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Quinoa Idli - Quinoa steamed pancake - Healthy breakfast recipe - Healthy Dinner recipe

I love quinoa. In fact whole family likes it. I always look to include it as part our meal at least twice a week. These days I have been trying different types of idli. I have posted quinoa dosa before. I wanted to try the idli. I pretty much followed similar proposition just that I have increased urad dhal. Idli came out pretty soft and tasty. I had few enquiry about Quinoa where to get it in India and it's Hindi name
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Dhingri Lobhia - Black Eye and mushroom curry - Tasty and simple mushroom side dish for rice, Roti, Chapati, Naan

My kids love mushroom. It is one of the vegetables my kids eat in any form. But mushroom is something you have to do immediately or max at least within a day. Even though I get many different varieties in Singapore I normally use button mushroom in my cooking. The other day I forgot that I had mushroom but soaked Black eyed peas for making side dish for roti. But had some mushroom in the fridge which I bought it a day before. So I thought of trying both together. After making the dish and taking snaps I checked the net for naming the dish.. As expected I saw this name.. So here you go with recipe
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Rajma Cheese Paratha - Rajma cheese stuffed Chapathi - Simple healthy stuffed paratha recipe - Kids friendly recipe - No Onion no Garlic recipe

I love stuffed pratha / Chapatti / Chappati / Chapathi. It is so easy to do and also perfect for one pot meal or lunch box. It is also perfect for options to sneak in vegetables / dhals / legumes. My kids love stuffed parathas. So when Srividhya gave me Rajma and cheese for this month secret ingredients I was very happy I was having this in my to do list for long time. So without any hesitation I decided to do Rajma cheese paratha. This post goes to  Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge
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Paneer macaroni - Macaroni with Indian Cottage Cheese - Paneer pasta - Simple kids friendly meal

I wanted to try this Paneer Macaroni for so long.. Macaroni is one of the most favourite dish for my kids. I always use parmesan cheese in making pasta / macaroni. But I don't like the sticky sticky texture.Esp after it cools down. So I seldom pack it for lunch. I made paneer and it was so soft that I thought of adding that to Macaroni instead of regular cheese I use. First question my son asked me when I served him the macaroni was why no cheese today. I asked him to try it out. He said he loved this taste. This one can be good lunch box recipe for your kids...So try this out. 
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Varagu Adai - Kodo Millet Adai - Kodo Millet pancake - Healthy breakfast, dinner recipes

Now days millet based dishes have become norm at our household. Kodo Millet works so well in almost all Indian dishes. I find that Kodo millet works better than other millets in most dishes. Adai is one of my favourite and is also a protein rich Indian vegan dish. Well I would say at my home at least. I know my in laws will have Adai with fresh homemade butter and my father has it with jaggery. For me just by it self is good enough even though with Avial/Aviyal I can take extra adai.
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