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Methi Leaves Mor Kulambu Recipe - Vendhaya Keerai Mor Kuzhambu Recipe - fenugreek Leaves mor kuzhambu Recipe

I love anything with Fenugreek leaves. Esp with yogurt. I wanted to try this Mor kulambu (Fenugreek in buttermilk) for quite sometime and finally I managed to do it after so long. Mor Kulambu is one of my kids favourite too. I normally make it for weekend lunch. It can go well with steamed white rice or brown rice. If it is left over I normally serve it with idli (Mor kulambu idli).  Mor kulambu with spicy side dish perfect meal for me .. How about for you?
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Whole Wheat zucchini spring onion muffin - Zucchini Savory muffin - breakfast recipes - baking recipes - brunch recipe

My kids love cupcake or muffin for their weekend breakfast / brunch. Recently I tried Savory muffin with spinach and Feta cheese. It was big hit. After that I almost did it 3 consecutive weeks for their breakfast. I got bored with it so wanted to try other version of Savory muffin. I know Zucchini goes well in any baking dish. So I have decided to use Zucchini in my recipe. Also this time I wanted to try without cheese. 
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Aval / Poha / Beaten rice Puttu - Easy Gokulashtami Recipes - Festival recipe - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes

I love anything to do with Aval (Probably you can see that from the count of recipes on this blog). Aval kesari, Aval Sweet Pongal, Sweet Aval, Aval Kheer/Payasam the list goes on. I love puttu. It is a light and perfect snack for the kids. It is simple naivedyam recipe. If the festival falls on a working day and you have little time to do anything this would be a perfect choice. I had this recipe from one of my friends. 
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Rava Uppu Seedai - Semolina Salt Seedai recipe - Krishna Jayanthi Special Recipes - Gokulashtami recipes - Snack recipe - Festival recipe - Simple Pooja recipes - Simple Festivals recipe - Simple naivedyam recipes

Making seedai is a process .. I always do Uppu Seedai, Vella Seedai...for Krishna Jayanthi. However this time I wanted to try something different.. I was browsing for recipes and I found Rava uppu seedai easy to do .. So I wanted to try this for this year.  I followed recipe from here. This came out very well. It was so crispy too.
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Vegetable parda biryani Recipe - Puff Pastry Vegetable parda biryani recipe - OnePot meal - Party meals - Rice recipes

I love to try different types of biriyanis. I wanted to try something with puff pastry as I had some left over store bought pastry sheet. I remember seeing puff pastry covered vegetable biriyani in one of the magazine.  But I didn't note down the recipe. I have decided to use my own gravy to make the vegetable mix and kind of follow dum biriyani method. It came out pretty good. This is perfect way to impress your guests or family
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