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Spinach, Black rice, Mango salad with Pesto vinegar sauce - Salad with Pesto vinegar dressing - Salad recipes - Starter recipes - Onepot meal recipes - Diet recipes

Recently I am doing a lot of these one pot meals Salads. I am trying different sauces at home. This one is really very flavourful and you won't regret. This Salad has everything you need to make your meal complete from raw vegetables, to carb to nuts to fatty oil like olive and fruits. It is pretty colorful attractive too. Once you assemble the ingredients it is very easy to put together this salad. It is perfect for lunch / It can be served as starter for your guests
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Roasted Potato with Garlic, Cheese and herb - Snack recipes - Kids friendly recipe - Starter Recipe - Party food

I wanted to try this starter for quite sometime. When I did a couple of times the light didn't co-operate with me. This time when I started boiling the potato, the sky got dark and I thought again! hmm! not going to get chance to take final pic. I told my kids you will get this cheesy potato another day soon. My son went like, Hope it rains everytime you do so that I can get this more often once you post in blog you will take long time to do it again Lol! Well by the time I was completely done I could do my clicks too. Sorry my son! Don't worry you will still get it but not very soon....
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Cashew, Cumin and pepper rice - Jeera pepper Cashew pulav - Lunch recipes - Simple Lunch recipes

Nuts and Cumin seeds  really goes well. Normally If I do for my family I will do it plain Jeera rice however If I cook for guests I will add nuts to it. Love the crunchiness and richness that gives to the rice. I have posted Almond Jeera rice in my space. I had some Cashew left in my fridge which I wanted to use it. So I ended up using it. The rice had different flavour. I always think Cashew and pepper goes well. This one no exception.
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Methi poori - Breakfast Recipe - Indian Puffed bread Recipe - Kids friendly Recipe

Methi Poori. I have done this many times but not sure why it took so long to post this recipe in my space. My kids prefer Maida poori or Bhatora over wheat poori. However they are big fan of this Methi poori. This is very flavourful recipe. You can have it with simple pickle or yogurt based pachadi. I normally use fresh Methi leaves. If you don't get it you can use frozen or dry one. If you are using dried Methi soak it in hot water and drain the water before using it.
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Bread cup - Breakfast recipe - Snack recipe - Kids friendly recipe

Bread! Most of the kids (for sure both of my kids) love it.. During my childhood bread is only when you are sick. Also we used to get only 2 types of bread, Sweet and salt. Today you get so many different types of bread. We can do many different varieties of food with it. This recipe is really very simple and with colorful vegetables and cheese it is very attractive for the kids. I have used raw bell peppers for this cup if you prefer little cooked one just cook it in microwave for 2 mins with required salt.
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