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Ragi Ribbon Pakoda - Ragi Ola Pakoda - Diwali snacks - Kids friendly recipe - Diwali Savoury recipe - Tea time snack recipes

I love Ragi in any form .. I have posted Ragi murukku. Ribbon pakoda is one of most favourite savoury snack. It has many different name too (Ola pakoda, Rottu pakoda, Oatu pakoda, Ribbon tape etc..). My mum does it using different laddle meant for it. I normally use muruku / Chakli press. It is easiest way to feed the millet to anyone who is not taking it otherwise.. This turned out so crispy and addictive. I have added butter as my kids love the texture of snacks with butter. you can add hot oil in the place of butter too. Try this out for this Diwali and enjoy millet base snack
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Suryakala, chandrakala Recipe - Sweet with Koya Recipe - Sweet Recipes - Diwali recipes - Deepavali sweet recipes

My 2nd son and my husband like Badhusha.  I had some sugarless koya in the fridge. I was thinking about a dish to make with it. with Diwali around the corner I wanted to try some sweet with it. When was looking options Suryakala came to my mind. I had Maillka badrinath sweet book so I was flipping thro' it. I saw the suryakala and Chandra kala recipe it is exactly same just the shape. So Decided to try both. Basically Suryakala is in round shape and chandrakala is in half crescent (moon) shape. You can try both for this diwali and let me know the result
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Maida Burfi - Easy Maida Sweet Cake - Diwali Recipes - Festival recipe

Maida Burfi is one of the most easy sweet you can make for this Diwali / festive season. I must admit my family is not a big fan of sweets. So every time when I make sweet I really make in small quantity. However they are very big fan of food made up all purpose flour. So When I tried this I was thinking they might like this.. As I thought they kind of like it. This sweet can be made with Ingredients which is very easily available at home. If you want to make in larger qty you can use 1: 2: 1 (1 part Flour, 2 part sugar, 1 part ghee)
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Onion Murukku - Onion chakli - Snacks recipe - Diwali Snacks Recipe - Savoury snack recipe

Murukku!! Our family's all time favourite snack. My kids have the habit of having snacks with lunch esp on weekends. They need some crunchy side dish even if you have 2 vegetables. So Whenever they have school break I make Murukku.. Since My first son doesn't like Onion I try to sneak it in his favourite dish. I wanted to try this Onion / Shallots murukku for quite sometime. But was hesitating because of my first son (as it is his least favourite dish) finally I made this. To make it more attractive I made cute little bite size murukku.
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Cashew Burfi - Cashew Cake - Easy diwali Sweets recipes - Deepavali Sweet recipes

This Cashew Cake is one of most favourite sweet for my nieces. My athai patti does it extremely well. So whenever we visit India My mum get her to do the cake. Last time I told Patti I need to take down the recipe and get step by step pics. So She did this at my mum's place. Amount of ghee in it is really makes it rich. Once I asked her to reduce the Ghee she told it won't be nice. I told her let's try but she is correct. Kids told me the taste is not the same. The want the original recipe and they wanted me to post original recipe in my blog. My niece is one of strong follower of my blog. I need to respect her view right? Here you go with the recipe. It tastes very different from Kaju katli 
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