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Oats tabbouleh recipe - simple Tabouli salad recipe - Oats Recipe - Vegan Recipes - Healthy recipes

Tabbouleh is a very simple salad. I have tried it with oats, quinoa or red rice and they all taste wonderful. The flavor of parsley is really good. In this post, I am using oats (rolled oats) but, you can replace it with quinoa, red rice, steel cut oats or even brown rice. It is quite refreshing in this summer. I didn't have pomegranate so I missed it but the addition of pomegranate really enhances the nutritional value and taste of this recipe.
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eggless brownie cookies recipe - Soft chewy brownie cookie recipe - Cookie recipes

I wanted to try brownie cookies (brookies) for quite some time. Then, the microwave broke so I kind of forgot about it. I didn't have a microwave for a long time. I just bought one again. I really wanted to bake something, so I bought all the ingredients for a cheesecake, but after so long, I wanted to start with a simpler recipe. My son wanted something with chocolate so I decided to try out these brownie cookies. it came out pretty well. The cookies were crispy inside and soft inside.
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Veg darshini Biryani - Bengalru style Vegetable biryani - Biryani with fresh spices - Onepot meals - Rice recipes - Lunch box recipes

I love to try different Vegetable biryanis. Since my son is not a big fan of spices, most of the time I use whole spices for seasoning but when grinding I use garam masala. However I have seen this biryani sometime ago in one food show. I wanted to try it out as I knew for sure it would taste good (fresh spice for sure will give a nice flavour right?) I was looking for the right time to try. . Fresh spices gave a nice flavour and aroma. 
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Schezwan Sada Dosa recipe - Simple Dosa Recipe - Breakfast, Brunch, Dinner recipe

Schezwan sauce is one of my sons  favourite.  I have tried noodles and rice with that. I saw this on the menu at Madras Dosa Plaza. I wanted to try for my kids. I had Schezwan  sauce in the fridge. So I tried this and both of my kids loved it. It is perfect when you are craving for hot and spicy food. If you are not big fan of spicy food then you can a apply small amount of sauce or add cheese to it
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Corn Chaat Recipe - Cornflakes Chaat Recipe - Snack recipes - Chaat recipes - Healthy snack recipes

I love to try different chaats. This one can be prepared in no time if you have chaat chutneys in the fridge (Which I always do) I have tried this with fresh or frozen corn. Both will work. However to cut your cooking time you can use frozen corn. This can be a quick snack to kids after their school. I prefer not to pack for their school snack as the Sev you use in this might become soggy. Best eaten immediately after you prepared it.
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