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Sev Ki Sabzi - Sev Tamta Nu Shaak - Tomato Sev subji - Simple side dish for rice / Roti

-My kids love Indian titbits.. After starting the blog I started to see this subji in some blogs. It is a very simple dish. I wanted to try it for my kids. I had some sev on hand and tried this dish. Kids loved it as expected. I added Onion / Garlic to it but if you want to do this without onion you can do it also. 
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Puliyodharai - Puliyogare - Pulikaachal - Famous south Indian rice - Tamarind Rice Recipe- Tamarind Paste for rice Recipe - Lunch recipe

My son love Puliyodharai / Puliyogare. I get the Pulikachal from my mum to make this rice or I make Raw tamarind rice . I have posted Tamarind Rice  before. But never get a chance to take pics for making tamarind paste. This recipe was in my to do list for long time. Once now get a opportunity to do it. This paste is very handy. I make Idiyappam, rice with this
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Kadarangai Pickle - Wild Lemon Pickle - Vadukapuli Naaranga Pickle - Simple and tasty Pickle

I wanted to try out narthangai Pachadi  and rice so I asked my mum to bring some when she visited me. But she brought Kadarangai instead. When she brought it, it was green in color. I left it out for few days and it became fruit. I was wondering what to do with that and my helper suggested Pickle. This pickle tasted awesome and pretty much everyone enjoyed it so much  that it got over within a week
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Spinach Soup - simple soup recipe - Healthy starter recipe

I do soup at least twice a week. We like something which is simple and lighter version. So most of the time I don't add Cream to the soup. I have tied both cream version and non cream version for this. I like both the version. I always feel Spinach goes well with Cheese and cream. What I am posting here is without cream. If you want to add cream you can add in the place of Milk or together with milk. Make sure you add milk after switching off the flame. Otherwise it might curdle
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Diwani Handi - Mixed vegetable in Rich Spinach Gravy - Vegetarian Gravy - Vegetarian Side dish for fried rice or roti or naan or chapathi

The other day when Visiting a North Indian restaurant with my friends we ordered Diwani Handi. We were pleasantly surprised by the taste of it. For all of us that was the first time we ordered the dish. And we all loved it. We were guessing the ingredients in it.  After that I was searching for the recipe on the net. Finally I came up with my own. So Not sure whether it is traditional or not. But the taste was amazing. Give it a try
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