When I visited my mum I saw this press and thought of trying out for Diwali. So brought the press from her. This is one of my kids favourite. Now my son says we should do it at home than buying it. If you are doing it alone do it in small batch as it takes some time to roll these. I find it  is faster than making seedai though
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Karnataka Lemon Rice recipe - Nimbehannu chitranna - Simple Rice recipe

Lemon rice is one of most favourite rice for kids. As I have mentioned before they like variety rice over sambar rice. This is slightly modified version from Tamil nadu version of lemon rice. I love this variation as you get add more flavours. This is perfect for picnic or quick fix or lunch box. However I learned this after I started blogging. 
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