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Kachhe Kele Ke Kebab Recipe - Gluten free raw banana tikki - Valaikkai cutlet - Snack recipes

I wanted to do this kebab/ cutlet for quite some time. However, I had this idea to try this kebab/ cutlet with lots of onion because it would taste wonderful. Since my first son is not a big fan of onions, I kept postponing the making of this recipe. Last week he had his tour with his friend so I took the opportunity to try. I didn't coat this with any flour or breadcrumbs but if you want to add it, you can do so. This is perfect snack / after school snack or tea time snack
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Millet Yogurt Parfait - Healthy Breakfast Recipe - Millet Recipes - Lunch recipes

I love any yogurt base Parfait. I wanted to give Indian Twist to the Parfait. I was in a mood to have spicy one too. I came up with this idea and trust me you won't be disappointed. I had this for breakfast it is so healthy, filling and perfect start for the day!. I have added pickle for the spiciness you can add spicy vegetable or any of your favourite dips.. This is definitely good way to include Millets as part of your diet. I cooked the millet but you can use left over millet. Also I have used Kodo Millet but you can replace that with any of your favourite millets
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Valai Poo thogayal - plaintain flower thogayal - plaintain flower dip - Side for Rice - Vegan side

After ValaiPoo Biryani I left with some ValaiPoo String which was not enough to make poriyal. So I had decided to try out thogayal. Since only me and my helper was having lunch at home I had decided to give it a try. We had it with Hot rice and ghee but this would go well with idli dosa too. Do try out. You can add 1/4 teaspoon of Jaggery to it. I didn't add. 
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mango payasam recipe - Mango Kheer recipes - Mango Recipes

Any mango base dish will work for me. Also fruit base kheer requires less sugar compared to non fruit ones. I did it with Rice but you can do same with sago and vermicelli also. It is a very rich dessert with Mango and milk. I love to have it by itself and chilled. But if you want to serve with your favourite Vada or hot you can do it. Do try this rich dessert before season ends
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Cheesy baked Sweet potato recipe - Baked rose Sweet potato recipe - Snack recipes - Kids friendly recipe

Anything with cheese will work with my kids. I have heard a lot about potato cheese bake but since I am not a big fan of cheese I haven't tasted it so far. Last week in one lunch with friends I tried baked potato and it was actually not that bad. Last week I wanted to try baking sweet potato. Normally I do oven baked fry. Was wondering how it would turn out. It turned out pretty good. All roses disappeared fast.
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