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Pizza muffin recipe - Muffin Recipe - Kids friendly Recipe - Snack recipe

I wanted to bake this for my kids breakfast. This is a recipe without any egg or butter. I was not sure how the kids would like it. It turned out to be a good option for packing to school. I have added all three colours of capsicum but you can add your kids favourite vegetables. My kids are not big fans of corn so I didn't add but you can add vegetable of your choice. I have added olive oil but you can add any cooking oil. I have mixed in some wheat flour. I haven't baked whole wheat pizza muffin may be you can try
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Eggless Strawberry mouse - Easy Strawberry Mousse - Easy dessert recipe

Are you looking to make a simple dessert to celebrate your little wins or looking for something to satisfy the sweet cravings? Sweet strawberries in season. In Singapore you get different types of strawberries. We do get American, Korean and Australian strawberries. I love the Korean strawberries. It is really very sweet. When you make desserts or smoothies you literally get away without adding any sugar. In this I have tried this simple eggless strawberry mousse treat for our kids
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Vegetable seekh kabab recipe - Veg Seek Kebab recipe - Vegetarian snack recipes - Snack Recipes

Whenever we eat in North Indian restaurant I used to order Kebab as starter. Flavour of oven roasted kebab / Kabab is unique and I love it. Recently I brought stove top grill pan So wanted to try the kebab at home. Mixed vegetable is good option I have posted Dahi kebab everyone in the family loved it. Addition of besan flour in the kebab gives unique taste. When I used the stove top grill pan it was close to what you get from restaurant (yeah not exactly same. Tandoor oven really really gives real "burnt flavour")
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Banana Stem Peanut chutney- Vazhaithandu Peanut chutney- Valai thandu Peanut chutney- Valaithandu Peanut chutney- plantain stem Peanut chutney- Healthy Chutney Recipe

As you have noticed I always love to try different chutneys esp with vegetable. This provides one serving for the kids. During school days they have lunch outside and I want to make sure they get daily serving of fruits and vegetables for a day. So I try to incorporate it whichever way possible. Chutney / Dip do provide good option for that. I had some left over Platain stem / Valaithandu after making poriyal. I wanted to make chutney. To make it interesting (esp to the kids) I have decided to add peanut to it. It came out very good. I serve it with idli and I had some left over which I used to mix it with steamed rice.
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Panchmel Dal - Panchratna Dal - Healthy side dish for Roti / steamed rice / stuffed paratha

I love the simple and tasty dal it is very healthy too.. Panchmel means 5 different type. So this dal is made with 5 different dals. Now a days you get mixed dal pockets you can use it if you have if not you can mix it yourself. Use equal portion of each of dal. This is very comforting dish. If you run out of vegetables but you want to make side dish for rice or roti or pulka or paratha you can try this one. For seasoning I have used Ghee/ Oil Mix. You can use either one based on your preference.
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