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Banana Stem Rice - Vazhaithandu Rice - Valai thandu Rice - Valaithandu rice - Healthy rice recipe

Every Sunday I make variety rice. I wanted something very different and with unusual vegetables. I had banana stem and decided to do rice with it. It is perfect for lunch box. I have used butter milk in this also. Even though I have decided to do it I was nervous on whether it will come out good or not. It came out pretty good. My kids could not even realize what vegetable is in the rice..
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Kale Crisps - Simple snack recipe - Kale recipes - Healthy snack recipes

When I visited Europe in the earlier part of this year I tried vegetable base chips. I loved Kale crisps in Singapore . I see it at very few super market and it is quite expensive. I wanted to try making it at home. But I get different varieties of Kale. Last week when I was at NTUC finest I saw this variety which is used for chips / crisps. I brought it home to try. It is healthier than Potato chips. Do try it out
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Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake Recipe-Basic Vanilla Sponge Cake Recipe - Eggless Tutti Frutti Cake Recipe with yogurt

I love to try different cakes. Even though I love dry fruits my kids are not very big fans of it. Tutti frutti cake is something I wanted to try for so long. But I keep postponing it as my kids are not a big fan of it. I saw this post at Chitrasfoodbook and cannot resist the temptation. I have followed recipe from there with some modification. Merry Xmas! Happy Christmas!
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Checker cookies - Vanilla chocolate cookies - Simple cookies recipe

My kids love cookies. They love shortbread. My son was asking me to do chocolate shortbread cookies. However my husband is not a big fan of full chocolate cookies. I decided to try out checker cookies. In the end every one was happy :-)
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Wholesome Khichdi - Lauki carrot kichadi - Healthy one pot meal - Diet Plan - No onion, garlic, tomato recipes

I love one pot meals for my lazy Sunday afternoon lunch. I have traveled to north India a few times. My first North India visit was to Mumbai during Mumbai flood in 2005 / 2006.. (cannot remember exact timing) I got stuck in Mumbai as SQ stop flying into Mumbai. I looked for alternative options and ended up flying thro' Calcutta. I had about a day lay over in Calcutta. So When I checked into hotel knowing very little Hindi I decided to have room service for the meal. That's when I first tasted Kichadi. I loved it because of its taste and simplicity of the meal. After that I brought tarladalal cook book and I saw the recipe for kichadi. This recipe is from tarladalal...I have modified the measurements to our family preferences. I made this in rice cooker. You can do it in Pressure cooker also. If you are cooking in pressure cooker you can cook till 4-5 whistles (at medium flame). 
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