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Gobi Manchurian Dry Recipe - Cauliflower Manchurian Dry Recipe with step by step pictures - Snack recipe

My kids are big fans of indo chinese food. Esp Manchurian recipes. I had posted Baby corn Manchurian and Mushroom manchurian before in my space. I make this for snack or as side dish for fried rice. This dish is famous with my office colleagues too. You can make this either as dry or gravy. I do a dry version for snack. I find double frying the cauliflower keeps it crisp for longer time. So I have used double fry in this recipe. If you are going to have it immediately and wants to go with just single fry you can do it also
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Curd idli - Thayir Idli - Simple and healthy snack - Snack recipe

My kids are very big fans of Thayir / yogurt. So I make lot of yogurt based dish. I have posted Thayir vada (Fried). Thayir Vada (baked)Mor kuzhambu / kulambu Idli in my space before. I actually make these as evening snack esp during weekends. But this can be good healthy after school snack for kids. 
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Palak Mushroom - Khumbh Pala - Mushroom in spinach gravy - Healthy vegan gravy for roti / rice / naan - Iron Rich side dish for rice / roti / naan

Palak (spinach) and Mushroom combo resulted in a delicious healthy side dish. This gravy is rich in protein, iron and vitamins. We all love spinach and mushroom. Combining both resulted in very tasty and healthy dish. Everyone in the family loved it. This dish can be served with steamed rice / jeera rice / roti / naan. I had followed Palak Potatoes and replaced potatoes with Mushrooms
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Gobi Paratha - Cauliflower Paratha - Cauliflower Chapati - Gobi stuffed chapati - Healthy Indian flat bread recipe

I love Stuffed paratha / chapati for my lazy or busy weekday / weekend dinner. It is so easy and it can be quite filling as well as balanced. Last week when we visited Delhi for a holiday we stayed in a service apartment. And for breakfast they served gobi paratha with yogurt it was so tasty and keeps us full till lunch. This can be a good lunch box item for kids. It can also be used to sneak some vegetables into kids meal. After my return I tried few times but didn't manage to click the final product. So this time I purposely made it little early so that I can click. Here you go with one of my favourite stuffed paratha
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Bombay chutney - Besan chutney - Chickpeas flour chutney - simple side dish for dosa, poori and chapathi

This one my mum does it quite often. I seldom do it because of the amount of onions in it. Traditional one is using besan flour but my mum does with roasted gram dhal (which I will post it shortly). This goes very well with Dosa / idli  I like to have it with chapathi also. If you don't have any vegetable in stock but you want to make some quick dinner you can try this. 
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