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Kovaikkai kondaikadalai poriyal - Kovakkai chickpeas poriyal - Tindora Poriyal

My 2nd son is so particular how I make my Tindora or Kovaikkai poriyal even how I cut it. It is one of his favourite vegetable. I have posted my regular Tindora Fry / poriyal in my early days of  blogging. My mum always does this version of Tindora poriyal with Chickpea. Last time when we visited her she made this version and my son liked it. This is one of my favourite version too I can mix it with Rice too. It is perfect for lazy day. I had 1 cup of cooked Chickpea so I have used it. If you don't soak it over night and cook it for this recipe
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Sweet Potato Waffles - Breakfast / Brunch recipe - Kids friendly recipe

My kids love waffles for their breakfast. I tried this sweet potato waffle during my biz trip to China. I have used Pancake flour but if you want you can replace it with Wheat flour. This can be given as a snack as well. This is very simple.. If you want a savory one just add chilli, coriander powder to get sweet and spicy taste. I prefer this version. Here you go with recipe
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Spicy Red Curry recipe - Red thai curry with lentils recipe - Curry recipe

I had very little red curry paste left in the fridge. I was little bored with normal sambar. I wanted to try something else to spice my sambar other than sambar powder. So I wanted to try with Red curry paste. It came out pretty good definitely it is must keep recipe. It is really good fusion recipe. This can be served with rice (white or brown) or roti. I have used store brought vegan red curry paste. You can use homemade too.
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Raj Kachori - Chaat recipes - Street food recipes - Snack recipes - Starter Recipes

Tell me who doesn't like Chaat. I love it in any form. It is a mix of all flavours (with Green chutney, Red chutney) However some chaat like this is new to me meaning I tasted them only after moving to Singapore. Before that eating out is an event as we use to to eat only 3-4 times a year (I mean proper meals in hotels) cakes, samosa or chaat from street side not counted into hotel outing... Those chaats that I had had were standard ones like Bhel puri, Papadi chaat , Pani puri etc.. This chaat can be served as meal itself (esp for chaat lover like me)
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Mexican Stuffed bitter gourd recipe - Bitter gourd recipes - Snack recipes

I wanted to try stuffed bitter gourd for quite some time. But was scared of masala coming out when frying. I brought cooking twine (thread) recently so decide to try out. Then next question is what to use for stuffing. I thought of mexican because with loads of onion and tomatoes in it will reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd. This came out very nice. I have used Lemon garlic flavoured bread crumbs but plain ones work as well.
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