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Falafel / chick peas Vada - Simple snacks - Healthy snacks

I first tasted Falafel in US 15 years back. When I visited US my colleague who knows I am vegetarians asked me to try the wrap with Falafel. Without knowing what was it I was hesitant at first. She told me it is vegetarian and it is using chickpeas. I loved it. I told her it almost tastes as our South Indian Vada. It is perfect snack

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Tom Yam Noodles - Vegetarian Tom Yam Noodles - Simple Dinner or Lunch recipe

I love Thai however till recently my hubby was not a big fan of it. Now a days I believe his taste buds are changing. My kids always love Chinese, Malay and Thai cousin. My 2nd son who is not a big fan of lemon also like it in Thai Dishes. Most of the time when I do noodles I do dry noodle very seldom I do soup base noodle dish. This one is one of the light and healthy one pot noodles / meals. For the Tom Yam soup I have followed the same recipe I have posted before
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Spinach Poori - Spinach Puri - Simple breakfast recipe - simple dinner recipe

My kids love Poori esp Bhatura and Maida Poori. I seldom do wheat poori at home. However when we visit India most of the time my mum and MIL does wheat poori. Whenever I do wheat poori my kids commented that it is chappathi with tons of oil. But When I did this Spinach poori they were happy. I had tried this with potato masala or tomato coconut chutney. Both tasted great
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Wheat bulgur with Orange Juice Salad - Healthy salad recipe - Healthy starter recipe

My mum uses more wheat bulgur in her cooking than me. So when Sonali Phatak Mahajan of Sony's kitchen gave me wheat bulgur and orange juice I readily accepted it. When I first saw the ingredients first thing came to my mind was salad. When I asked my mum she told me she does mostly pongal not salad. So I made my own seasoning for this salad. It turn out to be pretty tasty. Perfect starter. This post goes to
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Green Chutney - Simple dip recipe - Healthy Chutney recipe for Idli / dosa / roti / Stuffed paratha

I love Coriander chutney. I had some coriander leaves I wanted to do Coriander chutney but mum suggested doing it with curry leaves, mint leaves and coriander leaves. I loved the combo it went very well with idli / dosa. I also applied it on my toasted bread.. Perfect multipurpose dip / chutney. This recipe is from my mum...
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