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Sooji Poorana Kozhukattai recipe - Kesari Modak recipe - Modagam recipe - Ganesh Chaturthi Recipes - Pooja recipes - naivedyam recipes

Like I mentioned in many of my posts, Kesari  is one of the sweets that comes to my mind when I plan for any Naivedyam as that is one dish which gets consumed without any fuss in my household. So after seeing this in many blogs I decided to try this. I have used raw sugar to make this but you can use white sugar if needed. I have followed my basic Kesari recipe in which I use 1/2 water 1/2 boiled milk for making Kesari. It came out pretty good. My husband was pleasantly surprised
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Pomegranate raita recipe - Sweet raita recipe - sweet yogurt dip with Pomegranate - Healthy recipe

I love to try different Raitas. It is a perfect side for our weekend one pot meals. I normally have this in place of my daily yogurt (in fact I prefer flavoured yogurt).  I have posted Pomegranate Potato Raita before. I wanted to do plain Pomegranate raita and wanted to do it as a slightly sweet verison. If you don't want it sweet, don't add sugar
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Aval Ladoo Recipe - Poha Ladoo Recipe - Simple Sweet Recipes - Diwali Recipes - Pooja Recipes - Atukula laddu recipe - easy janmashtami recipes

Aval Ladoo is a very easy sweet which can be made for an offering for god (neivedhyam). Recipes like this is a boon for working women like me esp if the festival falls during a weekday. This Ladoo / Laddu can be done with both Jaggery and Sugar. I have used Jaggery as I love the taste of Jaggery. But you can use Sugar too. If you are using sugar replace Jagger with sugar For below measurement u can use 1/2 cup. I had Red aval so I have used Red but you can use White too
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Crispy Tofu - Simple healthy snack recipe - Simple after school recipe - Kids friendly recipes - Party food

Tofu is a must in our household at least twice a week. My kids prefer some snacks with it instead of gravy. So I mostly make snacks with it. The other day I was at one of Vegetarian Chinese restaurant. I had crispy tofu which is shallow fried and liked it. I was pretty sure my kids would love it. I have tried this simple snack. As expected, my kids enjoyed it. After that I tried it a few times and every time it got finished in no time
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Palak cutlet recipe - Spinach, chickpea cutlet recipe - Snacks recipe - Kids Friendly recipe

Last week when I was in India I had this cutlet at one of the near by restaurants. I thought it would be full of potatoes. But I was pleasantly surprised by the taste. I went with my niece and initially i had ordered only 1 to try out but ended up more packing home. So I added it to my list to try out. In that it had peas but I have decided to try out with chick peas as my 2nd one is not a big fan of Peas. But you can use peas in place of chickpeas / Channa. It is perfect for school snack boxes, burger patty or tea time snacks or party starters
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