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Creamy Tomato Pasta with Cream cheese - Cream cheese tomato pasta - Kids friendly recipe - Party recipes - Pasta recipes

My kids love pasta in any form. During our last holiday, pretty much at least one meal a day we ended up having in one Italian restaurant and they loved the pasta there. My son was asking for similar pasta at home. Thinking about it I was pretty sure it had cream cheese. Also I was left with Cream cheese after my cheesecake (Cheesecake has became most favourite cake for my kids these days).  I wanted to surprise my kids with Cream cheese pasta (I didn't commit as I was not sure how it would turn up). After I made the sauce I was pretty sure they would love it. They loved every bite of it
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Italian bread soup recipe - Tomato, bread soup recipe - Soup Recipes - Starter recipes

These days both of my kids don't like to have soups for starter (not sure teenage plays part here). So I have to do it only for my meals. Most of the time I prefer clear vegetable soup. The other day I felt very hungry so I wanted to try out a little thicker and filling soup. I have added a few cherry tomatoes when boiling the soup and it gave nice flavour to the soup. This is perfect for one pot simple meal after all the feasting.
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Sambal Potato Recipe - Baby potato recipe - Potato Recipes - Snack recipes

These days I order vegetables thro' online too. Sometimes by mistake I click twice or something so it become 2 sets. Our family is not a big fan of potato once in a while I buy baby potato for making this roasted cheesy potato. I do this more as after school snack. This time when I ordered I ordered twice (it seems) . So I ended up with so much I need to figure out what to do. My helper was suggesting sambal potato. Sambal is basically Chilli, Garlic, Ginger and onion paste. I thought it would go well. So decided to give it a try
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Murungai keerai Rice Recipe - Drumstick Leaves Rice Recipe - Moringa leaf Pilaf Recipe - Rice recipe - One pot meal

In recent days our own Murungai keerai has become a super food. I see Moringa seeds everywhere and it is quite expensive. Most of the time I do Poriyal with Murungai keerai. It tastes good only with loads of Small onion however these days my son doesn't eat onion so I needed to find some other recipe to incorporate this super food. I have tried couple of variations so stay tuned for more recipe. In this post I will share the recipe for Pilaf / Pulav. In this I have used 1.5 teaspoon of Poppy seeds. It really enhanced the taste of the rice and recently I have read few articles about the nutritional value of Poppy seeds. But you don't have it or want to avoid it you can leave it. 
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Peanut sauce vegetable fried rice - Peanut butter vegetable fried rice - Lunch recipes - Kids friendly recipe

Are you mad about peanut butter just like my sons? Doing fried rice with peanut butter sauce was in my mind after I had tried Sprouts salad with peanut butter. I have followed the same recipe but modified a little to suit the rice taste. It came out very good and perfect for kids. You can add your own mixed vegetables or whatever is available on-hand. Since it is so fast to make it is perfect for lunch box too. You can make the gravy and keep it in the the fridge the previous day too.
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