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Pizza rice - Pizza Vegetable fried rice - One pot Meal - kids friendly rice - Rice recipes

My kids love anything with Italian flavour. Even though this rice crossed my mind I was not very sure about it. So I kept postponing it. Finally I got to try it last week. Kids loved it. I have added capsicum, Mushroom in Pizza sauce. Also I have added both spring onion and coriander. You can replace coriander with parsley. I have used cheese to do final bake but you can add it when you boil sauce. Enjoy this kiddy treat!
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Mango Kulfi - Summer Recipes - Indian Ice cream Recipe - Mango kesar kulfi - Mango Recipes

My husband loves Kulfi. Also after trying out Kulfi, I wanted to try out Mango kulfi. This year for some reason I liked alphonso mango more than all other varieties (May be I am not choosing right ones). In Kulfi I have used bread for thickening but this time I tried corn flour for thickening. Even though both tasted good I preferred the bread choice is yours! Mango and saffron combo is my favourite too. So I have added saffron to this Kulfi too.
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Biscuit Butter Recipe - Homemade biscuit butter spread recipe - Bread spread recipe

About a couple of years ago I found biscuit butter at our super market (NTUC). I found both Marie biscuit butter and Speculoos. My kids loved it. Even my in laws preferred biscuit butter over peanut butter. So It is a must every time when I visit them. However after some time I used to get only Speculoos and for the past 1 month I didn't even get that. Every weekend when I prepare the list for weekly grocery my son will add biscuit butter there. Since I didn't get it I was looking for recipe to make it at home. As expected I found few recipes on the net. I tried out using my options of ingredients. This spread / biscuit butter is vegan yes despite the name no butter added!
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Methi Garlic dhal with spring onion recipe - Dal Methi Lasooni recipe - Healthy side dish recipe

I tried this combo for the first time and loved it. Normally when I first try it out I don't take pics. I take stepwise only 2nd time if the dish is good. Some how for this one I some how felt it would turn out good. So I took pics in my first try. I love this combo. Adding spring onion give nice flavour to this gravy. This goes very well with rice or chapathi or dosa or iddyappam or idli too. Even My helper thought I was going to make 2 different dishes when I asked her to get the ingredients ready. She told me this tastes really good. 
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Masala Samai porridge - Little millet Masala Porridge - Millet recipes - Healthy breakfast recipe

If you are looking for something filling and healthy with Millet and with Indian touch then you should try this. This can be good toddler meal option. If you are doing this for kids reduce the amount of green chillies. I have used Little millet for this recipe. However if you prefer you can replace it with Kodo millet or barnyard millet. I haven't tried with Bajra / Pearl or Ragi/ finger millet so far. If you try do let me know the taste. Buckwheat can be used in place of millet too
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